Kein Chapter 11

Ambush in the mountain path

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Beans

Kein thought there was something that he could do for the church.

In the end, what Kein could do is gathering medicinal herb at the Mt. Kuko.

Even today, Kein was sweeping and cleaning a small wayside shrine of the mountain God.

It was certainly due to God’s help that the church was saved.

「I was told to that I protected everyone, but it was thanks to the God.」

Kein was decorating the cleaned mountain God’s shrine with precious treasure from the children, such as windmills.

After decorating using a beautiful crown of flowers and a windmill, Kein felt refreshed.

「Mountain God, please look after the children.」

While thinking of how powerless he was, the only thing he could do was praying with all his everything, asking for help from the God.

Kein was running through the mountain to collect medical herb which was the material for potion.


Suddenly, a mithril armor was dropped on the mountain road.

「Do you want to wear it?」

Before, it was a sword, and now it was an armor.

Kein believed that up until now, it was someone’s doing.

Kein was thinking to brought them to the guild, but then he remembered the time with the sword, so he decided to wear them.

Along with the mithril sword, the armor was as light as a feather.


As soon as he put the mithril armor on, an arrow flew toward his location.

The mithril armor perfectly deflecting the arrow. (TL: his highest stat is luck, while his other status are below avg)

「Tch, I missed.」

As Kazu missed his shot, Jinx appeared from the bushes holding an axe.

「You bastard, what are you doing!」

「Hahaha, what shall I do!」

Jinx laughed while holding a battle axe, and he slashed Kein!

「You’re good.」

Kein managed to avoid the attack, but his arm was cut shallowly.

「Kein, you’re really a soft-hearted idiot. We have done everything up until now, don’t you understand!?」

Kazu shouted while reloading his bow.

「Are you going to kill your fellow adventurer!?」

An adventurer was attacking an adventurer.

Only this alone, should never be done.

But, that was not the case for bandits.

「Hahaha, you finally understand!」

「You 『Twin-headed Snake』 has fallen too far!」

While entering the forest and going through the mountain path to escape, Kein screamed.

「Up until now, I have been lip servicing. Kein, I despise you from the very beginning!」

Kazu was chasing Kein while holding the bow and arrows.

He really want to kill Kein.

「Damn it……」

While trying to escape Kein thought about what he had done wrong, he couldn’t help but screaming internally. (TL: you’re not going to die today, my friend)

If Kein could escape from here and told the adventurer guild, they would receive some penalty.

「Jinx, don’t let that bastard escaped. I will certainly kill him.」


Kazu, the C-Ranked adventurer was shooting arrows.

Jinx the punk was attacking using a battle axe.

Kein was driven to a desperate situation.

However, Kein knows every path of the mountain road.

And then, they arrived at the depth of the forest.

Kein wore a mithril armor, so even though an arrow hit his torso, the damage taken is minimal.

「Tch, it’s impossible to kill him using an arrow.」

Kein was at a geographical advantage, he knew every path of the mountain.

Kein thought that he could escaped at this rate but, suddenly he started to lose his focus and seems about to passed out, so he decided to take a rest in the shade of a big tree. (TL: ossan, remember your age)

「Fuhehehe, it should be taking its effect by now. Oi… Kein, do you remember my family name? It’s 『Twin-headed Snake』. The axe that has cut you, has been smeared with a special toxin. It’s hard to even walk.」

Jinx shouted to Kein as if he had triumphed, he explained the situation to Kein

「Damn it, is there any method to …」

Kein was searching his bag.

There was medicinal herb to treat a wound, but in such situation …. Oh, Kein found the gift from the Sister.

「The pain should be awful, so just come out already!」

Kein, drank the recovery potion from the Sister and was hiding behind a big tree. (TL: luck 999, other 10) (ED:Oh come on I feel like even 10 is a bit gracious)

It was impossible to escape from the two of them, so Kein was ready to stand up.

Hearing Jinx’s footsteps approached, Kein threw the Sky Potion into the bushes.

「Hahaha, there you are!」

Hearing the bushes sound, Jinx readied his axe.

Taking the chances, Kein jumped out and stabbed Jinx’s flank with the mithril sword.

Jinx underestimated his opponent, a D-ranked adventurer, who has been poisoned.

「Guah…. it’s impossible!」

Kein suddenly pulled out his sword from Jinx’s flank.

Immediately, Jinx’s blood was gushing out.

Impossible, me, a C-ranked adventurer, defeated by a D-ranked adventurer, a medical herb farmer.

Jinx collapsed and met his death.

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