Godly Alchemist Chapter 2


The Interest Of The Examiner


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The barn accident has caused this year’s bumper harvest festival to fizzle out. It seems that in the memory of residents in Shuguang Town, they haven’t had a good harvest festival in a long time. Even though they haven’t lived in peace for a long time.

This year, they can endure until Lei En, who is fourteen years old, is old enough to enroll for the Imperial College.

In any case, they must send this evil star off. This idea is probably the wish of all the residents in Shuguang town at this moment.

Although the harvest festival was drizzled out, the Imperial College’s examination for the warlock apprentices must not fail.

Within the street a middle age imperial officer with twenty fully armed imperial battalions, under their “security”. they guard all the residents with an “eager to look forward to” expression, though their grievance towards Lei En causes them to lower their heads as they walked in the main street leading to temple plaza.

“Uncle Bei Lu… I really didn’t mean it. I just wanted to kill the rats in the barn.”

Lei En said towards the middle-aged officer walking beside him.


“Uncle Bei Lu… All I say is true… I really didn’t have any ill intent”

“That’s enough Lei En”!”I know you are not malicious! All the people in the town know that you are not malicious!”

“If you were being intentional, even if you are the only descendant of the Majiatisi Clan, you would have been hanged countless times.”

“Uncle Bei Lu…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to listen to you again! and I’m telling you, in a moment you’re going to face an Imperial Academy instructor.”

Unexpectedly, Bei Lu made an extremely frightening expression, and solemnly stated: “They are all ruthless executioners! Executioners! You’d better be honest! ”

“Ah!Executioner…”Then can I not go to Imperial College to study…. Kasier of the QingWei Clan, has alway dreamed of going to Imperial College? Such a precious opportunity was given away to him.”

“In addition…….He is also a nobleman; surely he won’t lose face.”

“No way! You are the descendant of the Majiatisi Clan! You are the descendant of a hero! The Imperial College has been waiting for you for many years! If you don’t go, those executioners will think that our town doesn’t put the Imperial College in their eye. Later on, in the future they will try to bring us trouble! Don’t tell me that you don’t think those executioners won’t find this small town residents troublesome?”

Rennes who was listening to Bei Lu’s threat , kept shaking his head and said,
“I certainly don’t want those executioners to come to the trouble of finding town residents, who are people I love…..”


“No, no! Remember! You are the descendant of the Majiatisi Clan! It’s the honor of Shuguang town. It is your duty to protect the townspeople.”

Understood Bei Lu doesn’t want Lei En to talk. Instead, he interrupted him, even lying to him enthusiastically.

At the moment, Bei Lu even feels that he should not be an imperial officer. He should be a speaker or a theater actor.

At the viewing platform on the Temple plaza, the Grand elders of Shuguang Town are anxiously looking out onto the street for fear of any flaws. And sitting beside him was a examiner at the Imperial Academy named Fei Luo. A high ranking warlock known for Curse spell.

In the Shenji continent, there is a special kind of power called magic, and all those who possess magical power are called warlocks. The sorcerers, the witchcraft, the mantra, and so on

Each branch is divided from low to high, warlock apprentice, probationary warlock, warlocks, higher-level warlocks, warlock mentors. And warlock spirits are divided into six grades, each with a total of ten phases.

According to legend, the Emperor Alubo who created the Alubo Empire was actually a spirit . In addition, according to legend there is also the existence of a transcendent spirit. However, transcendent spirits exist only in records of ancient books. In reality no one has ever seen it.

Now the princess of Manda Aluba is the most powerful force in the Empire. She is a seventh – order warlock tutor of somersault. Not only is she the support of the Empire, but she is also a well-known figure of the Shenji continent.

Fei Luo looked at the uncertain looking elders, who seemed somewhat unwell. He found a topic to talk to the elders.

“Grand Elders, I have just heard that something unexpected happened in the town. ”

“Ah yes… Ah no! There is nothing …Ah… It’s just a little accident… Yes… Little accident… ” ”

After hearing the elders’ incoherent answers, Fei Luo could not decide whether to laugh or not. But he understood these elders very well.

Fei Luo, who has been a examiner for a few years understands. What does the selection of Imperial College mean to those nobles? Especially to small places like Shuguang Town, every year is not for the sake of quota. It is hard for these elders to press down those nobles of the town.

Therefore,at the performance of the elders, Fei Luo wasn’t a bit surprised and seemed to have some sympathy.

While Fei Luo and the elders simply talked with a few words. Then a group of people suddenly appeared at the corner of the road. The officer who walked in the front seemed to be an imperial officer and beside him seems a child, behind them, the twenty fully armed officers and hundreds of townspeople.

Fei Luo could not help but suck a breath of cold air. There was such a noble aristocrat in this Shuguang town. It was last year when he was an examiner in a big city like Silver Eagle City. Fei Luo had never seen anything like this and put on aristocratic airs. Taking a long look at the elders around, seems to be that even if they are fed up, they are still quite proud of him.

There was a hint of displeasure on Fei Luo’s face, in a mocking tone he said to the elders around him: “Is this grand ceremony a unique local custom for elders?”

The elder who heard to Fei Luo’s words, could not help but quiver. He understood that Fei Luo was misunderstood. He mistakenly thought that Lei En was the child of a great aristocracy, there was a brilliant spectrum of power there.

Looking at Fei Luo’s cold face, the elders’ heart became more anxious. If they fail to send away Lei En, who is a demon personifying pestilence of their displeasure, how will they face the people of the whole town?

The elders hurriedly explained to Fei Luo all the matters involving Lei En and the Majiatisi Clan.

Of course, there are a lot of elder’s own creations, such as how Lei En is a rare peerless genius, etc. The most important thing is that the town has never been in such trouble for so many years. This is the focus that the elders repeatedly emphasized.

For such aristocrats like the Majiatisi Clan, Fei Luo admired them from the heart. After listening to the elders’ explanation, his interest in then the young baron who was named Lei En was piqued.

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