Former Hero Adventurer Chapter 3




TL: Chinozuku
ED: FrozenInk
PR: TheReaper999

「Master …. is like a beast….」

「I haven’t done anything yet.」

Miria was wrapped under the blanket of the bed, lamenting about something.

While wearing the oversized white shirt, she sat on the floor grasping her knees, glaring at Rolf.

「Although you have looked too much at my body….」

「Don’t make me looks like a bad person! I was just going to charge the magical power of the manastone which I thought would run out.」

It’s true that Rolf saw Miria naked.

He swore that he didn’t stare at her body, but the law of nature was too strong (TL: he’s a man after all)

「I certainly called master to the shower, but wouldn’t it be better if you wait for me to put something on?」

「I get it, I get it.
I’m sorry….」

「I’m sorry, big sister.
I, have been soiled by master….」

「…. To tell you the truth, I was just hoping to clean myself at the bath.」

Rolf looked at something distant, while wiping his wet hair.

Rolf took a shower after Miria was done.

「Here, come over here.」

「What is it?」

「Never mind that.」

「Do you plan to make me naked again ….?」

「What do you think of me ?」

「A master who has special propensity to children (a lolicon).」

「It seems that my disciple turns out to be a strange person….?」

「There’s no such thing.
I will always be beside you, my master.」

Miria came close to Rolf with a forced smile.

Rolf put his hand on Miria’s head and started to wipe Miria’s hair dry .


「You have cleaned yourself, make sure to properly make your hair.」

Rolf wiped Miria’s hair properly, and then threw the towel into the basket.

「Oh wind, along with the warmth of human skin.」

He activated wind magic with a simple chant.

Rolf released some hot air from his palm and dried Miria’s silver hair.

Miria was dumbfounded and kept silent.

「…. Even so.」


「To make me a disciple, it wasn’t just a lie, right?」

「That is my intention.」

「If so, then why do you take care of me ….?」

「…. Unlike me, you have a cute face, it would be a waste if it not properly taken care of.」

「…….. Cute.
Am I, cute?」(TL: yes you are XD)

Miria somehow said that quietly while Rolf was combing her hair.



That silver hair, really looks like Nora’s.

「….No, nothing.」

Rolf shook his head, he sighed at himself.

「Okay, this is good.」

「…. Thank you, master.」

After becoming a personal groomer for Miria, Rolf threw himself onto the bed, tired.

As the winter came closer, the air was getting cold, Rolf leaving the fireplace burning as it was, and was ready to close his eyes.

「A, ano…. Master.」

「What is it? I’m sleepy.」

「Where am I supposed to rest…. ?」

「Hmm? Ah, you’re right ….」

Rolf was looking around the room, and finally pounded the empty side of the bed near him silently.

「Somehow I feel that it was coming to that ….」

「There’s no other place to sleep.
The sofa reeks of alcohol.」

「For me to mind sleeping together after being seen naked now….. I will excuse myself.」

「Don’t just come in.」

「Are, could it be, I’m that dense….?」

「Never mind that, just sleep.」

The bed is fluffy, it feels nice…..」

His back was touching against Miria’s, he could feel the warmth. A sweet scent drifting from his side, and slowly, his consciousness drowned into the darkness.


The next morning.

Gentle sunlight entered the room through the window, and a comfortable warmth was wrapping Rolf.

A nice smell came from the kitchen stimulating his hunger, Rolf slowly regained his consciousness.

「…. Fuaaaa」

While giving a big yawn, Rolf started to rise.

Setting aside the blanket on his belly, Rolf rubbed his blurry eyes.

The girl who was supposed to be asleep beside Rolf was already gone.


While Rolf was looking around to look for Miria, he saw the room, which had stuff scattered all around before, had been beautifully cleaned.

The pile of books and numerous bottles of alcohol on the floor were already gone, the books were already properly stacked on the shelf.

The mountain of garbage and the rubbish had already been cleaned.

「….Hey hey, what’s wrong with this.」

Rolf rose from the bed while scratching his head.

Moving to the kitchen, Rolf saw Miria wearing a bland white shirt from behind.

Hearing Rolf’s voice, Miria turned around.

「Good morning, master.」


「I cleaned the room without permission, is that okay?」

「Even if I say no, I can’t do anything now.」

「…. Could it be, I have caused you trouble?」

「I don’t really blame you.
…. Well umm, thank you.」

Rolf was averting his gaze while saying that, Miria nodded with a smile.

「I’m happy if I can be helpful.」

「….However, why did you do something so troublesome like cleaning? I don’t think you’re obligated to do that.」

「To be able to become master’s disciple, please allow me to take a personal care about you.」

Miria said politely, Rolf responded with “I see”.

「I get the reason now.」

「…. Ah, not really, it’s simply because living in a cluttered room is a ‘no’ for me….」

「… Ah, I see.」

Being told like that by Miria, somewhat I feel sorry for Rolf.

「Aa, eto …. I made breakfast, if you like it, please have some.」

— She changed the subject.

Rolf dropped his shoulders in disappointment, he sat on a chair from well arranged wooden chairs circling a square wooden table.

In front of Rolf, Miria was lining up the dishes with a forced smile.

「…. I used the ingredients without permission, is that okay?」

「Don’t worry about it.
Use as much as you want.
I still have a lot of money.」

「There were a lot of rotten ingredients…..」

「…. Sorry.」

Rolf was looking away with a disheartened expression, Miria was giggling.

–A girl with such a smiling face, just last night, had eyes that were full of hatred.

That suddenly, put Rolf’s mind at an uneasy state.

However, those eyes which were full of hatred was fascinating to Rolf.

Not as an opposite gender, but something similar as “Empathy” for a person with the same desire for revenge.

「…. Is there something wrong?」

Miria was tilting her head in curiosity, wondering.

Rolf returned to his sense, and started to lay his hand on the dishes in front of him.

「…. Where’s your share?」

Rolf noticed that the dishes was only for his share.

「…. A, eto, I think it would be bad for a slave to eat together with their master.」

「You’re no longer a slave.」

Rolf said that, Miria opened her mouth saying “….aa”, and started to smile.

It seems it was just a matter of unconscious habit rather than having forgotten.

「….. That’s right.
You were a slave from three months ago, it’s just instinctive.」

「You were sold illegally.
Those guys who sold you as a slave were truly criminals.
‘Don’t mind it’, would be hard to say.」

「No, it’s okay.
It’s true that the food and the sanitary conditions were awful, but I didn’t get hurt much.」

While saying that, Miria was preparing her own meal on the table.

Rolf hasn’t started eating, he was waiting for Miria to finish preparing her meal.

「Perhaps as a virgin sex slave, you could be sold for a high price, that’s why your body wasn’t even scratched.
Nora and you have a good face and figure.
That’s why you were so expensive.」

「…. Is that so.」

Miria answered ambiguously, averting her eyes with a slightly red face.

Looking at this innocent girl, it seems those illegal slavery businessmen didn’t treat her that badly, she had no trauma, which is the best.

「…. In addition.」

After offering a prayer before eating, Miria said with a flat tone and expression that has never seen before.

It was so sudden, the atmosphere changed.

「My hatred is towards the Evil Dragon, who had taken my big sister, and you, who had let the Evil Dragon alive.
It’s such a waste to harbor hatred toward those kind of guys.」

Those were words colder than ice.

And then, Rolf laughed a little.

It seems that her resentment hasn’t disappear.

「…. For now, can I eat?」

Let’s eat.」

Miria’s expression changed to the exact opposite, she said that to Rolf with a smile.

Rolf didn’t have anything to say.

That’s why, he raised a prayer before meal for the grace of the earth quietly.

In front of Rolf, a steam from Pot-au-feu was floating, there were also sandwich with ham and lettuce.

「…. This is, really delicious.」

A gentle taste of saltiness in the morning, soaking the empty belly.

Rolf silently continued eating Miria’s cooking.


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