Ch 28-30

28 Survive


Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Frozen Ink


2 hours after searching for fluffy.


I found a hole in the wall, and a part of the floor was gouged out.


I wrote down the direction so far into my notepad and went back to the beehive room.


The effect of the smoke operation was great!


There were 13 huge bees on the ground.


they were still alive because it didn’t disappear, so I turned them into light via my pickaxe.


When I use appraisal on the falling items


Pollen Dango: Round pollen with nectar on it.


Killer Wasps big jaw: Killer Wasps tough jaw


「Something with bad utility again…」


Next was to destroy the beehive!



29 Honey


I timidly destroyed the nest, but something popped out from the inside.


Apparently, the nest was treated as a monster, and it drops an item and disappeared.


Honey: Honey collected from the plants by the bees


「Yosh! let’s taste it later!」


Since the nest was tightly stuck to the wall, I thought there would only be one drop.


But there’s a 142 of it!


A decent ingredient has finally come out, so there’s no way I’m not happy.


Because the nest didn’t conceal any passage, I went to the place with the hole I noted before.



30  Vigilance


Even though I went back to the hole location, there was nothing special in there.


It’s natural to think of it as a den, but this is a dungeon.


I need to be careful.


I folded the blanket and used my pickaxe to fixed the nail.


Then went into the hole with a flare.




I threw it.


I heard a falling sound.


And after a few seconds, I heard a rumbling sound.


There’s a sound like something running toward here.



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