Kein Chapter 10

What on earth are you thinking!

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Sephilia’s sudden confession almost made Anastrea passed out, but thanks to Sephilia’s recovery magic and Maya’s support magic, Anastrea regained her consciousness.

As soon as she regained her consciousness, she was starting to shout.

「Se…sephilia! What are you thinking!?」

「I will pledge to Kein-sama.」

「What on earth is that? I told you to watch him secretly until he become strong, and invite him into our party. What pledge!?」

「Well, well, Ana-hime, calm down! Even if you say that for the whole day, Sephilia won’t understand.」

「Kein-sama is my destiny…….」

「Your destiny! Wh..wh…what do you mean!?」

「Please calm down a little, Ana-hime! Don’t just talk without thinking.」

Maya was listening to Sephilia’s circumstances while strangling Anastrea’s hands.

After being resurrected once, chief God Odia told Sephilia to「Find a destined partner to dedicate yourself.」to make use of the saint pledge.

According to Sephilia, her pledge partner has been decided, and that was Kein.

「Ah… I see, that wasn’t a love confession. I’m relieved.」

Anastrea has been calmed down, but this time, Maya was amazed.

「Wait a moment. The saint pledge you said before, could it be ‘that’ saint pledge?」


Sephilia happily nod.

「And then, that ossan?」


Sephilia nod with a drowsy face.

「That useless guy! Once in a lifetime pledge, and that was for a D-ranked, ossan adventurer!?」

The saint pledge was a legend of the Austria Kingdom. Saint Maria devoting herself for King Hector to defeat the Evil Dragon.

It was a legendary ritual that often appeared on the history.

It was a ceremony to connect the hero’s soul, powering them up greatly, but that ceremony could only be done once in a lifetime.

If Sephilia could do that, then of course it should be for Anastrea, the strongest swordsman of the Kingdom of Austria, not for Kein. (TL: Pfft, that cheat-like power is not for you my lady)

「I also thought that I will do that for Ana, but I think it’s not power that necessary to overcome evil, but a good heart. Rather than for Anastrea the hero, it should be for Kein.」

While crossing her arms to support her massive breasts , Sephilia spoke her intention clearly.

「What’s so good about him, he’s just an ossan. Even if you’re powering him up, nothing will happen!」

「My my, why not.」

Anastrea somewhat showing her generosity.

「No, it’s a problem! If Sephilia could do the pledge, what should we do without strengthening Anastrea-hime. If some formidable enemies appeared, what can we do, it’s not a joke!」

As usual, Maya the witch was imagining something unexpected due to that airhead princess.

Only this won’t be a joke.

「Kein will become a swordsman stronger than me soon, so it’s natural to power him up.」  

「I will….give it to Kein.」

The two of them were saying that Kein would become stronger with such confidence.

「Are you stupid!? You guys are 100% idiot.」

They were hopeless. That airhead princess suddenly agreed to what Sephilia has said, Maya was speechless.

The saint pledge was a trump card that should be used to save the country, and it would be used like this.

If careless, it will cause the kingdom to perish.

Maya who felt a sense of danger, told Sephilia not to come to Kein alone.

She could somehow be persuaded due to Anastrea cooperation, even though she said something that could not be understand like, 「Don’t steal a start.」

Maya was having a hard time handling her party.

「Why does it have to be like this?.」

Maya sighed deeply

A group of the most beautiful girls in this country, sometimes they solved an incident with their brilliant talent, they were enjoying a cup of tea ellegantly, but how could they ended up like this.

「But I guess it’s better to have that ossan in our party.」

Maya didn’t really care anymore, whether Kein is an adventurer or not, she just want a person with common sense in her party.

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