Chapter 77

Alfred-tousan’s Magic Title And Epic Battle


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Around 2 months passed since the last time I went to the capital.

Alfred-tousan already took over the job, so I proposed a suggestion.


「ーDad, I think it would be better for you to have magic title」


I greet father like 「Yo」or 「Ya」then I told him what I was thinking.


「You can raise your maximum MP like Julia-kaasan. Even though only 1 point before bedtime, but if you do it for 1 year, then it will go up to 365 points. If you want to do it, sooner the better」


By the way, 1 year in Marqueckt is also 365 days.


「Un, I heard it’s important to get the magic title, but……What exactly do I need to do?

I am quite known as a commander or spearmaster, but I am definitely not a mage.

I can use magic as a half-elf, but my mana level is at the same level as a human wizard 」


Father is still not convinced at all.

I already did the training for a thousand times though.


「I want father to learn original magic that I thought」


I’m not familiar with this style like father, I even forgot the sequence as I speak.

Father strictly watched me, hit my spear, quickly turned it and beat my shin.


「It hurts!」


Every time I make a mistake in my fighting stance, Father will quickly 「Scold」me

I will not remember it if I didn’t feel pain, but looks like father wants to teach his style.


「Your original magic……? Sounds like another dangerous thing」


Father said it while looking at me touching my shin.


「Before I show you that magic, I want you to see this first」


I took out Gazaine’s dagger.

It’s a devil dagger, the outside is covered by a mithril

Mithril is a metal that allows mana to flow through it.

And that’s why,


「π Aqua – 卜Flame・∨ Spread――《Ice Pack》」


I draw magic characters with the tip of the dagger and activate the original magic.

I create a mysterious object, a soft ice and touch my shin with it.


Father looked at me with a surprising face.


「……I don’t know what to ask first. How did you write the magic characters with the tip of the blade?

Or how did you activate 3 magic characters so easily? Or how did you master ice creation magic, which is difficult to learn? Or how did you create soft ice rather than hard ice? it doesn’t matter anymore right?」

「Un. Long story short, you can draw a magic character with the tip of the mithril weapon like this dagger.

Father’s spear is also made of mithril, right?」


He didn’t use it when training with me, but his actual spear is made of mithril.


「Yeah. It seems to be something from ancient times. The pattern is made from mithril.

I was wondering why they used something expensive like mithril for the pattern, but Ed’s explanation answered my question that I had asked for so many years. So, it was made as a medium like a cane?」

「Perhaps. That’s why I think there will be more variation in tactics by drawing magic character with the tip while fighting」

「I see…… you can use magic even when both of your hands are occupied. But, what kind of magic should I use? I can’t use 【Fire Magic】you know?」

「I want Father to use ice and frost creation magic」

「Ice and frost…… I told you before, I have no aptitude for 【Fire Magic】」


Creating ice using magic usually need π aqua to create water, then 卜 flame and ∨ spread to take the heat from the water.

Since there is no 【Ice Magic】in this world, such detour is necessary.


But, there are other ways to create ice.


The first thing I came up with was to stop the molecular vibration of water with 【Telekinesis Magic】.

However, this method took way too much MP for practical use. It has a bad fuel efficiency just to freeze π aqua water for a whole minute, it has the same amount of MP cost as julia-kaasan 〈Fire Storm〉.


The next idea is to apply【Wind Magic】to the water produced by π aqua, and imagine 「Take the heat with the wind」. I got inspiration from the vaporization when sweat dries, but it still had a bad fuel efficiency to produce it using water vapor alone.

That’s why I thought about the method based on 「Image」to take the heat contained in water and turned it away using the wind and make it disappear, the result is a technique to cool down the water.

Like the 「Dark」in 【Dark Magic】, it’s not the state without light, it’s similar to 「Something」with proper actual condition, even fire, water, and wind produced by spirit also similar with a natural phenomenon in the previous life. So, it’s possible to do such a thing as long as there’s a solid「Image」.


……I explained it to father.

Meanwhile, father and I sat on the bench for a break. I am not tired, but I’m sweating and my throat dries. From the side of the bench, Steph poured some water into the cups on the table and I drank it in one gulp.


「So, if father combined 【Water Magic】and 【Wind Magic】, it should produce ice and Frost



As I said so, I draw π Aqua and λ wind in the air and activate the magic.

On the palm of my hand, an ice with diameter around 5cm appeared. In order to imagine heat vaporization, most water produced by π aqua is disappeared, and it is considerably decreased. it’s really difficult to use as an attack compared to 【Fire Magic】, but this magic can be reliable depending on how people use it.

Since I already made it, I put the ice into father’s cup.


「There’s still more……」


I picked up an orange on the table and cooled it using λ wind.

After the orange completely frozen, I throw it to the corner of the table and it crumbled.


「It doesn’t end there. I can sprinkle some water using π aqua and freeze it using λ wind. I can use it as a trap to make the opponent slipped then thrust him with a spear…… how about it?」

「……That’s interesting」

「Furthermore, it will become easier to use if you/he use an “Image” of creating mist water using aqua. Perhaps it will be more powerful if you teach the knights and used them as a group.

And then, you can trap the other party in ice blocks if you freeze water mist using λ wind…… but I think you can reduce their combat capabilities by taking their body temperature away.

I think it suits father’s fighting style which gradually reduces your opponent’s power without letting them get close」

「Certainly, the idea sounds amazing.

But, even though I learn the cooling magic, I still can’t get the title, right?」

「Oi, hora, you said there will be a match right」

「Un. As a debut of being a captain of royal family knight order, I will fight with Ilfreed, the captain of the imperial guard dragon knight order……」

「If you show this magic there, the title will be attached to you right? Right now, I think you should focus on that father」


Father who was raised from viscount to Marquis should be a hot topic in royal capital.

Especially about nearly become a duke and said 「Please pardon me from being a duke」, it seems in the back people called him 《Pardon Marquis》.


「I don’t want to stand out any more than this…… but I surely want to raise my MP maximum value」


We restart spear training without reaching conclusion.

Although father still worried, he still wields his spear so precisely and fix every mistake in my stance.


「By the way, is your highness Ilfreed the first Prince?」

「That’s right. His highness is also famous as the master of spears. However, unlike me, he is the user of『Hard』spear where he left it all to power. I heard that he has the skill to strengthen his physical power」

「A skill to strengthen his physical power?…… Ouch」


My father scold me for being upset and made a mistake.


「But if your opponent is the prince, is it an entertainment match?」

「Ed, a child shouldn’t have that kind of idea. Ilfreed is a straight person and temperamental, and your majesty also said to me to do my best」

「Hee…… Do you have a chance to win?」

「Un, I have a chance if I stick to battle of endurance, but I will lose if I faced him head on」

「If the opponent can use skill to strengthen his physical body then father can use magic too don’t you?」

「Yeah. But, I can’t use magic if I can’t endure a fierce attack from his highness」

「Then there’s more reason for it」

「……Well, it’s already started, I’ll do it until the bitter end」


And so, father decided to try new tactics by combining ice and frost with【Spearmanship】.




Then, the day of the match came.


Julia-kaasan, Elemia, and I were allowed to watch in the special seat near the King as father’s family.


The 『Hard』Prince Ilfreed and the 『Soft』 Alfred the lord protector of the house Chrebl.

As a spear user, this is a match you wouldn’t miss, a lot of spectators came to see it.

Of course there are many aristocrats who want to see not only the spear match but also the lord protector who got a big military achievement.

Also, it’s because to saw prince Ilfreed who a good looking man and dignified like a lion and Alfred-tousan who had a youthful figure and an ikemen. The aristocrat lady who had a spare time had no reason to miss such opportunities.


「So, which one do you think would win?」


It was the king, Visgard the first, who asked me.


「Of course it will be Al-kun…… excuse me, it will be my husband who would win!」


Julia-kaasan declared it without holding back.

the king just bitterly smiled.


「……I shouldn’t have asked. Then I will cheer for my son」


It goes without saying, as his son, the king’s blood flowed in prince Ilfreed.

The king has 2 sons and a daughter, prince Ilfreed is the oldest.

I heard prince Ilfreed is 21 years old. A firm physique and a manly face resemble the present his majesty the King. His height is half of the current king’s head, in previous life unit it would be over 190 cm. His hair is red like flames.

Although he is a spearmaster just like father, he used an assault lance for cavalry and father used a short spear.

Both of them were standing face to face in the arena.

Compared to the prince, father looks really thin and fragile. Of course, since father’s position is a vanguard, if you look carefully you will understand he that is considerably trained.


「In fact, if you are looking at their physique, they really contrast」

The king answered my words.


「Yeah, right. not only physique but also their fighting style is also in contrast. That’s why there are a lot of things they can learn from each other, even for those who just being a spectator.」


When I looked towards the venue,  the member of dragon knight order are on the side of the prince and the member of royal knight order on the side of father, together they cheer father and the prince.

Aside from his highness Ilfreed, it seems there was a tension between each member of royal knight order with father since father just became a captain. It’s not a hate feeling, but it just they are still not familiar yet, they seemed hesitant whether it’s okay to make a fuss or not.


「……Perhaps, is this the purpose of the match?」


The king heard what I say and said.


「That’s how it is. Their boss suddenly changed after all. No matter how much royal knight swear an allegiance to the king, it doesn’t mean they will immediately okay with it. So, it’s as you guessed boy, this is an event for it」

「So, that means there is another reason right?」

「As for that…… It will depend on Alfred. ーWell then, let’s started it now」


Then the king stands up and shouted to the venue.


「Alright that’s enough! Both fighters go into the position!」


Seems like he will manage the game from the audience seat.


「Both of you are allowed to use all of your power in this fight.

In this place you are enemies, but you are also a comrade who shared a burden of this country!

The match will be limited to this place and there will be no grudge afterward!

Needless to say, both dragon knight order and royal knight order also can’t hold a grudge whether they came out as victorious or not!

Well then, into your position!」


As the king said, father and prince Ilfreed go into the position.

Since both of them are specialized in spear, they put a moderate distance between them around 7 meters.




With the sign from the king, Prince Ilfreed rushed out.




Father let out a sharp thrust and prince Ilfreed countered it and try to stab father.

When prince Ilfreed used his glove to divert the head spear, it grazed his ear, then he mow down the spear on his side.

A normal spear will be gone after taking so much power, but father ward it away by hitting it in the same direction.

Even though Prince Ilfreed posture collapsed for a moment, father didn’t use that chance to thrust but take a distance while slightly moving his spearhead.

The only one who understood about what father do in this place is probably me.


「Are you going easy on me?!」


Prince Ilfreed shouted his dissatisfaction.

Father didn’t answer it and kept moving his spear tip.

Prince Ilfreed took it as a provocation, his face was dyed red and he recklessly thrust his spear to father.

Father moved his hand again.

If you look closely, you will see father’s mouth moves slightly.


ーFinally, there are visible changes around him.




The king leaned forward in excitement.

Right. There was a faint mist on the stage.

However, it’s only near prince Ilfreed.


「……Al-kun, is using magic?」


As expected, Julia-kaasan noticed it.

Father draws π aqua with his spearhead to make a mist.

Magic letters will shine if you didn’t put awareness in it, but it will not shine if you put awareness in it.

Obviously, with 【Mana perception】skill he can notice it faster if father using magic, but Prince Ilfreed didn’t have it. As I expected, there is a chance I will be found out by the royal magician if I used 【Appraisal】to royalty, I need to refrain myself from using 【Appraisal】.


ーNo, isn’t it okay now?

I’ll mix it with father’s mana and used 【Appraisal】.


Ilfreed Czenos Santamana (First Prince Of Santamana Kingdom – Captain of Imperial Dragon Knight Order – 《The Child of War Dragon King》)

21 years old


Level 35

HP 99/99

Mp 41/41



– Master Class

【Dragon Riding Art】4


【Immense Physical Strength】3 (Skill to strengthened physical of the user for a period of time. The amount of strength and time will increase according to skill level. )

【Throwing Spear Art】2


– General

【Dragon Riding Technique】9 (MAX)

【Spear Techniques】9(MAX)

【Throwing Spear Techniques】 9 (MAX)

【Fire Magic】5

【Far Sight】5

【Horse Riding Technique】4


【Water Magic】2


His 【Spearmanship】is 3, his skill level is lower than father, but 【Immense Physical Strength】skill compensated it.

I thought he just a musclehead, but he has magic skills too, maybe his style is using magic and spear to attack the enemy while riding his dragon.


While I checked prince Ilfreed’s status, the mist at the stage was getting darker.

Noises spread among the spectators.


「Oi lord protector…… What the hell is this!? Is it a smoke screen!? do you know how sacred this battle is!?」


Prince Ilfreed stop attacking and criticizes father.


「you will understand soon, prince」


Now, father turned into offense.

Prince Ilfreed who was unguarded rushed away inside the mist, but father didn’t chase him and stayed at his place. Then ー from outside of the mist.


「I don’t understand!」


Prince Ilfreed lost his patience and attacked father, but every time he attacked, father just evade it and sometimes throw a counter to prince Ilfreed.



「Ugh…… what is this? Cold……?」


Finally, prince Ilfreed noticed what happened.

Father switched π aqua to λ wind from the inside and gradually cooled the mist. Then before he knew it, the mist was cooled enough to start freezing and prince Ilfreed’s armor began to frost.


「Thi-this is his goal……!」


Even though prince Ilfreed groaned, the mist already became a sparkling diamond dust. The air on the stage was cold enough to freeze the sweat on the prince Ilfreed’s white hair.


Also, prince Ilfreed has changed his hand to hold his spear several times.

The metal spear is cooled inside the fog, holding it must be painful.


As the mist turned into diamond dust, spectator’s view became clear.

After the view was hindered because of the mist, the mist turned into a sparkling unknown phenomenon. Then prince appeared from inside with his body covered in frost.

A roar spreading among the spectators.


「Damn! To used such a petty tricks……!」


Prince Ilfreed became rage and assaulted father.

His move clearly loses momentum compared from before.

Just by spear skill alone, father’s win can’t be shaken anymore ー and yet, that’s not how father is.


Anyway, prince Ilfreed slipped in front of father and falling down.

Prince Ilfreed must not have known what happened.

However, it was obvious what happened if you saw it from the seat.

Prince Ilfreed steps into a puddle of frozen water.

Prince Ilfreed can’t see it because of blood on his head.

No, prince Ilfreed who was inside the mist must be had become accustomed to the poor visibility, so it seems that he started to neglect his attention to his feet.


Anyway, prince Ilfreed slipped in front of father and falling down.

As I thought, even he didn’t falling down, the gap was too big.


Father didn’t rush in panic and thrust his spear near prince Ilfreed’s neck.


「ーThat’s enough! The winner is Alfred・Lord Protector of the House Chrebl!」


The king’s declaration ended the game.

A big cheer coming out from the seat.

Prince Ilfreed became dejected, but he stand up and shake hands with father.

After that, they bowed to the spectators and turned to the special seat.


「Good job, you two」


The king said so as an appreciation.


「Damn…… I was on lord protector’s palm since the beginning」(Tn: prince Ilfreed called Alfred as lord protector)


Prince Ilfreed say it with regret.


「Hahaha! There is enemy you can’t beat just by act like a wild boar. Isn’t it a good lesson, Ilfreed?」


Prince Ilfreed nodded after hearing what the king said.

……Perhaps the king wanted to teach the prince by made up this game.

It must be because as a friend since military school, the King knows well how good Alfred-tousan ability is.

When I saw the king, I saw a big grin on his face.


「No, there was a lot of a dangerous part too」


That’s what Alfred-tousan said to the prince.

Prince Ilfreed smiled at what father said.


「Well said. That was brilliant spear technique. As expected from the person who father put trust into.

Even so, lord protector used a strange magic isn’t it?」

「This is also the first time I used this magic. The frost itself has no offensive power…」

「Aah, if the body temperature is taken, the movement will be dull and the opponent will become impatient. It seems good as a trap」

「However looks like I will not be able to pull it for a second time」

「Of course」


Prince Ilfreed and father puffed their chest and laughing.

This person is…… ah right, the same type of person like Miguel.

A broad minded person, it makes sense if he became the captain of dragon knight order.

By the way, when he lined up with his majesty the king, he looks just like the king. His looks and his temperament. Only the height is different, prince Ilfreed is a tad shorter around half of the head and his shoulder wider as well.


The king called Alfred-tousan as he smiles looking at his son.


「I never saw that kind of magic before, Alfred.

There must be someone who teaches you that ice and frost magic after all.

……I somehow understood who teach you that」


The king said so while looking at me.

Un, correct.


「If the wife is 《Witch of Flame Prison》, then the husband should be 《Alfred the Frost Blizzard》」


Prince Ilfreed said so and laughed after saying good things.

This prince really didn’t have a hateful feeling at all.

But I was grateful for this moment.


「You become 《Alfred the Frost Blizzard》, father」

「That’s a little embarrassing」


I try to make that to become the title, but father had a face like he didn’t want it.


「Hahaha, isn’t it interesting? You are 《Alfred the Hailfrost》from now on. With this situation, looks like I didn’t even need to settle it with order」

「 This person seems to have fun to put a title on people after becoming a king, but it can’t be helped.

Oh well, isn’t it good, 《Alfred the Hailfrost》…… Fufu, I think it’s cool」


And the queen joined the ride.

Oh yeah, the king, queen, father, and father’s ex-wife are in a party before.


ー《Alfred the Hailfrost》.


With this, Alfred-tousan was able to get his magic title.

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