Kein Chapter 9

Sephilia’s Confession

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While Kein was playing with the orphanage child, Sister Shiruvia brought two potions from the church.

「Kein, these are the best potions we have in our church.」

「No sister, I can’t take such valuable items.」

「You paid 6,000 golds for us, these potions are nothing compared to that.
You must accept these.」

「But, the Church’s financial situation is bad enough. What are you going to do without the profit from these potions.」

「Kein, even though you’re an adventurer, you don’t have good potions.
I always worry about you, Kein. I would never be able to give these to you unless it’s today.
This is the best I can give to you, so please think of it as good luck charm, won’t you?」

That said, Sister Shiruvia forced Kein to take the potion.

「I want to give Kein a good luck charm too!」

That was Miya, a cat-eared girl, she brought a cute pinwheel that was for sale on market.

「Kein, Kein.
This is not an ordinary pinwheel, because it’s for you Kein. Take a good care of it.」

「Me too! Mee too! I want to give Kein a treasure.」

「Well then, I want to give Kein something too, but it’s just a crown made of unsold bouquets……」

Kid and the others were gathering to give Kein a small present.

Afterwards, Kein’s hands were full of precious toys from the children.

「Okay, I understand.
I will accept everyone’s kindness, thank you.」

This was everyone’s heart.

Thinking about that, Kein couldn’t refuse.

In such situation, a lovely, beautiful Saint Sephilia came to Kein.


Calling Kein by first name is not strange for sister in this church, but she is not familiar to Kein.

「You are?」

「You’re my destiny.」


Saying something so ambiguous, Kein was confused.

「I will offer you my life.」

That said, the innocent Saint suddenly hugged Kein.

The surrounding children, shouting 「This onee-chan suddenly confessing to Kein」 and make whistling sound. (TL: Trust me, Kein is a noob MC, he won’t see her as a girl)

「Huh, is th…..that a confession!?」

Kein was surprised.

It was the first time for Kein, who has lived for 35 years, get confessed by a girl.


「Ahem, please wait a moment.
What’s your name?」

「It’s Sephilia.」

「Err…., how old are you?」

Even though it was the first time for Kein to be confessed, he was asking how old is she.

A beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Her white robe was emphasizing her plump body and the elasticity of her chest.

Kein thought her breasts were the best, he loved them. (TL: touzen darou, ore mo da)

Her young face is terrifying.

Even so, there were people like Shiruvia, a high elf.

Perhaps, only her face looks young, but her actual age would be far above his age.

「I’m thirteen years old.」

――That wasn’t !

「Isn’t that a crime!」

Kein was screaming internally.

Thirteen years old was totally out of league.

「Eh, a crime?」

Sephilia said so, confused.

Kein heard there weren’t any strict rules banning that but, a 35 years old man walking together with a 13 years old girl, wouldn’t that looked like an uncle walking together with his niece.

Nope, nope. Kein shook his head.

His partner was an underage lady.

Her parent may be younger than him.

Kein honestly was happy with the confession, but he was troubled by her age being the same as the orphanage children.

「Well, how should I explain?
Simply put, adults shouldn’t go out with children.」

「Going out?」

Sephilia was giving a question mark.

Kein was at loss for words. How to decline this young lady’s confession.

「Wha, What!? That crest of light on your robe, could it be you are Saint Sephilia!?」

Kein and Sister Shiruvia were fascinated, like enjoying wind blow when spring comes.

Kein realized the one who confessed to him was Saint Sephilia, he was screaming internally again.

「What does that means, Shiruvia-san?」

「Kein, this is bad! She is Sephilia Clements, the only daughter of the only saint in this city!」

While shouting to Kein, Sister Shiruvia was kneeling down.

Kein didn’t know what was happening, but he did know that she’s a great person.

「Well, it’s different……」

Sephilia is trying to pull the kneeling Kein’s arm.

Kein was troubled by her pulling his arm.

As the soft sensation of her chest was hitting Kein.

「You mean, you’re not a Saint?」

「I’m a saint but, that’s different. Kein-sama,
I’m the one who should kneel down.」

Looking at the troubled Sephilia, Kein was wondering what to do with this young lady.

Most 13 years old should be able to speak well, but this girl could hardly do that.

「Come to think of it, the Saint stayed inside the castle until 12 years old, so she is not good at talking with other people.」

「Please say that earlier, Sister.」

「Saint Sephilia is the grandchild of the highest priest, Legius Clements, serving Odia God.
Needless to say.」

「I see.」

In any case, you couldn’t be rude to the highest priest’s daughter.

Sister said that this Saint may save the church.

「Yes, I… I’m not very good at talking with people.」

While the situation seems to have calmed down, two beautiful girls were rushing toward Sephilia.

「Sephilia, Wha…What are you doing!」

A red-haired girl was rushing while shouting.

「I’m giving my life to Kein.」

「Gi…Giving your life !!」

The red-haired girl seems about to pass out after hearing what Sephilia has said.

「Hey Ana-hime, your face is bright red.

Are you okay?」

A violet-haired girl came after the red-haired girl, exhausted.

Kein was thinking something complicated is happening.

It seems, this violet-haired girl knew something.

「Are you guys probably Saint’s friend?」

「Yes, that’s right.

It seems they have troubled you.

I’ll take them back so, please be patient.」

The violet-haired girl forcibly pulled the red-haired girl and Sephilia, and then disappeared into the boulevard.

「What’s wrong, Kein?」

An orphan girl beside Kein asked him.

「Nothing, it just that, l have seen that red-haired girl somewhere….」

Kein thought maybe it was just his imagination.

However, it was Kein who didn’t remember Anastrea face when he gave her the『Resurrection Fruit』.

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