Kein Chapter 15

Elena is Comforting Kein

TL: Chinozuku

Elena is Comforting Kein.

「Say, won’t you come over here?」

「No, one blanket is enough for me.
This blanket is so soft, softer than my usual sleeping bed.」

Elena was nice to let Kein stay in her room, but the problem was, there was only one single bed.

Elena told Kein that she wouldn’t mind Kein sleeping on the same bed, but Kein insisted, a blanket was enough.

There was no extra bed available at the adventurer guild, even if they were bought them from the furniture shop, it was already late at night.

「I’m sorry, I will prepare a bed tomorrow.
How about a cup of tea before going to bed?」

「Ah, I will.」

Elena boiled the water, brewing her own fragrant tea in a cup (the guild’s tea was cheap and bitter), and gave Kein the cup.

Elena noticed that Kein’s hand was trembling while holding the cup.

「Are you okay?」

「Ah, I’m sorry.
Because it was my first time, in many way.」

Hearing that, Elena was thinking to ask Kein about his first time.

Elena was thinking for a moment, and then saying, “Eh, that is, could it be, that sort of thing!?”, she was surprised.

「Ah, well, it’s my first time as well ….」

Because Kein was as gentleman as usual, Elena had lowered her guard, letting Kein in the same room as her.

It seems, it was Kein’s first as well….

“What shall I do? I have decided not to involve myself with adventurer.”, thought Elena.

Elena had no confidence in refusing if Kein was asking her.

She knew.

Elena was thinking that Kein was in panic, need a place to hide, so she invited him to stay.

If you think about it, if 2 adults were put in the same room, that kind of thing would surely happen.

Elena was wondering if her underwear was cute or not.

Elena, who started to gather various thought, started to got thirsty, and start drinking her black tea.

「I haven’t think of it for a while, but now I remembered that I have killed Kazu and Jinx at that time. Even though I’m an adventurer old enough to know better, that’s still a burden for me. Don’t you think that is strange?」

Knowing Kein’s true first time, Elena’s face became bright red.

“Getting all high by myself, what am I even doing!” thought Elena.

No, no, Elena shook her head, thought it’s not the right time to do so.

As an adventurer, you might as well fight against other people, whether you were in a escort mission or fighting bandit.

Then, the enemy was a bad guy who had broke the law, he had no different from a monster, but for Kein, who had been gathering herbs for a long time at Mt. Kuko, experienced the taste of killing a human for a first time.

If he was a normal people, everyone would naturally be worried.

And Elena knows the cure for that.

「There’s nothing wrong with it at all.
It’s just because Kein-san is too kind!」

Elena clasped Kein’s trembling hands.


「Don’t mind it, come over here.」

Elena forcibly invited Kein to bed.

Then, Elena hugged Kein and caress his head.


「I’m very happy that Kein-san came back alive.
That was done as a self-defense.
Kein-san is not at fault.」


Elena’s words made Kein recalling his past action, Kein raised a bitter voice.

Elena’s chest also got painful, filled with the desire to do something to Kein.

Even thought Elena knows that it was Kein’s kindness.

It was too absurd for Kein to suffer due to those kind of guys.

Elena hugged Kein, thought it was the right thing to not to leave Kein alone.

Because a woman can give a man strength to stand up again and again.

「As I thought for today, let’s sleep together.」

「No, that is….」

「No can do.
I have decided to sleep together.
I will stay like this until Kein-san went to sleep.」

Elena gently hugged the weak Kein, grasping Kein’s hand tightly, keeping it warm.

Realized that Kein’s trembling had stopped and had fallen asleep, Elena rest her head on Kein’s chest with peace of mind, falling asleep.

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