Kein Chapter 7

Orphanage Children

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「I’m sorry, Kein. I made you pay the debt.」

「It’s fine, sister.That was easy money.」

Kein felt that the money he had earned  from slaying the Evil Dragon was destined to pay for the orphanage’s debt.

As he felt that the money was never his to begin with.

Those money was probably sent by the God to save the church and orphanage.

Kein felt refreshed, if that was the case.

「I’m indebted to you. The money Kein used to pay for the debt. I will surely…」

「No, Shiruvia-san. Please don’t mind it, really.
If you say that, I have had lots of Shiruvia-san’s kindness that I can’t repay.」

To tell the truth, Kein and his childhood friend who died 20 years ago, Arutena, grew up in this church’s orphanage together.

The silver haired high elf, Sister Shiruvia, was the foster parent who has raised Kein, Arutena and many other orphans.

Even though Kein can survive on his own now, for him, Shiruvia is like a real mother, and the orphans here are like a family.

By the way, it was a taboo to know Shiruvia’s real age while she looks like in her 20 (she is probably over 200 years old).

「Thank you, Kein.」

「Moreover, why do you borrow money from bad people like them?」

「That is……」

From sister’s explanation, 『Twin-headed snake』from before, took advantage from the children selling sundries and bouquet of flowers in the town square by asking them to pay some money.

On the contrary, they said that they have been collecting the tax  from a hundred years ago.

Our poor church couldn’t afford to pay .

「It’s illegal to do that in such place!」

「That’s not the case. Those people have joined the council of Erun city and have become tax collectors.」

A tax collector entrusted by the city council may collect daily tax from merchants as commission for work.

They hold the power to collect tax, and take fees in the name of tax, even from small trading like orphans from the church.

Collecting tax from poor orphans from the church is obviously vicious and not acceptable.

However, there’s no rule stating that is illegal to collect tax from a poor church.

Working in gray zone, would be something that 『Twin-headed Snake』 would do.

「In addition to original income, sisters have started to take fees for teaching people how to read and write, and from selling potions, but those are still not enough」

「It was.」

Originally, the work of harvesting medical herb was given 3 silver coins.

When there was enough people to do the gathering and exterminating goblins at the same time, but that was only 2 silver coins. And finally, only worth 1 silver coin, only Kein got to do that.

「No matter what we do, the tax money they put is in deficit.At first, they say we can pay the interest later, but suddenly they said we should pay the whole debt.」

Everyone who bear the church’s debt was gathered, collecting all the money, and finally a sister got taken away.

Perhaps, from the very beginning, 『Twin-headed Snake』’s goal was the sister.

「They can’t be forgiven.」

「But, there are some good news. It seems a pure saint is going to this city from the capital.
I’m sure Saint-sama will help us」

The Saint-sama seems to have saved a lot of people along her journey.

Kein prayed together with the sister, that she would help them.

The debt problem of the church seems to be settled, but 『Twin-headed Snake』is still aiming for sister.

As for Kein, there was nothing he could do against an A-ranked adventurer like Snakehad, but he still believed there was something that he could do. (TL: omg just call Altena)(ED: LOLI BERSERKER)

「Kein, Kein!」

The orphanage children started to gather around Kein because they thought that the conversation between 2 adults has been ended.

Everyone was scared, they did a great job for not crying.

「Kein, thank you for helping us. I will marry you when I grow up!」(TL: oh no you don’t, I think he will still be virgin until the story ended)(ED: my money is on reverse rape)

It was Miya, eight years old talking to Kein with her cat ears as her characteristic.

She has cat’s race blood running through her veins.

「Haha, I’m happy to hear that.」

There are many good reasons why the children welcomed Kein so much.

Kein took out the dried fruits from his bag and gave them to the children as usual.

It was a dried strawberries from the mountain that Kein picked up.

It was a valuable sweet for Kein, but the smiles of the children were still the best.

Looking at everyone’s smile, Kein’s heart feels warmer.


「Thank you, Kein I love it.」

The children who haven’t enjoyed sweets for a while, starting to hug each other.

Middle-aged Kein, who isn’t popular among woman, seems to be popular among children. (TL: pedobear)(ED: you ain’t gonna hear a complaint from me)

The children are innocent, they were easily satisfied just by the fruits picked up from the mountain.

Kein thought how good it is if Elena-san was easy to persuade as the children, he let out a wry smile.

「Well, well, Miya-chan is going to marry Kein, a very good proposal. (TL&ED: :D)
Fufu, Miya-chan, and Kein will be married, 6,000 thousand gold just now may be enough.」

「Please wait, sister. A child’s joke!」

「Ara, the children are growing so fast, it surprises me.

If I wasn’t devoted to God, I would marry you, Kein」(TL: the author won’t let that happen)

「Ahaha, that is a great story.」

Although it hurt a bit to be told that by a beauty like Shiruvia, right now, it would be odd, looking at how old Kein is when paired with a young, beautiful elf.

Right now, that would only happen as a joke.

Even so, Kein didn’t have any ill feelings toward Shiruvia, who has raised him.


「What is it, Kid?」

A thirteen years old Kid, who was the leader of the orphans, came to talk to Kein.

Navy blue hair, sharp pointing ears, a race called the werewolf.

「If possible, I would like to marry Kein as well.」

「Ugh, you’re a boy, you know!」

Suddenly, Kein heard a strange laughing voice.

Kid is a boy, not a man yet, he has a delicate body.

A mixed blood of human and beast easily made them a beauty, among them, Kid, a beautiful boy, selling flowers at the neighborhood had many married ladies rushed over to him.

Because of his natural and beautiful face, he would be good at playing the role of a girl, but Kein didn’t have that kind of perverted hobby. (TL: he doesn’t like a trap, well, me too.)

「Ara, for marriage, Kid is okay too. If you want to be Kein’s bride, I will lend you my cosmetic tools and cute clothes.」

「Could it be, the voice just now?」

Sister is a childish person and often says bad jokes together with the children.

「Ufufu, can’t be helped if you already know it. You know, Kid is a beautiful boy, romance between boys would sell a lot in the neighborhood.」

While gently stroking Kid’s hair, Sister smiles.

Kein feels strange that he could sell such thing.

「Business is important, but please don’t make them take the wrong path.」

「It sound like a light drama, but wouldn’t anyone be interested in that kind of play?」

「No, no, I don’t have such hobby!」

「Fufu, your face is not that dissatisfied. Well, despite being in such a crisis, everyone has been using their talent to work hard. A grateful thing to have.」

Kid’s ability to gather orphans was not just because of his appearance but his ability as well.

If possible, Kein hoped that he develop other abilities.

Well anyway.

Kein was surprised when thinking about Shiruvia-san, even though she is a sister, she wears makeup.

「…… If you can afford to buy cosmetics and cute clothes, why don’t you use them for the management of the church.」

「Ara, you don’t understand Kein, the makeup and cute clothes are donations from the believer. Something like that.」

「Ah, I see!」

Her beautiful hands combined with her wink would fascinate any man.

As long as it was not breaching any rules of Odia’s church, Sister Shiruvia may use her woman’s assets. (TL: something like makeup)

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