Former Hero Adventurer Chapter 4


In a Crowd


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ED: FrozenInk

Even though he looked like that, Rolf is still a famous adventurer.

No, it could be said, “Was Famous”.

He sealed the Evil Dragon a year ago, but now, he’s just an unemployed person.

However, he had enough savings to live for decades even without working.

In the past, Rolf doesn’t need his four heroes companion to stand out, his own skills were astounding, he had no fail records on completing requests as an adventurer.

In other words, the income was originally large, if added with the reward for sealing the Evil Dragon, you will have the money as much as a noble there.

「The weather is good.」

Opening the front door, Miria went outside first, and turned around with a smile.

By the way, she wore a thick coat over her oversized shirts.

It would be dangerous in various way if she went outside while wearing only those shirts.

Although she already wore the coat, but her glossy legs could still be seen. It was inevitable since it was the only decent clothes he has.

By the way, the shoes size was a problem, so she wore sandals.

Although it made a clip-clop sound, at least, it was a good substitute for today.


「…. Aaa,
Let’s buy some clothes quick.」

After eating Miria’s cooking, the two of them decided to go to the market.

Rolf was wearing a simple and plain colored clothing, he brought an unrefined sword with him.

「Master, how about you buying some cool clothes?」

「I’m ok with this.」

「….Even though master is basically good looking, it’s such a waste.」

「What are you planning?」

「It was a compliment…., if you could fix that bed hair.」

「You serious?
Even though I soaked it with water.」

「I think because of that you’re not popular with girls ?」

「Oh shut up…. Then, what? If I could fix my bed hair, will I be popular?」

「Master, if you could fix that bed hair, wearing cool clothes, do something about those dead eyes, and being reborn, you probably could be popular with girls.」

「You could fix that before being reborn?」

「…. Tch, he realized.」

「This disciple.
You won’t agitate me….」

Locking the door, Rolf was walking idly in the alleyway.

Because he stayed late yesterday, today was almost noon.

Miria was sticking closely to Rolf’s back.

「…. What’s the matter? I don’t think you have a scared personality.」

Being told like that by Rolf, Miria was puffing her cheeks in response.

「…. What do you think of me, master?」

「A demon of revenge?」

「I won’t deny that, but please don’t forget, I’m still a girl.」

Being told like that by Miria with scornful eyes, Rolf turn his face away while exhaling.

「Aside from that, is there a reason why you strangely stick to me from a while ago?」

「…. Simply put, if I get lost, I can’t help it.
I don’t know about this area at all and the locality. 」

「…. Sheesh, but if you stick to me like that, I can’t walk properly.」

「If so, what should I do?」


Rolf casually offered his hand to Miria.

「…. What does this mean?」

「What? We’re holding hands so we you won’t get lost right.」

「….That’s right, but….」

「Be patient with my hand’s sweat.
Well, it’s okay if you don’t want to.」

「To be honest, I hate it but.」

「Shut up.」

「…….. Then, why do you ask?
Please excuse me.」

Being stared with Miria’s scornful eyes, Rolf let out a wry smile.

Miria’s slender and smooth fingers, entwined with Rolf’s fingers.

「You’re an exaggerating person.」

While walking with such conversation, they finally arrived at the main street.

Here is the remote city which is located at the border of the kingdom, but it’s the most prosperous neighborhood around here.

It become the main street near the capital of such city, it’s an active place, noises from people could be heard.

「There are so many people.」

「Of course it is.
Well then, where is the tailor….」

「I’m fine with old clothes.」

「I have a lot of money so don’t worry about it.
Beside, buying a new clothes will last longer.」

Rolf was walking in the crowd while saying that.

Miria hang her head with an apologetic expression while holding his hands.

「…. It’s surprising.」

「About what」

「About you being the little sister of that Nora.
You sure have lived together right?」

「That’s right, until her departure to subjugate the Evil Dragon…., one year ago.」

「…. She should have received a massive amount of money from the kingdom.
Even when wearing new clothes from the tailor, I still feel like you live a poor life.」

「Indeed. There was no one to rely on when the village was burnt down by the Evil Dragon to the point when food was hard, but when onee-chan joined the order of chivalry and by the time she took the title of ‘Master Swordsman’, we already have a lot of money.
I was working at a bar at first, but after that I only do housekeeping.」

Miria was talking to Rolf with half opened eyes, remembering the past.

「But having escaped from poverty, onee-chan, never bought expensive things.
That’s why we have a lot of money, and sometimes we were donating to an orphanage.」

She certainly is stingy. Even though she’s rich.」

「Do you understand?」

Miria let out a smile with a hand covering her mouth.

「….Well, that’s why I don’t buy many new clothes.
Beside, I have been living as a slave for the past three months.」

「…. You were targeted by the rogues because of the reward from the kingdom.
But, how did they know that Miria has the reward?… It shouldn’t have been officially announced. Me too, I never heard of someone getting the reward other than me and Elsa.」

Rolf inquiring while hesitating.

「It was simply my carelessness.」

Miria somewhat troubled, she let out a lonely, wry smile.

「On that day, even though the four heroes could only sealed the Evil Dragon, I was trembling with joy.」


「And then when I heard an information that Elsa Reichvine was the only one that returned to the kingdom, I immediately entered the depths of despair.」

The strongest monster on earth, the Evil Dragon, was sealed at that sacred mountain, and then, only Rolf and Elsa survived.

Rolf, who was not in a good mental state, plus not in physically moveable, he disappeared from the stage, and only Elsa, who gave the report to the kingdom.

–The sealing of the Evil Dragon was a success.

However, Nora and Bertram were KIA.

Later on, Rolf received the reward from the kingdom through Elsa.

At that time, Elsa did not talking about neither Nora nor Bertram’s reward.

If there is, there was no doubt, that they, at least, would make an official announcement.

Miria was just a commoner.

She had no strength like Nora.

If such a young girl had a lot of money, and that truth was spread, even the king would understand that she would only be the victim of a crime.

That’s why, he handed it quietly.

The current king owns a personality of strong sense of duty.

Even if the subject has passed away, he was not an ungrateful person.

At least for Nora’s cherished little sister, he tried to return the gratitude.

— As a result, it headed to the wrong direction.

「I couldn’t accept the reality that onee-chan has died, my mind went blank.」

Miria said.

Every single words from Miria cuts Rolf’s heart.

「The messenger from the king handed me onee-chan’s reward, I said grateful words, but at the same time, I couldn’t believe because I feel that it was not real.
I was wondering where do I live even now.
While thought so, I kept waiting and preparing to welcome her home.
I didn’t want to admit it, I spent everyday like that.」

Miria kept on talking while not knowing Rolf’s mental state.

「….But, after half a year, onee-chan’s sword arrived.」

Nora’s sword.

That was the most valuable things for her
It was not because the sword was a famous sword.

Simply put, it was like a partner supporting yourself.

As her nickname as a master swordsman, her sword skill had no match.

That’s why Nora never let her sword go, and if she had free time, she would swing her sword.
Nora’s sword, reached Miria.

–That was, the best proof that she had died.

「I reached the limit to escape from reality.
I was just running while crying frantically, I don’t know where I was going, heading to the alley, going deeper and deeper, when I realized, I was already lost in the slums.」

Nora should have a house in the kingdom.

That means at that time, Miria should have lived in the kingdom.

Even the livelihood of the kingdom, the closer you get to the outer wall of the kingdom, the more visibly poor it looks and the security gets worse.

Especially a place called slums, the capital guards have given up, it was a place full of criminals.

「There was no energy left to find a way home, and night has come before I realized, I was wandering aimlessly in the labyrinth-like slums.
I know it was dangerous, but I don’t mind even if I die.」

If a helpless girl was wandering alone, it would be a good prey.

「I was wondering and got attacked by a group of people, they were looking at the money I brought unnaturally.
At that time, only money that was stolen but…., after that they were looking for information about me.
They were investigating about me and found out that I was the little sister of Saint Nora, they came at night to the house.
Then, all the money was robbed.」

「….Then, you fell into that slave trader’s hand.」

Well, I guess they treated me carefully …. It was nice to be there though.
Except for the clothes.」

「…. There was tendency to take care of merchandise in order to secure a good selling price, so their hand’s methods were fairly ok, because it would be over if they brought someone’s anger and sold their information. Nonetheless, it was only a tendency ….. fools were everywhere. I was lucky.」

Rolf’s eyes were half opened, he showed a terrible expression.

At such Rolf, Miria was fixing her holding hands, she asked Rolf.

「…. After sealing the Evil Dragon, what did master do after that?」

「That was something I would like to talk about.」

Rolf was pointing forward with his chin, while Miria was looking up at Rolf.

There was an old building made from stones.

They have walked quiet for a while, while they were deep in talk.

「It seems we have reached our destination.
I’ll tell you next time.」

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