Chapter 1 Part 3


The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 3)



While returning a question mark, I follow Hotaru-san instruction to run reflexively. …but, somehow, I feel light as I run…


「…Umu, maybe it’s because the gravity here is a little weaker than earth.

Soujirou! Slightly tilted your posture, drop your center of gravity, grasp the ground with the soles of your feet. And then try to running as if you throw the ground backwards」


I, I see… It’s because light gravity that makes me not get tired easily and increase my movement ability.


That’s convincing. How I need to move again…


「Slightly tilted… drop the center of the gravity」


Oh! It makes me more stable.


「Grasp the ground with the soles of the feet and… Throw!」


Ooh! I clearly becoming more faster than before. As expected of Hotaru-san! Or maybe I should call her shishou. Even so, I feel like this speed is nearly two times more than at the earth I think.


It’s not like how I normally walk, it’s not because the gravity difference is 2 times or so, at most it’s only 20% or maybe 30% less. Then in that case, maybe it’s because the special characteristic of this world is different with earth.


「Hoo… It’s good Soujirou. You have good muscles. It’s a proof that you have a talent, your intuition understand what I said and you can put it into practice.」


I’m so glad. It has high credibility because it’s the word of Hotaru-san who already meet and seen numerous swordsmen before.


「Go straight down the road! You should be able to see it after that turn」




For now, I will run as Hotaru-san said, but isn’t it will be dangerous to interfere as it is?


Only a few dispute that can make a scream like that, it’s better if that is lover quarrel rather than monster or thieves because there’s a possibility that I need to kill them.


「I guess it will be awful. But whatever the circumstance you should help and give them assistance and we will be able to get the ‘information’ that we didn’t have now」


Ah, I see. Because I save them, they will give me various information in return. With this opportunity, maybe they will tell me the town position and give some of their food to me.


Then you should go as faster as you can before all of that finish and confirm the situation first, we should help them for our sake after all.


I’ve gotten used to running like this for a little bit, so I tried to strengthen the power to throw the ground a bit more.


Uwwa, with my foot, this speed… this refreshing feeling is irresistible. Furthermore, even if I sprint with all my power, I still have not run out of breath.


I ran through the road that comes around in the forest in a blink of an eye. It was as if the thick forest was a small place and the forest seemed to draw out the path and connect it.


However, both side of the forest is an easy place to hide. It will be an ideal place for people to make a plan for a raid.


And the horse-drawn carriage that seemed to have been attacked in there was overturned and blocked the way. There are some muscular men appearing from the other side.


「Soujirou, the sound of fighting and bloodthirsty aura starting to calm down. I think it has been decided, but there’s still a sound of quarrel. You better get closer to behind that horse carriage and see the situation」


When I nodded silently, I bent down as little as possible so that I didn’t make footstep sounds and run to the behind of the carriage at once.


「Hora! Give me the contract document! Make a contract with me and become my exclusive priest warrior」(Tn: it’s said samuraisai 侍祭 and what comes to my mind after googling it was monk/priest warrior. Please correct me if I’m wrong)




Shisai… Is it a priest? No, it’s not, it’s different… ah, it’s priest warrior. Somehow there’s a priest people among that group. (Tn: What mc heard is shisai so he think of a priest because priest in japanese is also shisai)


I try to peek from behind the carriage, there’s 6 dirty looking man with a girl around 15 or 16 years old, they clearly never take a bath before… one, two, three, four… she surrounded by 6 people


「I know that you are a priest warrior. It’s from our spy who is a reliable informant back in the city after all.


There’s noble sama who will buy priest warrior from us for his son.

It must be very doting parents if they want to buy temple priest warrior with gold. I dare to say the amount of money is enough to make my eyeball pop out!」


「Boss! Is this girl really a priest warrior? I can’t imagine how much price we can put on this girl」


After saying that, the man who likes a bone try to approach the girl.


「You idiot! Don’t approach her carelessly! I hear that priest warrior have excellent self-defence looks like her defense combat is quite high!


For now, surround her and don’t put down your guard. Once we get the contract she will do as we said after all.」


That vulgar man is laughing, it seems he have enough brain to be a boss. It makes me want to vomit because of how bad it feels.


「Soujirou… try to look inside the carriage through that crack quietly」


Inside the carriage? Being told like that, I place my back at the destroyed part of the carriage canopy and try to look inside.




Somehow my back suddenly feels cold.


「Soujirou, hold your bloodthirst a little bit more. There’s possibility they will notice it even though they are just a small fry」


from there, I could see a blank gaze from the face of the lady wearing a well-tailored dress. She is already not breathing. There’s fatal wound because of the knife stuck in the neck.

And that knife is continued crawling out from the back of her tongue.


If you look properly at the surrounding man around the carriage, there’s a lot of corpse of the armed man, it’s probably their guard. There’s a lot of arrows stuck at each corpse.


Apparently, almost of them was defeated at the beginning of the surprise attack.


Every time I try to understand the situation, my head starting to get colder, colder and colder… my right hand naturally stretches to the Hotarumaru at my waist


「Hotaru san…」


「will you do it?」




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