Former Hero Adventurer Chapter 2

Conversation With The Girl

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Frozen Ink
PR: TheReaper999

The border of the kingdom.

A small town was built on the east side of the mountain range.

It was an inconspicuous place where Rolf’s house existed.

「….Well then.」

Rolf was carefully looking at Miria’s body, from top to bottom. (Ed: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

He told her that he would train her into becoming 「The Strongest」, but it couldn’t be done without extraordinary effort.

Miria, who had sworn her revenge toward the Evil Dragon 「Demon」—-

And as for magician, their body is the core (to generate magical energy).

First of all, if Rolf couldn’t analyze what kind of magic is suitable for Miria, the training cannot start.

Although Miria stayed expressionless at first, when Rolf looked at her closely, her cheeks were dyed slightly red.

Rolf was staring at Miria for a moment, Miria was pinning her old rag down, like she was hiding something.

While Miria started to look at Rolf with rather cold eyes, she started to say something.



「It’s embarrassing….」

「Hey hey, didn’t you notice your appearance? …. How old are you?」

「I’m fifteen years old desu….. Even so, I’m a grown up.」

Miria was averting her eyes, while her lips were murmuring, showing disappointment.
In the kingdom, Rolf was treated as an adult when he was fifteen years old, but for Rolf, Miria was still a child.

「Six years younger than me.」

Rolf said that, Miria’s barely opening her eyes.

At first, her expressionlessness was like a Noh Mask, but now, her emotions are a little easier to see than from her expression from before.

He was wondering whether his true intention has been revealed or not.

「….Is that so, I thought you were only three years older than me at most.」

Rolf exhaled as if he was amazed while resting his chin on his hand which was on the sofa’s armrest.

「Do I look like a kid?」

Your expressions are refreshing, and full of youth.」

It was Miria who said something that Rolf couldn’t imagine.

「You, have an unexpectedly good personality….」

Rolf said that while a vein on his forehead was visible.

「Thank you.」

「It’s not a praise,Which part of me is full of youth?」

「Those eyes like a dead fish…. Do look like the opposite.」

「What’s the opposite? Nothing is connected to the opposite?」

Rolf was ridiculing himself and after that, he cleared his throat.

There’s no point in getting angry with kids.

「Master has, an unexpectedly cute personality.」

「As I thought, you were making fun of me eh?」

「I’m not mocking you. I do resent you though.」

「….Moreover, please stop calling me Master.」

「You bought me, didn’t you? Then that makes you my master.」

Miria said that sharply.

It would be sure that Rolf would be harassed.

「I’ve gotten a troublesome disciple….」

「But, you don’t want to drive her out right?」

Is there a reason? It’s not something good being told by you.」

「Thank you in advance, master.」

Miria said with mysterious smile.

Her old-rag clothes moves slightly, showing her modest cleavage.

In front of that beauty, Rolf reflexively gulped his saliva.

Miria is still fifteen years old.

She’s six years younger than Rolf.

Rolf didn’t have the urge to embrace her immature body.

–Rolf already knew, he shouldn’t do that, but he couldn’t cast his gaze away.(ed: welcome, brother)

「….That’s right, You will be cold if you stay in that outfit forever.」


Realizing her old-rag clothes is about to fall, Miria straighten her clothes with her hands.

Rolf ignited the fireplace, the room became brighter, Miria seems to be embarrassed about her tattered clothes.

Miria was still trying to hide her secret place with various seductive pose.

Rolf thought Miria didn’t understand that what she did will pump a man’s lust even more, She’s just a kid after all.

Nope, Rolf thought that his sexual desires were not awakened.

It’s just a general theory.


「….I agree, I would really appreciate it if I could have some clothes.」


Rolf stoke and shook his head, and then stood up from the sofa.

Miria was tilting her head, thinking that his behavior was strange.

「Is something wrong?」

「Nothing, just my imagination, Would be trouble if it wasn’t so.」


「It’s nothing, Just my imagination, aside from that….」

Rolf was moving to the drawer, passing many liquor bottles and piles of garbage, moving near the wall.

Rolf was searching for clothes that were suitable for Miria in that packed wardrobe of his.

「….Is this okay, here.」


It was a big white T-shirt that Rolf threw to Miria.

It was full of wrinkles since it wasn’t folded properly, rather than “Wearing” as when Miria wore the old-rag, now, it looked like she was “Wrapping the entire body”.

Still, a cheap shirt like that is better than wearing an old-rag.

「There are no women’s clothes in my house….. Better than nothing.
Change your clothes.」

「….Thank you.」

However, Miria sniffed the smell of the shirt and she gave a little frown.

「It smells of alcohol.」

「Oh shut up, if you say that, the whole house is the same.」

「I thought so, but I kept quiet….」

「Well then, wouldn’t it be better if you keep silent about that too.」

「But, this old rag is stinky, of course I would change.」

「….Oh well then.」

「Master, could you turn around?」

Miria was asking Rolf while tilting her head.

Rolf who came back to the sofa, obediently following her instruction.

「….Normally. is there any slave ordering their master like that?」

「Who could say. Unfortunately, I have little experience as a slave.」

Rolf didn’t know which one was the slave here.

Rolf sighed.

The noise of rustling clothes behind Rolf was made him uneasy.

「….Why did you become a slave.」

Being asked that, Miria’s hand stopped changing her clothes.

The silence continued for a while.

Crackling, the firewood’s sound from the fireplace sounded.

「My sister passed away, but my family got so much money.」

「….The reward from sealing the Evil Dragon huh?」

That was something even Rolf got from the kingdom.

He got some money which he used to live a laid back life ever since.

「But I’m not as strong as my older sister, I started being targeted by those thieves who knew that we had a lot of money. For some time, I was able to escape them, but in the end, I got caught, all the money being robbed, and eventually sold to the black market as a non-regular slave. That was approximately 3 months ago.」

「That was …. a disaster.」

「…. Being alive is still better, I couldn’t do anything if I died」

Those were painful words.

Swordsman Nola has already died.

It was because Rolf didn’t have enough strength.

「I was protecting the house, believing my older sister would come back, but for me, I don’t have that kind of power. That’s why now, I am a slave in this place.」

「….When we were traveling, Nora often told us stories about you.」

「I guess so, my big sister was a bit overprotective.」


「You may, turn to this side.」

Miria was checking the shirt that Rolf gave.

「It’s too large.」

She said that with a smile.

It seems that hatred from not too long ago, has been changed suddenly.

「You’re a strange woman. You have grudge against me, don’t you?」

「Of course. However, keeping the flames of hatred burning, will give me nothing. Such an inefficient way of doing things won’t fulfill my revenge.
That’s why I tried to change my attitude.」

Miria said that while she seemed to emit a black eerie aura (something like emitting killing intent).

Exactly what the word said.

If Miria just concerning herself with hatred, in anyplace and anywhere, the best she could do is kill or be killed.

For now, she’s just a helpless slave.

「No matter how strong your flame of hatred is, that flame will fade over time.
If so, that kind of development is not bad at all. That’s why, I kept it deep inside my heart.
I polish a knife named hatred, I polish, sharpen, and strengthen the knife.」

「….I don’t think that is a good hobby.」

「Hee, we’re …. the same (engulfed with hatred), master?」

「….I’m, not as complicated as you.」

While looking at his own feelings, he frowned, shrugging his shoulder.

Rolf has the same hatred towards the Evil Dragon, who took the lives of his two friends.

That’s why he was accepting Miria’s request.

Miria is a slave, and Rolf is the master who bought her.

Even though he didn’t have a single reason to accept her wish in such a situation.

–At that time.

After losing Nora and Bertram, sealing the Evil Dragon was the only choice.

If such a monster is annihilated for good this time, then–

「–I only thought that it was worth trying.」

Rolf was saying with uninterested tone and face.

There still also one other reason for Rolf to train Miria, but that reason was not told to Miria.

「By the way, does it suits me?」

A beautiful girl said that while wearing a big white shirt.

Rather than “Wearing clothes”, “Wearing Dress” was giving the right impression.

Over half of her arms are covered by the sleeves and the shirt length covering up to her thigh without wearing any pants.

Rolf is slim, but he’s rather tall.

That kind of Rolf’s clothes were put on small Miria, it couldn’t be helped.

「It does suits you, and not.」

「It’s a terrible excuse, master.」

「They’re the only decent clothes available here.」

While saying that, Rolf was planning for tomorrow.

He was thinking to buy Miria a new set of underwear and clothes for the time being.

Living supplies for her are necessary, taking care of slave is sure a hard work.

–Slave, huh.

Rolf thought after looking at Miria, who was pulling her shirt.

The reason why he bought Miria at first was because she’s the little sister of his former comrade, but now the reason seems to have changed.

–In short, there’s no reason to leave Miria as a slave.


Miria was making sure of her clothes from top to bottom, and made a perfect rotation.

The white thigh seems to be the limit for view, various things are dangerous.

「What is it?」

Rolf was beckoning to Mria, she tilt her head while obediently move closer to him.

Rolf reached the iron collar that was attached to her neck.

「Hiya….!? Eh, what….!? It tickles….!」

「Endure it a little.」

Rolf was gathering magical power from inside his body, he used 「Strengthening」magic.

Rolf right hand’s muscle power increased tremendously, he crushed Miria’s collar with his hand.


Clank, the sound of broken collar falls off to the ground.

Miria opened her eyes, she was surprised after what has happened

The iron collar showed 「It’s someone’s possession」.

That is the proof of being a slave.

Destroying it was the same as releasing Miria from slavery.

「….Is it okay?」

「There’s no reason to treat you as a slave,You have just become my disciple.」

「Even if you release me from slavery, you still need to take care of me.
Are you okay with that?」

「I understand, you’re noisy.
….Why do you need to tell me.」

I’m, not a slave anymore.」

「You were sold on the black market, I didn’t think you as a slave, to begin with …. change the way you call me.」

「….Umm, I like it, the way it is. You look like a master in many way.」

「What’s that …. Really troublesome, do as you wish.」

Rolf was amazed and shrugged his shoulder.

「Leaving that aside….」

Rolf suddenly grab both of Miria’s shoulder, and turn her backward.

Because of the sudden touch from Rolf, Miria was slightly tense and gripped her hand.

「….Etto, what will you do?」

「If you really want to be released from slavery, I need to erase the slave crest.」

While saying that lightly, Rolf lift Miria’s white shirt.

「Waii….. Master !?」

Her immature body was exposed naked, Miria started to panic.

However, she immediately realized the meaning behind Rolf’s words, she stood still while her face reddened to her ears.

–To erase slave crest, Rolf said.

「…. The meaning of turning backward when I was changing before is ….」

「It’s still better than being seen from the front.」

「Is that a problem ….?」

「Absolute Obedience」was engraved on the slave’s back, it’s a conditional spell.

The slave won’t be able to cancel the crest is a matter of course, even for High level magician, it’s still hard for them to cancel the crest.

However, Miria was sold at the black market, more likely that her slave crest was engraved illegally by magician that was associated with the black market.

If that slave crest was not carved by the great magician from the kingdom, then–

「–Alright, I can release this one.」

As expected, Miria’s slave crest was roughly carved, and for Rolf who was one of the four heroes, it could easily be released.

Rolf slowly traced the pattern of the magical crest (like burn scar) on Miria’s back with his finger while applying some pressure.

Each time Rolf’s index finger touched Miria’s back, she let out seductive voice such as “Hiya…”, “Ahn…”, “Hnn…”.

「….Don’t make strange noises.」

「Bu… but hnn…!」

Rolf released a weak magical power from his finger and traced the pattern of the slave crest on her back.

That ticklish sensation hit Miria, she was surprised.

Miria’s face turned red as she took a breath, but it took a bit longer to analyze the spell.

He couldn’t afford to stop here.

「Analysis done, all that’s left is to perform the release of the spell.」

As soon as Rolf parted his hand from Miria’s shoulder, she collapsed onto the nearby bed.

「Haa…. ha ……!」She still breathed heavily.

She collapsed on the bed while being unaware that the back of her shirt was still rolled up, from the shadow of her delicate back, her chest that was slightly protruded could be seen.

In contrast with her lovely slender body, she seems to have the size in certain area.

She was in contrast with her big sister Nora for certain.

「I, a person who will purify your curse.」

He changed his cognition with a simple chant.

He started to build up magical power inside his body, intervening the law of nature.
That is, a skill called “Magic”.

Intervening with the laws of nature, the transmission of magical power through self suggestion.

To rewrite the law of nature based on one’s cognition, that is magic.

Immediately after Rolf murmured.

The slave crest on Miria’s back was glowing, and slowly disappeared.

–With this, Miria was released from slavery for sure.

Miria originally was not a slave, so Rolf thought it was better to return her to her former state.

With a face as if she was enduring something, Miria bowed her head.

「Th….Thank you very much….!」

「It’s not a big deal.
It’s the power of a magician, you know.」

Especially, since Rolf has experience handling something similar to a “Curse” before, which is not common knowledge for ordinary magicians.

It was something he learnt from a magician, who was called a witch.

That’s why it was so easy to perform.

「Well now….」

After doing lots of things, it was already late night.

It will be morning in a few hours.

Rolf was staring at Miria who was already sleepy.

「It’s about time, for you to take a bath.
Tomorrow is your physical training.」

「…. I understand.
Or rather, there’s a bath too.」

「I bought a well built house using the money earned from the kingdom.
It was originally a place where a somewhat-large-merchant lived.
The room was smaller than I thought, but the bath is satisfying.」

「The room is small, simply because it’s cluttered….」

「Never mind that and just take your bath.」

Needless to say, Miria’s body, which was a slave is far from clean.

Rolf was teaching Miria how to use magic tool such as “Shower”, by simply charging the water manastone with magic.

Although it’s a luxury item, Rolf gave permission for Miria to use the soap.
There’s still some Money remaining.

Rolf thought about buying some soap again later.

–Rolf threw Miria into the bath while thinking about that.

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