Kein Chapter 6

Kein is Saving an Orphanage

TL: Chinozuku
TLC: Kirisaki Shin
ED: Beans
PR: “the spectacular” frozen ink (leave him be)

Well, yesterday was surprising.

Encountering an evil dragon, Kein tried to escape.

If the evil dragon was left at the foothills this way, nearby villages would be in danger.

At that moment.

Mysterious revelation ran through his whole body.

Kein stabs the dragon in the forehead and knocks the dragon down with the Mithril Sword he picked up by pure coincidence.

No, everything that has been happened up ‘till now was a miracle.

Investigating later, the Evil Dragon was hurt from the beginning and it was dying, led him to be a disappointment.

Even so, defeating the Evil Dragon by chance must be due to the protection from the God of Mountain. Afterwards, Kein deliberately visited the shrine.

Certainly, Kein’s power alone couldn’t defeat the Evil Dragon.

The dead body of the Evil Dragon picked up by Kein was fine. Plus the adventurer guild said that Kein’s Mithril Sword was extraordinary.

「But I’m sure this Mithril Sword is someone’s lost property..」

Kein thought, a treasured sword from the bottom of the dungeon will rise to the mountain was impossible.

「But, Kein-san. Even though it is a lost item, not using such a good sword is a waste.
Keep use it. 」

「But for such valuable item too lost, the owner must be panicked.」

「It’s okay. If the owner appears, the guild will give them money as compensation.」

「It’s quite generous for this kind of guild, 」

Kein was confused afterward.

「But that is a gift from Princess Sword.」 Elena quietly murmured.

「Elena-san, did you say something?」

「No, just talking to myself. Well then, the appraisal value of the dead body of the Evil Dragon should be high, but it’s only six thousand gold.
Aree.. the response is weak.」

Six thousand gold coins was not an amount that could be easily carried anymore.

A single gold coin worth of 10 silver coins and Kein could live for three days with a single silver coin. This amount was just too much to calculate in days.

「……You look terrible.」 (TL: Kein’s amazed by the sum amount of gold coins.)

「This will be the reward for this time」

That said, Elena-san gave me six white sparkling coins.

「What is this?」

「A single platinum coin worth a thousand gold coins.」

「Is that so. It’s my first time seeing this!」

「 It’s a rare sight for me too. The reason why the value is so high is the vast amount of magical energy generated by platinum coin itself. Worth not only as a treasure, but also used as a rare material for alchemy.」

「I see, it’s really beautiful.」

With trembling hands, somehow he put them into a leather bag.

「Would you like to trade 1 platinum coin for 1000 gold coins? For those who receive the guild’s reward, they may exchange them into gold or silver coins.」

「No, I will think about it a little bit longer.」

Six thousand gold.

Kein was happy with the money but, the situation didn’t feel real anymore.

It wasn’t time to think about what to buy.

Somehow, his footstep felt light and it was an unpleasant feeling.


While calming his mind, his legs move naturally toward a church.

It’s better to pray at a time like this.

Since Kein was there, he thought he should visit the orphanage at the back.

Along the way, Kein heard the sound of a man and woman in a quarrel.

「If you don’t pay, at least this month’s interest then we’ll be in trouble too!」

「I’m sorry. Please, wait for another week.
If I managed to get all the money from selling potions ……」

Three ruffians surrounding the church’s sister.

Two of them seems familiar to Kein.

Both of them are a C-ranked adventurer.

A fat elderly looking man with a sly face named Kazu and a young blond thug with a pierced nose and ears named Jinx.

They’re both members of a family with lots of bad rumor (a large adventurer party is called a family),『Two-headed snake group』.

And as for the last person.

A stunning man with skinhead hairstyle and snake tattoo on his face, the boss of  『Two-headed snake』.

Snakehead, an A-ranked adventurer with dual katana, a big shot in the dark district of Erun city.

Although he usually doesn’t move openly and is fairly calm, as an A-ranked adventurer, his abilities are astounding and ruthless.

It was rumored, those who make Snakehead angry would be exterminated.

「Hey Jinx. She’s a church sister, don’t go too far.」

「But Kazu-san, it’s not good to breach the contract!」

「Fuhehe, that’s right. But, we’re not demons.
Sister Shiruvia is superb, she’s a rare high elf. I won’t say you to become a slave, but how about you pay just a little with your body?」

「I am a church’s sister. Such things, God will not forgive.」

Sister Shiruvia is absurdly gorgeous with mysterious silver eyes and beautiful long silver hair. She has long ears and eternal life, a race called high elf.

In addition to that, bearing the title of Odea church’s sister, her value was skyrocketing.

If sold, everyone would rush to buy her, even millionaires.

「Hey, don’t say that. Don’t make it difficult. A poor beauty like of you must be suffering due to God’s punishment. Even orphans can live a better life than this.」

「Please stop!」

Kazu looked at sister Shiruvia with lewd eyes and was extending his arm toward her. Finally, Kein couldn’t stand it any longer and barge in.

「Oi bastards, enough of it. What are you doing at church, the children are frightened.」

Since sister Shiruvia was surrounded by bad men, the orphanage children started to gather, rather than a family of an adventurer, they were mafia whom men feared. Even Kein was terrified.

Rather than Jinx or the old man Kazu, the one who was standing silently behind them was giving a terrifying aura at the same level as the Evil Dragon he has encountered before.

Snakehead’s bored eyes looked like they were saying, you and the others can be killed at any time.

Even though murdering was not allowed in the city, snakehead who has slaughtered dozens of people before made the atmosphere chill.

Even so, Kein couldn’t stand back. Sister Shiruvia was in a pinch after all.

The young punk, Jinx shouted with bossy attitude toward Kein.

「What now, who would think 『Kein the medical herb farmer』is here. Get lost! This is none of your business.」

「Well wait, Jinx. …… could it be, you could pay 200 golds for the interest on the debt from the church?」

The old man Kazu stopped Jinx and ask Kein.

「Kazu-san, he’s the one rumored to have picked up the dead body of the Evil Dragon.」

「Well, you have plenty of money then. If you’re willing to pay for this poor church, let’s have at it.」

「How much is the debt of the church?」

「As I said, the interest is 200 gold.

Do you really want to pay?」

While grinning, the old man Kazu looking at Kein.

「That’s not the case, I’m asking you the sum of the debt!」

Kein shouts sharply.

「What, it’s impossible to pay the whole debt.」

And then, the one who stood behind them silently from the beginning, starting to open his mouth.

「The debts of the church are 6,000 gold, including the interest. Today is payday, can you pay?」 (TL: oh wow, the debts are at the price of the Evil Dragon itself)(TLC: So convenient… it’s really a miracle)

Hearing Snakehead talking, the punk Jinx started to laugh.

「Pupupu, probably need 6,000 of medical herb, I … I’m sorry!」

Just a quick glance from the Snakehead, Jinx turned pale and hung his head.

「Then, how ‘bout you?」

「…… I can pay. Right now, I have exactly 6,000 gold.」

Kein took out 6 platinum coins from his leather bag.

At a glance, Snakehead seemed bored and say,

「Take it out, as promised.」

Kazu was surprised and his eyeballs were going everywhere.

「Nope, paying 6,000 gold is a joke. Moreover, these white gold coins, I have never seen them before. Boss, aren’t they fake?」

Snakehead starting to talk in an angry voice.

「Those coins aren’t fake. Kazu, If you have never seen them, remember the gloss and the engraved seal, because platinum coins are manufactured using superior alchemy magic, faking them are extremely difficult. He’s the one who brought the dead body of the Evil dragon to the guild and was paid 6,000 gold, it fits.」

「But boss!」

「Kazu, don’t make me say it twice. We, 『Twin-headed snake 』are loan lender. If they paid the debt, no complaint about it.」

While frightened by Snakehead, Kazu trembled, turned pale and quickly took out the debt contract.

Kein exchanged the platinum coins for the debt contract.

「Hm, we have disturbed you, sister. When you lack money, we always ready to lend you some.」

After that, Snakehead took his men away from the church.

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