Ch 31-35

31-35 Centipede


Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Frozen Ink

Looks like there are not many people who read this novel. I will release 1 more chapter and will decide whether I make it just a teaser or keep translate it.



The one who was appeared from the hole with tremendous speed was fluffy!


However, because it came out with such tremendous speed, fluffy crashed into the pickaxe and turned into light.


because the size of the hole was around the size of fluffy, only one animal is capable of going through.


even though I was distracted by the floating light, I somehow used appraisal on it.


Rabbit: Rabbit with long hair (Tn: it’s fluffy)


Un, it was rabbit after all.


The rabbit was confused for about 5 minutes and crashed into death.


However, what should I do with this item…


Rabbit fur:  skin with long and fluffy hair.


Rabbit meat: A meat of a rabbit that lacks exercise


「Un, it lacks exercise」


Even though it can run like that, it lacked exercise, such a waste!


I started exploring again, and before long, I found a staircase leading toward the third floor.


Just like the first floor, there’s a possibility of reset.


since I started exploring the 2nd floor, I’ve never seen the monster I met on the1st floor.


Perhaps…… Perhaps if I go to the 3rd floor as it is,


There is a possibility I will never meet fluffy again!!


If I go back now, I think I’ll meet the bees again.


However, the first thing I need to think is about the level.


Level : 3 HP: 40/40 Skills: Appraisal


「Level 3…… I feel anxious about going to the next floor now」


Even though I came to the 2nd floor after became level 2, I couldn’t fight the bees properly.


In that case,


「Let’s go down when I can fight the bees properly !」


I decide so and say it out loud. (Ed:flag)


As I place my leg on the stairs leading to the 1st floor, I heard a sound from behind.


the sound is like something crawling and creaking……


「What the hell is that?」


Even I was looked left and right, there was nothing but floors and walls.


In the end, I timidly looked up at the ceiling.


And a huge centipede was there.


When I avoided the falling centipede, the ground shook with a loud sound.


「Damn it! it wasn’t here before!!」


I raised my voice loudly and suddenly remembered.


Aah, this is a dungeon, it’s obviously not strange if it respawns.


And with that, the total amount of times I spent to explore is half a day


I regretted thinking that I’ve already confirmed all monster on this floor.


But, I could do it now!


I immediately move after deciding that


I stabbed the head of the centipede on the ground with the kitchen knife.


when the centipede wrapped his body around the kitchen knife, it became light and disappeared.


Apparently, the insect here have no guts. (Tn: lol pun)


But I was saved, if he fell on me……


I don’t even want to think what will happen.


Actually, I could definitely beat it


But honestly, you could call it a fluke this time


No, I don’t know what else to call that win but a fluke


I barely won this time.


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