Ch 26-27


Hello guys! Mayonaize Shrimp recommend this novel to me a while ago. And it’s kinda interesting. This novel is a phone novel. so 1 chapter is around 200-250 words. So I thought I will put 2 chapter in 1 post. But after I posted it, looks like it still not good enough. Actually, there’s 2 version of this novel. The short version where 1 chapter = 200-250 word and the long version where 5 chapter in 1 post. I will post 3 chapter next time and the longer version next time. So please endure it for now. Well, enjoy!


26 Fixed

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Frozen Ink


Finally, with a flare and a blanket on the back, I took the hammer and the nails in the pouch and went down.


even when I ran away, nothing appeared on the first floor.


I can’t even find fluffy in the second floor.


was fluffy just a dream?


The arrangement of the room doesn’t change, it was easy to find the problematic beehive room.


「Counterattack start!」


As I said so, I fixed the blanket to the entrance of the passage leading to the beehive room.


I was worried whether the nail would stick or not, but I could hammer it without problem.


「Fuu, next, those guys!」


27 Smoke

I passed through the blanket and carefully threw the straw bundle .


It was a lot, but I threw it all without problem.


I used the flare.




I threw it while whispered in a low voice.


Of course the straw ignited and smoke came out.


I immediately went to the other side of the blanket.


I don’t know whether it was effective or not, but the bees should die because of the smoke, it’s a simple revenge plan.


After a few hours, I decided to explore another room and search for fluffy.


I just want to see fluffy, that’s all!


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