Kein Chapter 14

Elena is Protecting Kein

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In the adventurer’s guild, the staff was starting to move in a hurry due to Kein, who came back to report to the guild.

In the reception room, Elena, the receptionist, who brought out tea, showed her frowned expression.

There’s one thing about the mithril armor that Kein picked up, she couldn’t make it so that he’d keep it.

Somehow, the usually kind Elena emitted a never seen before, heavy and tense atmosphere.

「Emm, did I do something bad?」

「No, that’s not true. This kind of report is an adventurer’s obligation. Kazu and Jynx of the『Twin-Headed Viper』 attacked you, right? Now the staffs are investigating it, but they’re not doubting your words as the victim.」

「I see.」

If Elena thought about Kein’s achievement to the guild so far, there’ll be nobody who would defend Kazu and Jynx due to the trouble they have made.

Upon hearing the news, there are also members of the staff who praised Kein–who wasn’t even rank C– won against the two of them.

However, Kein wasn’t even rejoicing even though he has been praised as so.

Although it was an act of self defense, he still felt guilty because he killed fellow adventurers.

He still couldn’t believe that he killed those two with his own hands.

His hands were trembling while holding a cup of tea, he couldn’t grip it properly.

He felt bitter because the guild served him tea, but there was also thankful feeling.

Of course, there was nothing wrong in what Kein did. It was something he was prepared when push comes to shove, after all.

Although, even if the enemy was a villain, the aftertaste (of killing them) was as bitter as a cheap tea.

He most likely won’t be able to sleep tonight.

「But as an individual myself, I’ve always wanted that Kazu and his companion(s) are killed, either by being attacked by monsters or some other reason.」

「Why? The adventurer’s guild could’ve just given the 『Twin-headed Viper』punishment (not just letting them died), right? 」

Because he thought that the guild wouldn’t just stay put against those who attacked their fellow adventurers, Kein complained.

「That’s not the problem!」


The angry Elena covered her face with her trembling hands.

「I’m sorry for raising my voice like that…. What I’m worried about is your well-being, Kein. Even before, there was already suspicions that 『Twin-headed Viper』was attacking fellow adventurers. However the Snakehead was so cunning that up until now they’ve managed to escape every single charges. Even this time too, they’ll just persist that it was the guild staff’s selfish accusation.」

「It means that, even though with this much evidence against them, you still can’t implicate the 『Twin-headed Viper』?」

「That’s correct. Even the adventurer’s guild doesn’t want to leave 『Twin-headed Viper』 as it is but they’re sticking to one part of our council, it’s so troublesome.」

「I see.」

The talk about political matters wasn’t making sense to Kein but he understood that there’s a reason why the guild was always taking a non-interference method.

「That Snakehead would probably take something in exchange of you (your life). If they’re not going to avenge their two members, they’ll lose their face as a Familia. That was most likely what that man was thinking」

「If it become like that, then I’m in danger, huh?」

「It was my carelessness. I handed over the mithril sword to you, and I didn’t realize that 『Twin-headed Snake』 would targeting you because of it …」

The voice of Elena who was covering her face with her hands sounded like she was crying already.

「No, this wasn’t Elena’s fault!」

Kein didn’t think about that (possibility of him being attacked because he brought the mithril sword) too.

It’s late to say this but, if only he hid the mithril sword by wrapping it with cloth then it wouldn’t have gotten this bad.

「This was my fault. So I’ll do something about it!」

Although Kein tried to comfort her, Elena became worked up suddenly.

Kein thought that he don’t want to trouble Elena.

「No, I’ll just go into hiding for a while」

Although he said that, he didn’t have any place to go….

To hide, if the cheap inn he’s living in now was no good then perhaps he’d just live in the cave on Koku mountain that he was familiar with.

「Ah, There’s a way! Kein, you should just stay in the guild from now on. They won’t be able to bare their fangs in the guild. Also every guild staff, including the guild’s head, is your ally so we will absolutely protect you.」

「Eh, from now on?」

While Kein was puzzled over the sudden talk, his hand was pulled by Elena to the inner room.

Unnoticeably, Elena’s expression became brighter.

「I apologize that it’s a little cramped, but this part of the guild is the staff’s dormitory. I want you to live here for the time being.」

「I’m don’t mind whether it’s cramped or not, but…」

The room Kein was guided to was rather beautiful and wide.

Compared to the room where Kein slept until now at the cheap inn, this room was at least double its size.

Rather, he’s intrigued by all of the cute furnitures that were lined up and sweet perfume-like smell.

Isn’t this a room that someone is currently living in? He thought.

「I’m really sorry that the room is cramped. Since there’s no empty room available, you’ll be sharing a room with me for a while so please bear with it.」


It seemed that Kein will be living together with Elena. (PR: Ayyee, he’s so lucky, well, his luck stat is 999)

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