Kein Chapter 12

Ruffian Kazu’s Last Moment

TL: Chinozuku
ED: “gentle man” Frozen ink
PR: Beans

「Tch, that Jinx. He was screwed, but with this, I can catch up. It won’t miss!」

Throwing his bow aside, Kazu pulled out the sword from his waist, and rushed forward without hesitation.


Kein yelled and threw a smoke ball made from wild garlic powder.

「Cough cough, garlic? Do you want me to taste it?」

Kein tried to escape while Kazu’s sight and sense of smell were disturbed, but Kazu easily chasing Kein.

Even if Kazu’s sense of sight and smell were disturbed, Kazu and Kein’s speed was on different level.

「Damn it!」

「Jinx is a child who just ranked up to C-rank. However, this Kazu is an expert C-ranked adventurer. Do you know what it means?」

「The ‘adventurer’ name isn’t for such a criminal like you!」

「That’s the word. I keep killing monsters and humans while you just collecting some medicinal herbs.」

Grasping his situation that he couldn’t escape, Kein readied his mithril sword.


「Kein, even though you have those muscles, you haven’t killed a human. You can’t kill me!」

Kein, who was solidified with mithril armor and a sharp mithril sword.
Meanwhile, Kazu who only wore a leather armor and using a dull sword, capable of pushing Kein back.

Interpersonal warfare was different from fighting monster.

There was too much different in battle experience between the two of them.

「Is it that good to kill a human?!」

「It is. The evidence is, I’m much stronger than a small fry like you, who is only capable of sweet talking! Let me give you a pleasant memory to take to the afterlife. I will show you the difference in rank between the two of us. I don’t use poison like Jinx. I will kill you fair and square with my overwhelming power!」

Being the same age as Kein, Kazu hated Kein unilaterally.

Despite being a low ranked adventurer, Kein received a request for medicinal herb gathering with a smile like a fool.

It seems Kein, a man with good intentions, a man who was being thanked by others, was denying his own path to follow the Shura path (an alternate Japanese term referring to one of the six realms of reincarnation), while being degrangeded as medicinal herb farmer.

Therefore, Kein was cherishing the orphanage children who were being targeted by Snakehead.

「Kazu! Why you!」

「What is good will !? What is good deed !? Your precious sister will also be soiled soon! Realize your powerlessness, Kein! A pathetic loser like you shall be killed miserably by me!」

Kazu, an expert C-ranked adventurer, had not only the ability to bark.

Kazu skillfully deflected every hit from Kein’s sharp sword, and waited for a timing to counterattack.

And above all, Kazu had the ability to kill people.

In term of killing, their difference was overwhelming.


Finally, it was Kein who was driven into the corner.

From above Kazu’s head, there was a large amount of stone downpour.

「Guh, what the heck is this!?」


It was just like the wrath of heaven.

Receiving an intense blow into his head, Kazu raised his arm to protect his head.

In that moment, Kein thrust his sword.

The sharp mithril sword penetrated Kazu’s leather armor and sunk deep into his chest. (TL: Congratulation, you have killed 2 human in a single day. Congrats my brudah, you have ranked up from adventurer to killer)

「A loser like you…., doing such thing to me…., I won’t forgive you…」

While vomiting blood, Kazu was thinking to give Kein one last stroke of his sword but.

Kazu’s raised arm was hit by the stone downpour (sfx: pang), and just like that, the sword was dropped and he met his death.

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