Kein Chapter 13

Kein’s New Sword Technique?

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Kein left the forest after he defeated Kazu and Jinx.

The Sword Princess Anastrea, who secretly watched the battle without any finesse, appeared.

The mythril armor Kein found was something that Anastrea placed there nonchalantly.

「The thing that fell on Kazu’s head was this thing? Huh, I wonder what it is?」

Anastrea picked up one of the black rock like objects, that seemed to have fallen in large quantities around Kazu’s corpse.

「This is a Rock Black-Pine tree seed, you know. Kids often plays with them, don’t you guys know about stone pine cones?」

The all-knowing witch Maya explained.

It’s commonly called a stone pine cone, because of its black colored and stone like hardness.

The end of the pine cones were so pointy that if it rained down on someone’s head, then it would be a pure torture.

But, it was thanks to these pinecones stone, that Kein was saved.

「I’ve never heard of something like the stone pinecones before.」

「Well, Ana-hime didn’t know about them, eh?」

Because she’s a growing up as a princess, then there was no helping it.

Unlike her companions, Maya, who’s the foster daughter of the Legendary Great Sage, experienced a normal childhood of playing on the mountains.

The Princess of the Grand Duke a.k.a the Sword Princess Anastrea and the Holy Maiden Sephilia, have always been holed up in the monastery, and had no experience of the outside world. With the exception when they spent a time as adventurers this past year.

Thanks to that, they didn’t have any common sense.

「I don’t care about that. But, did you make the pinecones fall with your magic, Maya?」

「No, just when I was thinking he needed help and was about to use my magic, the pine cones fell by themselves. Was it just an accident?… No, I don’t think so」

Of course, that’s if a coincidence happened one after another, anyone would think something is strange.

「I see, I understand now! This is Kein School’s sword technique!」 (TN: School as in the passed down style of combat )

「….About that, please tell me what kind of sword technique?」

「Kein has been running around the mountain, right?」


「He also used the strong smelling powder on the enemy, yes?」

「That was interesting.」

「So, I believe that the one who made the pine cones fell was also Kein.」

「You have got, to be kidding me!」

「Look, didn’t you notice it? By hitting the tree with a strong impact like that, and calculating the timing he planned it all, so that the pine cones would fall on the enemy’s head!」

「Still, it makes more sense to consider it an accident, you know…」

「Yes, it was such a wonderful sword technique that it used nature. If I train, perhaps I could do it too.」

「Welp, if a genius swordsman like you thinks it could’ve been done.」

「Secret Sword Technique, Falling Pine cone! Look, I did it!」

Anastrea hit the tree trunk, and after a delay, the pine cones rained down.

No wonder she’s called the Sword Princess, when she could do something just like that to explain, but you didn’t use a sword, you know? Why the heck are you calling it a secret sword technique!

Maya, who was tired because she had to retort on the sword princess’ act, looking at the top of the tree.

With the abundance of the pine cones growing on the tree, she thought that there was no way that it could rained down on the enemy with such convenient timing.

However, that middle-aged man, Kein, gained victory against a group of two persons who have higher stats than him.

Surely, there must be some reason behind this.

「Hey, what do you think Sephilia?」

Sephilia, who was still stifled by the tears (of being deeply touched) murmured,

「Mr. Kein is being protected by the warmth….」

「That’s again!」

Both of them, both of these strange girls all the same. I couldn’t associate with either of them anymore.

That’s what she wanted to say but, Maya the Witch couldn’t, because of her sad position as the leader of『 High Blooming Rose Maiden』.

「The only problem left is the timing…. Secret Sword Technique, Falling Pine cones!」

「Ana-hime, when will you stop playing? It’s time for us to go」

「Go? Where to?」

「Ain’t that obvious? Let’s just bring an end to all of this.」

Maya, who got tired of thinking said. The other two just smiled and nodded.

After the three of them left, with some lag time, the pine cones from the Rock Black-Pine Tree that Anastrea had hit fell, seeming to be endless.

It was the completion of Secret Sword Technique, Falling Pine cones.

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