Prologue 2

Between the end and the beginning of life

「……p,…ke up, wake up!」

「…Un, so noisy. To call me like that」


I lifted my heavy eyelids while complaining about the voice that resonates directly into my head.


「So dazzling…」


Finally, I opened my eyes and what my sight caught was a space of light.


However, I don’t know exactly where the light source is. It’s as if all surrounding in this space is filled with soft light.


Furthermore, when my consciousness planning to lie my back on the ground, there’s no sense of feeling something at all. Somehow it’s like floating inside viscosity light…




「Eh, I died?

Ahh… right, I was stabbed by my Dad. 」


The eyes that I saw at that time definitely belongs to father who left the mansion 3 years ago.


It’s good to brace himself for leaving the mansion, but I guess it’s impossible to live well by himself.


In 3 years he keeps falling and falling to the point where he knows such dangerous professional and join hand to forcibly snatch away the treasure at the warehouse. It’s such like that.


「Master… I’m doing interesting mental structure for the recent event.

It’s for the self-defense sake you need to kill a people, but there’s no hesitation at all, one of them is your father you know.

There’s nothing at all, even for a little bit」


「Uuun… there’s nothing at all.

He is certainly my father, but what do you feel for a person who breaks into the house of his parents’ wife and in the end stab his son? 」


「Hou, it’s surely more refreshing like that. This person is really interesting. Okay then I am a God same as that fellow and now I will go along with you」


「Ha? Just now, did she say a God?」



(Tn: ugh this god talks directly to MC head and it seems the author didn’t want to tell what he say at all. It’s really annoying to translate this chapter)


「What? So you want me to go to another world and I can do whatever I want… or rather just now that person voice feel different isn’t it?」


I look around to search the voice owner, but there’s no one here except me.


「It seems that God is something conceptual or high-order existence. It seems to be something completely different than religious god from modern era, even this one can’t recognize the figure」


「Ah… I still not understand, but it’s fine though…

is it because the same reason why I can’t see you too?」


「You are so cold… For forget that you always intensely requesting me to spend night after night with you for 3 years」




That’s sound like something erotic, but what she say wasn’t true, and now I can’t become more than a virgin.


3 years? If it’s about 3 years ago then it’s definitely about the thing that I got from grandpa 3 years ago.


When I think about that, I noticed that I hold that thing.


「Perhaps… it’s you?」

「kukuku… indeed it’s me」


I raised the katana that I hold to the front of my eyes. The katana that can cut a human bone without a getting chipped but still a beautiful blade that shining brightly.


Ah! It’s dangerous. My tension is raising.


If that’s the case then I agreed with that intense word. It’s true I request it intensely.


An enjoy feeling from the katana is being transmitted to me.


「It’s true you know. It seems that master liked me so much until it’s become a little embarasing」


「Iyaa, it’s only that much. But I will be shy if you told me straight to the face like that. 」




「Oh, sorry. It seems I speak a little bit long, it’s my first time speaking after all.」


「 That God-like fellow wants to quickly continue the discussion now. that 0 dignity God」

(Tn: now I feel sorry for that God)


「After all, what’s the condition?」


「Fumu, I don’t quite understand either but… it looks like he is the will of this star.」


The katana who wake me up just a moment ago is listening that God rough explanation till the end.


「In other words, in the near future this star will be destroyed if it continues as it is, so why don’t you go to this a little strange world and see how is it going now?」


「well there’s another a little bit difficult things to say but it’s more or less like that.


Well, it’s by god standard that says near in the future. For a normal human it still a long time probably.


However, in that world, you are already dead so you can return to earth as it is, or you can come to the other world」


I see… it’s not bad. Originally I’m already dead anyway, so even if this temporary life will be stopped, I still want to continue to live comfortably from now on.


From that god story, it looks like he will send me to the world where I can live. Although I am worried about what kind of world it is…


「you are coming too right?」


I ask my lovely katana.


「Fine then, I’ll grant your 3 years desire.

Honestly, I’m tired if I just become a decoration in that world.」


It’s good then.


「I understand, let’s go」


「immediate reply hah. It’s exhausting to be loved that much」


Somehow my lovely katana feeling happy… or rather how about I call it lovely katana.


For now I need to confirm this problem first, usually, with this conversation pattern, there’s something added to it.


I don’t know whether I can meet god again or not after all.


「I want to ask something, at time like this aren’t you going to give special power to me?」




God answer was 「Cheat is not good」


What kind of slogan is that! (Tn:LOL)


「I don’t have knowledge regarding that world, so, for now, I won’t put my hand in another world affair」


「indeed, I don’t understand too. Then it can’t be helped. It’s enough for you to be there.」


「You feel happy right… my easy master. Although you don’t know left or right in that world and only have single clothes, as expected, it will become difficult, isn’t it?


If you die quickly then, it will not be much useful to retrieve the soul」

(Tn: what she mean by easy master is something sarcastic. Like saying “it easy to make you happy isn’t it?”)


Fumufumu, so it means after I move there, have many experiences and die, he will collect information from my soul… that’s kind of ecology.




「Power that only for useful gathering information? For example?」




「『Language』, 『reading comprehension』, 『appraisal』? In other word, I don’t need to worry about language or reading and writing. And appraisal is attached as surplus power. What?」


It’s amazing cheat. Well, thankfully with the language I can make communication. Furthermore, I can read and write something that somehow made people understand it. I mean all that ability is needed even in another world.




「Afterwards the job that most suitable for me will be attached at the point where I was sent or… leave that aside, oi!」

(Tn: I’m not sure about this one, it say “nageppanashi”. It’s a term for wrestling.)


That wasn’t a part of God ability, it was that world default I think. But let’s not say that. I will be transferred anyway.




「No, it’s not like I angry you know…」




「Eh, then I can bring only one thing aside this katana to another world?」

To make it easier, I can bring anything like a revolver, firearm, or something that hold a worthy value like gold nugget to another side. Smartphone… is impossible it will be useless if the battery runs out.


Then what should I do… I can think a lot of things but it will be that right.


「Dojigiri yasutsuna, odenta mitsuyo, mikazuki munechika, juzumaru tsunetsugu and onimaru kunitsuna. It should be one of the 5 heavenly swords」

(Tn: it’s all masterpiece and very beautiful. here’s the link:


「Oi! Even though I’m here you chose another sword only because of their fame!」


「It’s a joke」


「master… but, that is」


As expected, I think I can’t take an important cultural asset like national treasure. It’s troublesome if my lovely katana crooked because of it.


That’s why I pull out the kodachi that had been stuck on my back since a moment ago and held it with my lovely katana.


「this thing is fine, it’s been hurt since a while ago」


「because it’s fatal injury after all, that’s why it would hurt, but are you okay to take the katana that take your life?


All the katana at the warehouse is like my compatriot. I’m okay to go with her.」


「That’s wrong. My injury doesn’t hurt.


It hurt my feelings and I felt sad to see this guy get used by such a person」


So, that’s what I felt until I come to this space.


The feeling of sadness that curses my incompetence because I couldn’t do anything and I intensely regret that.


At first, I thought that I feel guilty due to stabbing my father. However, even though I remembered it again, there’s no uncomfortable feeling when I stabbed my father.


Then when I thought what it was, I noticed there’s kodachi at my back.


「Master really like us katana since you still a little after all.

Whenever you have spare time you always come to the warehouse just to see us while drooling without getting tired. It made the glass case full with your sticky fingerprint.


For 16 years we always watching you. all of us in the warehouse love master very much. For us who can’t leave descendant, we always think of master as our kid.


And yet even though I say master should feel bad and regret for killing people, I do not regret it at all」


I see, all of them is always watch over me. So that’s why I feel good and comfortable in that warehouse.


「I understand, instead this is my request.

Even though she is a young katana and still bellow 100 years, but surely she will do her best for master sake.」


I got the consent from my lovely katana, once again I embrace tightly my Japanese katana.


And then the voice of best regard come from this small katana and from regret became happy feeling being transmitted now.


It doesn’t remember his regret feeling… I wonder




I give my final decision to God With unwavering nod.


「Good, let’s go.

Ah, right. I need to say goodbye to all of them in the warehouse.」


I know I can’t ask for God to give a message to that place, but I’ll fell regret to leave without saying goodbye to everyone.


『If you do your best over there, I’m sure you will meet them again』


My consciousness is slowly fading but I’m sure that god clearly said so.

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