Prologue 1

This Life Is Over

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「Thanks for your hardwork — san」


I murmured with a voice full of emotion, and then I pushed my beloved katana which I held with my right hand to the throat without any hesitation.


But, at this rate I will fall to the ground and it will become impossible to move.

my back is hot… yet my body is cold.


I will die like this…


Surprisingly, I feel a bit funny because of this cool and calm judgement. I distorted my mouth and close My eyes slowly while holding katana at my right hand.


So, how is this happen…




I… Fujimonya Soujirou, My Mother is called the only daughter of an important family line at my hometown. She was ojou-sama.


Because of that, My Mother parents house was a wonderful residence like a pure japanese style with a warehouse and a little garden. It was a splendid place.

The present family head is My Grandfather and for his personality, he is very strict. But he was very sweet to me his grandchild and also My Mother. However, on the other hand, I felt My Father always hide his frown eyebrows from my view.


And when I start go to junior high school, he said 「I am tired」 and left this house while leaving that single word to my mother and me.


Frankly said, he hold that very nicely I think.


Even after My Mother got married, my grandfather didn’t allow her to move out from this mansion. Because of that My Father was forced to live together in this house without fail.


Moreover, My Grandfather didn’t allow My Mother change her surname from Fujinomiya after marriage.


This make Mother secluded herself. And then when I was born until now I occasionally change my surname to Fujinomiya. It was not to make my father join in and became Fujinomiya.


With that situation, it’s no doubt that Father will have unimaginable sense of loneliness in this large mansion.


My Father always talk to Mother about leaving from this mansion several times. But to my Mother who raised as a butterfly and flower in a space without malice, my Father said 「At this rate this family will become useless.」 It seemed that she couldn’t understand the meaning behind those words and it was never changed to execution.


Even if it was executed temporarily, It seems that we was brought back for less than a week.


My father seemed want to take only me out of this mansion, but I rejected it.

(TN: if I become his father I will cry without stop until one week passed. And after that, I will find a new wife and make a new happy family.)


Actually it’s not like I hate my father or doesn’t want to be poor.


There’s a reason why I didn’t want to leave this mansion.


It was such a reason that made the fact that My Father left the house himself felt not bad anyhow.


Raher, if by leaving this mansion, my father feel Freedom, than I thought that was better for My Father.


Although there was a case that my father leaving, my life in my grandfather house could be said to have been blessed living environment without any inconvenience.


But for me, rather than money, there’s something more important that were kept in this mansion or warehouse.


That was why I didn’t want to leave from here with my father.


There’s a parentage from the antique collecting habit that the old family, Fujinomiya family, and the hobby of Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.


I was fascinated with one of them, the things called 「katana」.


There were many japanese katana in the glass showcase and old famous sword decorating my Grandfather warehouse.


When I was a child, whenever I had a free time, I always looking at japanese katana in the warehouse.


And then after My Father leaving, My Grandfather give me a katana for celebrate the entrance to junior high school.


Although I wasn’t able to get permission how many I ask for it, frankly said I guess it’s because my Grandfather managed to kicked out as well as celebration of entrance to famous private junior high school. Because of that two, he approve me to keep this katana under my control.


Of course, taking out to the outside of the house is strictly prohibited and it’s also prohibited to slash at something.


I was only permitted to give maintenance the katana and swing it at the garden. Moreover, to prevent somebody getting hurt, it’s limited only in the morning before someone wake up.


The housekeepers who live at this mansion naturally wake up slowly before 6 o’clock in the morning.


I made up my mind to swing my katana at 4 o’ clock early in the morning, and it was my daily routine to keep swing this katana without getting tired of about 2 hours until the housekeepers began their activities.


The japanese katana that I get from my Grandfather is around 3 shaku 3 sun 4 fun 5 rin (approximately 100.35 cm)

(TN: shaku and sun is length measure. Shaku = 30,3 cm and sun=3,03. Fun is angle measure equal to one-sixtieth of a degree. Rin is 1/100 of sun. I’m quite unsure about fun and rin. If anyone know please tell me.)


When I was just entering junior high school I always hold this big sword. Although it feels heavy, but it’s a feels a good thing. Whenever I have free time, I always give it maintenance. When I’m asleep, I will put it where my hand still can reach it. And even after 3 years, I always continue to swing my katana early in the morning. Now I can handle this katana like an extension of my own hands.


And that day is come.


The first who notice was all guard in charge wearing black uniform. Perhaps it’s because there’s response from the crime prevention system installed in warehouse.


And as usual drills, one of the three night time guard with black uniform ran to give report to Grandfather and the other two rushed to warehouse.


Maybe they found thief wearing mask doing robbery at the warehouse (but I don’t know how many people there)


At time like this the security company and the police are supposed to be in contact at the stage when the security system is activated, and all hired black clothed guard right now should immediately unsheate a special baton and suppresed them.


However, the thieves already prepared to do much more bold crime.


When the thief saw all the black clothes came rushing to the warehouse, sudenly he take out a thing with a black luster color from his pocket.


「Watch out! He have a gun!」


When I heard that voice, I jumped and grasped my katana and openened the sliding door that goes to the corridor.


All the black clothes feel presured because of that voice and I began to consider the other option, it’s dangerous so run away, or the other option is to hide but it didn’t happen.


And the moment I open that sliding door, one head from the black clothes exploded.


The firing sound isn’t big, maybe they use silencer.


While thinking such a thing, at that moment another black clothes flew away, falling down and never woke up again. Probably after receiving a single shot at the abdomen, he get shot again for second time at the chest.


「Oi! What’s going on!」


My Grandfather came to the garden along with the last black clothes.


「Wha… What’s going on? Is he really dead?」


Maybe just now My Grandfather noticed the corpse of black clothes rolling in the garden. However, it’s obvious at a glance whether it is dead or not. I don’t need to bother myself to confirm it.


… After all human being can’t stay alive after their head blown in half.


「Dai danna sama! It’s dangerous! Please backoff!」

(TN: I leave it as it is because it’s weird to say great master)


The black clothes try to keep grandfather away while protecting him.


But the thief is pretty good at handling the gun. He showed accurate shoot to Grandfather who was supposed to be hidden behind black clothes and it pierced his shoulder.


「Gwa! 」

「Dai danna sama!」


Black clothes who worried about my grandfather, turn his back againts the thief and crouch to see my Grandfather who also crouch while holding his shoulder.


The thief on his back aimed the muzzle without hesitation…


At this time I already started to running. My room is located diagonally behind the back of the thief with a gun and black clothes who doesn’t pay attention to the thief behind his back .


Fresh blood flower bloom on the back of black clothes, moreover it’s 2 flower.


Probably he try to save himself by killing anybody who can be their threat. It seems that he is familiar and already examined carefully our fighting power.


It means our 3 houseguard has already been investigated and taken care of, and there should be a slight of loosenes as a result of invalidating that 3 guards.


Without hesitation I ran straight to underneath the thief with a gun.


And while the thief slowly turned his gun this way, I realize that I’m very calm when holding katana and reflexively swing this katana to capture him.


Boto (TN: this is the sound of drop)


Dragged by the weight of the gun, the right hand which held the gun fell to the ground.


In the end, I think of him as people who were incompatible with the framework of japanese people that live in this modern age.


It doesn’t mean japanese people with a great achievement or have a special ability should separate himself or do something bad calmly.


Human ability was very ordinary, and it’s not bad to socializing. Naturally it’s okay to judge between good and evil properly.


Don’t destroy, steal, violate, deceive or kill without any meaning.


If they said like「there’s meaning on it」it means there’s misunderstanding, of course it’s not like that. Majority of japanese people naturally have similar morality. It’s natural to think about don’t doing something that smells like crime.


Then what does incompatible mean?…


1 reason I can think of is, all of the people who can’t follow the moral of the surrounding people.


That was the way of thinking regarding evil people. Where can we draw the line about evil people? Maybe it’s by self righteousness, that just my perception, it’s not like there’s a certain criteria about it…


I can’t recognize a person which is a heinous criminal who kills people, deceiving and exploit to destroy people’s lives and lose to desire come from lower body then rape a girl as human being.


I can’t understand the meaning about the group who scream loudly about human rights at all.


For example, now when you look at the man wearing a mask that look up here with scarred eyes and crouch while holding his hand in front of your eyes, no emotions come up.


If you think this feeling is forced or something, it’s more feels like… crushing mosquito who suck human blood without hesitation.


So, I looked down at the masked man with cold eyes and aim the katana that I held with my right hand to his neck and brandish it.


Go ton


That sounded more dull than I imagined, I take a few step back to avoid the blood that has just blew out.


To su


At that moment, there’s a feeling of something cold and being pushed, came from my back and simutaneously it get more pushed.


Oh it’s dangerous, it’s a good thing the liquid that was spouting from earlier thing lessen. It was almost making my clothes dirty.


While spitting a sigh of relief,I turn my neck to confirm the identity of impact and see a kodachi stuck in my back.


I see, he take out grandfather collection at warehouse first then start raid the warehouse.


After confirm the katana that pierce me, now I turn my eyes to the person who stabbed me.


He became afraid stabbing me, and then he sat down behind me, quivering.


I saw his frightened eyes that were excluded from the masked surface and I understand completely.


ahh… I see. So it was something like that.


Strangely I feel convinced, now I turn my body slowly while feeling something hot and troublesome at my back, then moved to the front of the man who was crouching.


It’s iritating when my knees to come off at time like this, but it will hold for a while.


A man kept screaming like he is appealing something to me, but I can’t reply because I already can’t hear what that person is saying.


I don’t know if this bad insect can understand what I say or not, but I will say my last word to him.


「Thanks for your hard work, dear Father」


My consciousness is fading, but before that I order my muscle to pierce My Father throat.


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