Kein Chapter 8

They’re suspicious!

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Sword Princess Anastrea, Saint Sephilia, and Witch Maya, the three of them. As usual, They wore hooded robes to avoid gathering attention in the city.

They were surprised that he could pay the church’s debt of 6,000 gold .

「Ossan, you’re as soft hearted as always.」

What Kein did was seen by Maya and made her smile wryly, but for Anastrea who wanted Kein to become a strong warrior, she was disappointed.

「I thought that I could go and buy new equipment to match his Mithril Sword!」

And thus, Sephilia emotionally shed tears.

Her white cheeks are gently blushed. Her throbbing heart made her hard to breath, and her tears made her azure eyes glimmer.

「Kein-sama, you’re still ……」

Sephilia, who knew the plight of the church in the city of Erun, wrote a letter to Legius · Clements, the highest priest in the Kingdom, her father.

However, it takes a long time to deal with church organizations.

Kein’s devotion saved the sister who was in danger of being caught by the rogues, his helping hand was in time.

Sephilia impression of kein instantly grew, and was going to explode.

It has exceeded human M A X value, and he has become an important person after God Odia.

Sephilia was hoping that she could walk alongside Kein as she is now.

Realizing Sephilia’s strange condition, Maya came to consult to Anastrea.

「Hey, Ana-hime. They’re ……」

「Yes. 」

Realizing the two adventurer, they immediately erasing their presence.

An adventurer family, the 『Twin-headed Snake』 with dual katana, Snake Head, as the leader of the family.

It’s a large family that have an office inErun city, but they were no match for the S-ranked 『High Blooming Rose Maiden』 party.

Even though Anastrea was tailing Kein, neither Snake Head nor his two follower noticed.

「Although it’s a small drop from that place, that guy Kein. If you get a rare high elf, 6,000 gold is nothing.」

While the elderly guy, Kazu complained, Jinx butts in.

「Even the orphanage children could be sold for high price. Like that wolf-eared boy, if sold to a perverted aristocrat, his value would be high.」

「Haha, he’s good.」

Hearing that, Snake Head started scolding them.

「Kazu! Jinx! Careful with your words.
We don’t know if anyone is listening.」

Snake Head was cautious.

In fact, the extreme conversation just now was already heard by Anastrea and the others.


「I’m sorry.」

「Anyhow, that church has plenty of beauties. Sooner or later, they won’t be able to pay the tax again.」

「But boss. That fellow Kein is in the way, a D-ranked insect, suddenly became powerful.」

While Kazu was still talking, Jinx started to butt in again.

「Boss, did you see Kein’s sword? Even that sword could be sold for a fortune.
Can I just kill him?」

Snake Head glared at those idiots, and they became silent.

However, there are reasons behind what Kazu and Jinx have said.

Snake Head gave permission while sighing.

「……It can’t be helped. I can’t say that you can kill him, but he’s an adventurer, so he can be killed by a monster at the mountain.

No matter what you pick up from that corpse, it’s none of my concern.

If you want to do the job, earn money for the family.」

That man called Kein.

Paying 6,000 golds without even thinking, wasn’t something a D-ranked adventurer would do.

If he will be an obstacle, would be better to clean up earlier.

「Hoo, there is that kind of death.」

「Boss really understand.」

Snake Head wasn’t responsible for commanding them to kill Kein, he went back to office immediately.

The old Kazu and the punk Jinx thought that no one was listening on the street, so they began to talk about how to kill Kein and took his Mithril Sword.

While still hidden and listening to their disgusting conversation, Maya looked at them with hatred.

「What to do Ana-hime, wanna crush ‘em?」

Even though the target is adventurer from a family, once Maya decided to crush someone, she wouldn’t hesitate.

If she determines that the plan is no good, then crush them immediately.

Have been through many harsh battlefield, the title of S-ranked adventurer is not only for show.

「Wait….. Let’s observe them a bit longer. They won’t attack Kein while in the city. They will attack Kein at mountain. If just 2 C-ranked adventurer,
it’s a perfect chance for Kein to rank up.」

Maya gave up after hearing such words.

「Ana-hime…… It will only piss Elena-san off, the guild receptionist, you haven’t given up yet.」

「Ah, you’re noisy. Kein is amazing, he won’t lose to small fry like them!」

Maya wished that she could crush them immediately, but Anastrea will start to complaining again.

If this sword princess (an airhead person) started running wild again, Maya sighed while thinking whether she could follow her or not.

Protecting Kein, Maya who is able to use omnipotent magic, followed by the strongest healer on the city, Sephilia, chance of Kein being in danger is null.

「Are, where did Sephilia go?」

Being absorbed in the situation, the two of them didn’t realize that the saint was already gone.

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