Chapter 1 part 4


The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 4)

「I understand. First, you need to take down the man inside the carriage with a blow.  After that without saying anything, fill the gaps between you and the leader.


And then it will be my turn. I’ll tell you directly inside your head if there’s a danger behind you. I’ll be backing you up, so don’t miss anything that I said


…Crush each enemy in front of you one by one.」


「Thank you Hotaru-san. Please take care of me.」


「Yosh, take care of that low life first. Be prepared」


I pull Hotarumaru and place it at my waist. I do that while Hotaru-san teases me inside my head.


「Lower the cutting edge slightly… a little more… just half a step more to the right… Yosh, let’s go」


That simple word enters my head and as Hotaru signaled, I thrust my katana without hesitation. Hotarumaru blade is around 1 meter. In addition, if you taking into consideration and calculate my elongation of the body and arm, it’s around 2 meters, enough distance to use thrust skill.




I hear a sound of leaking air inside the carriage. I follow the plan and hit that low life neck.


I pull my katana, wipe the sticky blood and with a cool head I whispered


「Let’s go Hotaru san」


In the next moment, I began to run from behind the carriage.


1 step, they still didn’t notice.

2 step, the girl who get surrounded notice me this time. I’m glad because of she didn’t raise her voice.

3 step, one of the guys who surround her finally open his eyes.

4 step, one person who notice me open his mouth and raise his voice.

5 step, I lower my posture and slash my katana which was kept at my waist diagonally upward. The mouth and above of the boss is fly away.


「Boss!… Gah! 」


Finally, a big man who raised his voice lost his neck in the next step.


And then I cut the guy next to it but it seems my distance is too close to my opponents body so I can’t slash at his chest correctly.


At that time, I feel something dangerous fly from behind me. There is a warning from Hotaru-san.


I instantly do a side step and shift my body, then the arrow passed through where I was before. It seems the man with a bow still hiding in the forest.


「Sakura, we will be separated for a little bit but please, I’ll pick you up later」


Sakura happy feeling flowing into me. When I feel relieved, I pull out the kodachi with my left hand and throw sakura at the place where Hotaru-san pointed.




A small groan came out together with sakura happy feeling which transmitted to me. It seems a splendid hit. During that time I change my place and slash down another person.


At this point, the advantage of surprise attack is lost but it’s no problem since I already take away opponent superiority number advantage as well.


The men stunned at once because of my surprise attack.




Hotaru-san warning resounded at my head. At my back, there’s slash from upper row.

I might not be able to pass through the front, left and right… then!


「Na!… this guy!」


I take a step back and hit the man with my body, it breaks his posture, I turn around and then pierce his chest. I pull my sword and kick his body to obstruct the man who headed here.


With a quick glance, I check the position of the men and pull the girl beside me to my back so I can protect her.


「2 more people…」


The man whose chest were slashed and the one who clung to him keep glaring at me while holding a sword.


Despite moving quite vigorously, my breath still not disordered. Maybe this is a benefit from the gravity being weaker than the earth.


Even after killing the bad guy I’m not feeling any mental burden at all, maybe it’s because there’s good reason behind it.


「Are there any other survivors here?」


I directed my voice to the girls behind me without changing my line of sight.


「… There’s none」


「I see. Then, is there any reason to keep them alive?」


「Not at all. Instead, please make sure to get rid of them」


The girl is still around 15 or 16 years old, so of course, I completely agree to get rid of the bad guy. I sense a feeling of refreshed inside my chest. Right, that was a common value of this world, it’s regrettable world for me.

(Tn: it’s kinda difficult for me. そう,この価値観が当たり前のように通じる世界こそが俺らしくいられる世界だった。if you know what this sentence mean please tell me)


「Damn it! Even though we are doing well… it’s just because boss want that priest warrior」


「Ah… vice leader… le, let’s run away… please lend me your shoulder」


Apparently, the man who remains unhurt is the vice leader.


Looks like the bleeding from the chest begin to make his consciousness fading and that vice leader guys who clinging and make rough breathing raise a sticky smile.


「Aah, it’s regrettable but we can’t beat that guy… We need to run away somehow」


「Ah, let’s escape quickly… 」


「Wait a minute, we will get caught up if we run away normally」






Ah as I thought. It’s exactly like I thought, he will probably abandon his subordinate, if they run together then I think it’s okay to overlook them but as I thought he uses a decoy to run away by himself.


「Bye bye! Stop that guy as long as possible…… Gobu! … A, are? 」


The vice leader looking down at the tip of the katana that spring up from his chest, he turns his neck to the back.


「Gah! … It’s, it’s too… Fast」


While that vice leader muttering something I pull my katana and kick him, after that, I turn back and walking slowly to that decoy guy.


Why the heck did you think I will get rid of the decoy first. He will die anyway even if I leave him, I think it’s common sense to get rid of the other opponent who try to escape first.


「Ah… He, help… Me」


「What did you say?」


The guy who fell down on the ground stretched out his arm and pleaded.

He is pleading to the girl who gets injured. Let’s see it first.


「 When madam and master pleading and saying 『Please spare my son』did you give your ear to hear what they say?」




that man losing his hope, then look at the girl with cold eyes and drop his hand.


「Looks like they already dead, is it okay to stay for a while? 」


「Ah… please do so」


Even though she tried to look strong, she maybe feels nervous. You can see that with how she take a big breath and release a tension from her body simultaneously.

If she is 15 or 16 years old then, her age is considerably same as me.


While admiring that, I stab my katana at the neck of the man and, then immediately pull out my katana, and wipe the sticky blood.


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