Former Hero Adventurer Chapter 1


Former Hero and Slave Girl


TL: Chinozuku
ED: TheReaper999

–Evil Dragon.

That was the monster from one year ago that brought destruction to the kingdom.

Just a single flame breath from the dragon was capable of burning down a city, and just a single swing by its wing, was capable of creating a tornado and destroying another city.

If the running amok Evil Dragon is not stopped soon, the kingdom will definitely be destroyed.

All the people were spending the gloomy days with uneasiness in their heart.

In such a time.

Four heroes made their appearance to defeat the Evil Dragon.

One person is Rolf Auddenit. A genius adventurer who is well-known throughout the kingdom.

One person is Nola Henschel. Master swordsman known as the world’s best female swordsman.

One person is Elsa Reichwain. The notorious witch who is feared due to her manipulation curse.

One person is Bertram Ernst. The chief of the honorable Knights Order who have sworn their loyalty to the king.

Four people with the highest ability in the world, were finally able to seal the Evil Dragon from the death battle that last for seven days and seven nights.

Declared as the heroes who saved the kingdom, they were showered with endless praises.

–Even if it’s only two of them who returned from the battle, to the kingdom.


「….How could this happen」

Deeply sighed young man standing behind a young girl who wore an old rag as a cloth.

Silver hair stretched to the shoulders, crystal clear blue eyes.

Beautiful white porcelain skin, the extended arms and legs, still immature yet very charming.

She was a beautiful girl that would fascinate anyone if properly dressed.

When she saw the young man sighing, she asked him while tilting her head.

「….. Is something wrong, master?」

The young man held his forehead with his right hand and picked up his pace.

The girl panicked and chased after the young man’s quick movement.

An iron collar is attached to her neck that runs short when the young man was moving fast.

The meaning is simple.

That is, a slave.

The lowest labor force that is not recognized as a human being and treated as a tool.

「I’m not your master, you know.」

The young man said that calmly while scratching his black bed hair.

— Why did a young man who is just an adventurer, buy a beautiful slave girl?

There was a deep reason behind it.


Going back a little in time.

a few hours passed since the sun set and the veil of darkness came.

A young man — Rolf Auddenit stopped by a certain slave market.

a drowsy face, dead eyes, and a thin body like dry wood, can be seen from someone who was once a hero that saved the kingdom.

That was the fact that Rolf was aware of, more than anyone.

He wore a thick mantle to conceal his pitiful appearance.

He held a bottle of cheap sake. The contents were empty. In other words, Rolf was drunk on his own way.

Therefore, when he found an illegal slave market, for some reason, he stopped by the market.

It’s not like he wanted a slave.

if said, he has nothing better to do than that — just that.

However, Rolf found something there.

One beautiful girl that was on sale at the stage of the market that was crowded with people. She’s Miria, Nora’s sister, one of Rolf former comrade, noticed that, he acted reflexively.

And back to present.

「Five gold coins just flew away, it can’t be helped.」

Rolf kept complaining until he arrived at his house, he opened the door.

He pushed Miria who was in hesitation into the house.


「I can’t lock the door unless you are in.」

「….. I’m very sorry.」

「….It’s not something to apologize for. Don’t worry about it.」

Rolf and Miria went through the corridor while talking to each other, and finally arrived at a large room.

It is nighttime. No light source, the room is pitch black.

However, Rolf has already lived in this house for several years.

He knew where anything is put, he has experience and intuition.

「Wait a minute. Don’t move from there, it’s dangerous.」

Miria was looking around restlessly, and then Rolf came back to the room.

He threw a firewood into the fireplace near the window, and chanted a simple magic phrase to ignite the firewood.

Poof! A flame was lit on his fingertip.

The fire started to burn all the firewood with crackling sound, and gradually illuminated the room.

It was a messy room.

There were piles of books and several bottles of liquor lying around.

There were a lot of clothes on the sofa, some clothes on the table, and numerous wrinkled clothes around.

The room itself was big, but the mess made the room feel somewhat small.

Even if Rolf is accustomed to the room, that’s not the case for Miria.

Back to Miria, as expected, she open her mouth in amazement.

「Sit down. Suit yourself.」

「Though, I can’t find a place sit.」

「If there’s no place to sit, I’ll make some.」 (TL: Tidying the room)

「I think it’s different… Isn’t it my fault?」

「I don’t know.」

Even though he answered properly, but his inner heart was surprised.

Miria is a slave.

She’s sold as a slave, and more over, not because of regular procedure.

In other words, it’s hard to imagine that she had received some harsh treatment.

When the room has became bright, he looked at Miria’s body. He saw numerous scars on her body.

Even though, from Miria’s speech and act, she didn’t show any 「Fear」

Miria was staring at Rolf with her pale, cold and empty eyes.

The fear that could be felt was a chill like feeling of being paralyzed, or else —

「—Do you remember me?」

Rolf was sitting on a sofa while looking at Miria who was standing.

On the other hand, she tilt her head in puzzlement.

「…. Where, have we met?」

Miria was looking at Rolf for a moment, and finally shook her head in rejection.

Well, it’s only natural. Because Rolf only saw Miria when she was with Nora. Rolf never had any direct contact with Miria.

If the slave merchant didn’t put her name on the selling list with 「Miria」, the chance he wouldn’t know even if he look at her face would be high. After all, it’s only about that.

「….Because you know me, you bought me, right?」

With a rough tone, Miria asked Rolf timidly.

「….Well, that is.」

「With all respect, may I ask your name, master?」

Rolf is thinking.

Does Miria know the name Rolf?

Even though he was one of the four heroes, his name was a bit inferior compared to the others.

Master swordsman.

The cursed witch.

The head of the Knights Order.

In front of them, Rolf was just an adventurer.

He is just a support who is good at exploring and traveling.

It’s what people of this nation think of Rolf, it doesn’t seems wrong.

Therefore, Miria is master swordsman Nora’s little sister, so if she didn’t know Rolf, it’s not something strange. Rolf didn’t hesitate to name himself here.

If Miria knew Rolf’s name, he’s certain that Miria will resent him.

Only Rolf and Elsa returned home. It is Rolf’s powerlessness that killed Nora.

「….I’m Rolf. A man whose friend of master swordsman Nora.」

Even so, Rolf still told Miria the truth.

The one who should burden the sin of killing two heroes from the kingdom in the future.

It’s not good to hide the truth.


Facing each other.

Miria’s reaction was so dramatic.

For a moment, he saw hell in her eyes, harboring hatred toward him.


Gently, and then.

A tear slide down her cheek and dropped down to the ground.

「Why, did my big sister have to die?」

Rolf didn’t have an answer.

Four heroes.

The name was given after sealing the Evil Dragon several months later.

The swordsman and the head of the knight order were dead, so it’s only natural that the adventurer and the witch to disappear.

–He couldn’t bear it.

The name of 「Hero」 was given as a joke.

That’s why, Rolf decided to live in this remote city and live a life drinking sake.

「….You can’t, answer me.」

Miria said to Rolf.

She hang her head while gripping tight her fist.

「–I, hate you.」

「I see.」

「But even more, the Evil Dragon burnt down our village, it took my only sister, I hate it more than anything ….!!」

「….I, see」

Nora has said.

The reason why she stood up to beat the Evil Dragon is that her hometown had been destroyed by the Evil Dragon.

Only two people from her family survived the overwhelming flame. Those two are Nora and Miria.

He remembered, Nora’s eyes were filled with the flame of revenge towards the Evil Dragon.

「However, I don’t have the power to fight.」

And now.

「Rolf Auddenit….no, my master.」

In Miria’s eyes, a flame similar to Nora’s flame was swirling .

「Please tell me, how to destroy that sealed Evil Dragon for good this time.」

Having no relatives.

A girl who has lost everything except herself. A girl who was sold at the slavery market, a girl engulfed with hatred and despair, was exclaiming her intention of revenge.

「The enemy is stronger than both of you and onee-chan, please tell me how to avenge my sister.」

While still bursting in tears, she bowed her head to Rolf.

In front of him, was just a pure beautiful girl who has gone mad with hatred.

Revenge, won’t give you anything. The Evil Dragon’s seal probably will last for a hundred years, the kingdom is not in danger for the moment. If Nora saw Miria unreasonably going to fight, she wouldn’t be happy.

She had gone mad with hatred, there are words to persuade her.

–Rolf, who had killed Nora, didn’t have the right to say such thing.

「I will do, anything. So, please train me. I beg of you….!!」

–If that’s the case.

If that’s the case, let’s follow her will.

There’s only one thing he can do.

To train, the weakest slave girl, and transform her, into the strongest Evil Dragon slayer,

「…. Alright.」

— He never wanted to become a hero.

To make her as a hero, it might be possible for Rolf.

「You’re now my disciple from today onward. I will train you to become the strongest.」



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