Chapter 69

Edvice 3

Tl: Kirisaki Shin

Ed: Frozen Ink

The last interviewer is,

“Edgar? I will coming in, okay?”

Melby the fairy’s big sister.


Melby ( from Tel telia Fairy town . Fairy Chief . <Wise-man> . <Ms. stubborn> . <everyone’s Big Sister>)

?? (1120 years past since she was created) (Tn: in raw it really said ‘??’)


Level 44

HP 34/34

MP 997/997

Status Fairy’s oaths


  • Legend class

Telepathy 5 (↑ 1)

    Spirit Magic 5 (↑ 1)

Appraisal 5 (↑ 1)

Fairy Eye 4

Dimension Magic 2 (↑ 1)

Dimension Magic Tool Making 2

  • Master class

[Leadership] 3

[Magic Tool Creation] 9 (MAX)

Spatial magic 9 (MAX)

Fairy eye 7

Fairy song 4

Magical control 9 (MAX)

  • General

command 9 (MAX)

Tool creation 9 (MAX)

Mana Manipulation 9 (MAX)

Mana Perception 7 (↑ 1)

“Blessing of Pioneer Elf”

When I saw it last time, my sense is numb because of Alfesia-san, but when I look at it again, Melby’s spec is high. You can call that a cheat fairy.

“… I have no idea what advice I can give, but are there any troubles?”

“oh, I wonder how can I attack when my movement is limited? but, there’s a fairy’s oath, so I can’t use it even if I have one”

“Fairy’s oath isn’t effective when the opponent is an evil god apostle, but if the opponent is evil god apostle then half-way attack are meaningless, right.”

“At first, I thought that I wouldl learn Light Magic and Dark Magic to hide my figure from the people who can see fairies. Although Spirit Magic can do the same but, Light Magic and dark magic is a good method for restricting.”


“Also, I want to learn the skill to make a machine. But It’s difficult to make a big machine with my figure like this so, I will have to rely on Edgar I think”

“Of course I will help but, I think Melby can constructing machine with Physic Magic. But the MP used will be high”

“So there’s a way like that”

“Oh that’s right, what is Melby’s aptitude?”

“Aptitude? well…”

From Melby’s explanation, here’s Melby’s aptitude.

S: Spirit, mind, perception, magic engineering, magic sense

A: fire, wind, water, earth, light, dimension, production.

B: Holy, dark, reconnaissance


Z: general weapon, general body art

Even if you take away close combat ability, all that ability is extremely broken.

“That’s right, I have a request for Melby”

“Request? What is it?”

“don’t you remember about that hypnotism art?”

“Hypnotism art, hah… there’s a knowledge about it from master, frankly, the skill called “hypnotism art”  exist”

“A priest from <Yatagarasu> also have that skill, do you know what kind of skill that is?”

“Un… it’s uses mana to guide another person thoughts, it’s that kind of skill. Such dangerous skill, who do you want to use it on?”

“Oh, I want to use it on myself”

“Eh, for Edgar?”

“Un. As time passes since I was reincarnated, the memory of my precious life has begun to gradually fad, so I’m thinking that using Hypnotism art to recall memories that I can no longer remember”

“… so it’s like that. Okay then, I don’t know if I can’t do it or not but, let’s try it. With your knowledge from your previous life, we can use it to release master I think”

“Thank you. Also, can you do something like reading the mind of other people by using Telepathy?”

“I wonder about that…Telepathyskill capable of making a voice in your mind from leaking out and it kinda resemble a lock doesn’t it?”

Fumu, so that’s impossible.

Although I have expected it but, it seems a skill from the goddess can’t be abused as much as we like.

“That’s right, can the other fairies see status like Melby?”

“Nope. I have a fairy friend that has a master grade skill, but the skill is not like that. Ah, Telepathy and Spirit Magic are low level but they have it? ”

I see, it’s just as goddess said that Melby is special.

“Melby also have appraisal right, so what did you notice until now?”

“What did I notice? Well, of course it’s the fact  that you are the only one that really broken but…”

What’s with that of course? Well, it’s obviously maybe.

“<Yatagarasu> messengers is also strong. the level of the mercenary of <fang of the black wolf> is high but, the skill of the messengers is really good”

Un, that’s right.

“On the other hand, the soldier that Alfred-san command are a little bit weak aren’t they? The level is lower than mercenary, and the skill isn’t as good as the messenger”

“Ah that’s also what I think. So if you want to talk about that, I will be calling dad then”

That’s why, I will call father now.

In situation like this Telepathy is really convenient I think.

Even at the time for training Spirit Magic, I’ll try to experiment on Telepathyto learn it.

“—Eh, it’s a talk about my knight subordinate?”

After Alfred tou-san return to reception room, we tell him about it. (Tn: tou-san is father)

“Un. I was talking with Melby about it but… frankly, they are quite weak”

“You said it very clearly… but, surely it maybe so”

“the mercenary from <fang of the black wolf> level was high because they are at war in Sonorate. Messenger from <Yatagarasu> is an assassin so they learn various skill and hunting monster to raise their level”

“so it’s like that… right now, almost all young soldier in Santamana doesn’t have experience about war. On the other hand, we can’t hunting monster because it will snatch away the adventurer’s job. They can do well in group match training but, the problem is the status…”


Tou-san said that while thinking and make a difficult face.

And then,

“Ed, what do you think I should do?”

“first, as expected you need to raise the level I think. Specifically the HP should around 40 or so”

“That’s really specific, and the reason is?”

“The reason was because that’s the line for Assassination Technique that the messenger of <yatagarasu> learned is not instantly death. The superior skill likeAssassination Art can do it but, Assassination Art but, the messengers who hold Assassination Art is still few, so the minimum HP is 40 I think”

“Fumu… so you said that’s the minimum to render Assassination Technique. The other?”

If they hold Keen Hearing then the efficiency of the sentry will raise I think. And then, to use magic I think. There are only a few knight that are also magician right?

“In the case of using magic, the people who can’t use magic is only minority. However, people who can use it on real combat is 3 out of 100 people I think. Even so there’s still a difficult problem to raise it”



“In the first place, the people who can use magic at combat level will be more profitable as adventurers. That’s because an excellent magician gets a higher portion at adventurer party”

“Ah, the knight will retire and become adventurer if it’s like that. But in the case of nobles, they won’t become adventurer right?”

“If noble have an aptitude for magic then they will aim to become royal court magician. Then, they earn the privilege of not going to the front line. The result is the knights order is troubled because the magic attack power isn’t enough”

Tou-san shrug his shoulder.

“…How much magic can be used at combat level?”

“For Fire Magic they can ignite it somehow, for water Magic it’s enough to fill the basin with water, for wind Magic the wind can’t even break a thin branch, for Earth Magic they can dig a hole with the depth till around a knees I think”

So the level is only 1.

But, if that’s the case…

“if they trained they can become strong until some extent right?”

If they can learn the skill then they can master it if they have enough train.

And then it would be good to chose some people who not likely to run away and train them more.

“However, there’s still a skill level barrier”

“Skill level barrier?”

This is the first time I heard that word.

“well, perhaps Ed didn’t experience that but, usually people are only able to raise their skills until some extent, and then it completely stops growing. Only with great effort can they break that or they can just give up.”

“But, from Aptitude Diagnosis people can find out their aptitude right?”

“Like I said, Aptitude Diagnosis is only possibility prediction, it’s different in reality. There’s also a lot of people who doubt it because of the priest lip service is also include in there. I trust priest Solo, because there isn’t any lip service I think.” (Tn: for reader who forget priest solo, it’s the priest who check Edgar aptitude. I kinda forget his name in Kookie tl)

I also trust priest Solo so I didn’t doubt him but, how with other priest?

If it’s an unskilled priest then, he will hesitate to include diagnosis content because he can’t clearly say “you don’t have an aptitude”. Even more so if the opponent is noble’s child. If there’s more or less suitable aptitude, it will be difficult to compare it with other people, because it’s dangerous if it’s leaking out after all.

“even if it’s the level is only one, maybe they can do it if it’s in group isn’t it?”

“there’s a way to use it in group…?”

“Un. For example, dugout – digging things like instant pitches, making pitfalls, making walls to avoid arrows, make a lot of water and make mud to stop enemy’s feet, use Mirage】 from 【Light magic】 in group to increase their numbers, use wind to collect and scatter falling arrows

“Wa, wait a minute! You said something really important right now! So can I make a memo about it?”

“Eh, Un”

I nodded to Tou-san who takes out paper and pen in panic, and then once again I repeat what I said.

“it’s severe if the level of the magic skill is only one but, if the level is 3 or so… it will be good to say if it’s 4 or 5, I think you can do it what is said”

“How about the number of people”

“I think 10 people is enough to make pitfall, and a wall or wind to avoid arrows. And the scale will change depending on the number of people”

“I see… even with low level magic, if you use it in group then you may be able to expect more than that, since magician usually act solo that this kind of idea never existed before”

“Perhaps it’s a little gaudy but, if the magic is useless if it’s used alone then, the possibility the chances of knights retiring to become adventurers and royal court magicians will decrease”

“Haa… I’m tired, is it the knowledge from previous life?”

“No, in previous life there’s no magic at all. However, in the military there was a branch of army called combat engineer,  they are expert at making bridge or road”

“I see.  In Santamana military, the knight don’t want to do that kind of job, so I will temporarily recruit soldier to do it, but since they are usually farmers, they are not necessarily good at construction… I mean it’s rather appropriate because they don’t have a knowledge about it”

“The country’s army in my previous life will be dispatched to the disaster area to restore infrastructure such as road, bridge, harbors, etc”

“Is that army a noble’s army or the country’s army?”

“It’s country’s army”

“is it a privileged rank? well, they didn’t need to do that kind of work aren’t they?”

“it’s not privileged rank. Furthermore they feel honored to protect their country, so they didn’t feel unpleasant about it”

Alfred tou-san is quite a soft headed person for the people of this world, but for negotiation in my previous life people will bite each other so many times.

For Tou-san country is like the kingdom, and army is like knight troupe.

“Oh yeah it’s about the knowledge from previous life…”

I already talk to Alfred Tou-san and Julia Kaa-san about that world and simultaneously I also talk about the man who killed a lot in that world will also reincarnated here.

“there’s another reincarnated person who has similar knowledge as me. The possibility that he will use that knowledge to produce weapons that’s not from this world can’t be ruled out. Or rather, I think that it’s almost certain that he will do such a thing. I’d like to think about that a way to prevent that”

The name of that reincarnated person is Kizaki Tooru—in my previous life I was mistaken as attacker because of him and also he should already start his activity in this world.

I don’t know if Kizaki knows that I was also reincarnated into this world or not, but I think the enemy still doesn’t know, but that kind of thinking is too optimistic.

“I don’t understand, is your knowledge from previous world is really that dangerous?”

“if I give it an extreme example, there’s a nuclear bomb. That is, at the time of war, they dropped it at the country where I lived, and 2 cities become completely burned, and the people who survived are suffering due to after effect of the bomb for 10 years.  In my previous world, it was really dangerous, so it has been used for negotiation with other country, if it become war and nuclear bomb was used the world will transform into scorched earth”

“…Can you make that Ed?”

“no, I kinda understand what it is but, I don’t know how to make it because it’s military secret. However, the person who reincarnated by evil god always has a good head. If it’s doctor then, he shouldn’t have the expert knowledge about engineering, however if it’s simple operation for gun, automobile, or airplane then he should know about it”

It’s hard to imagine that an elite surgeon who has a hobby as devil researcher and have pleasure as murderer making tank and airplanes frantically… but that’s my arbitrary imagination after all. I would like to increase my friends who can move with me more than ever, it’s simply because I likely to lose with high difference if it’s about knowledge comparison.

“You said it before, but is that gun is really amazing weapon?”

“well then, I’ll let you see for a bit. Melby, I’m sorry but”

“Yes yes. Here”

Melby said so while take out the gun – Walther P 38 from the dimensional storage and hand it over to me.

I tried to grasp the gun handle.

…Un, it’s okay.

When I think about it, suddenly I remember something.

It’s kinda late but, in my previous life I death because the policeman shoot me.

I could remember the shock from that time, it’s draw all the blood from my face.

“Wait, Ed, are you alright? Your face is pale you know?”

“Ah, un… it’s okay. It’s dangerous so I will show it in the courtyard”


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