Chapter 75

I Pushed Lily Tn: Kirisaki Shin Ed: Frozen Ink   “…Nn… aah… it’s already morning…”   The lights entering from the window makes me narrow my eyes and my body feels heavy.   “…Nn…”   Lily who is beside me, still seems to be sleepy.   “Hora, it’s morning Lily”   I whispered that close to her ear and shake that light and small body.   “…Nn… muu, it’s ticklish…”

Chapter 74

As Expected, She Is a Child But She Is a Demon Tn: kirisaki Shin Ed: Frozen Ink “Well then, I will stay here, I’ll come back if something happens”   “Understood, I will go then”   I came to the demon country, to stay for  a night, and we are currently at the dining room in the first floor of the inn.   Aunty who worked as our coachman was

Chapter 69

Edvice 3 Tl: Kirisaki Shin Ed: Frozen Ink The last interviewer is, “Edgar? I will coming in, okay?” Melby the fairy’s big sister. << Melby ( from Tel telia Fairy town . Fairy Chief . <Wise-man> . <Ms. stubborn> . <everyone’s Big Sister>) ?? (1120 years past since she was created) (Tn: in raw it really said ‘??’) Fairy Level 44 HP 34/34 MP 997/997 Status Fairy’s oaths Skill Legend

Chapter 73

It’s Something Bouncy   Tn: Kirisaki Shin Pr: Frozen Ink “Oooi, you can see the demon country now”   While we were having our leisure time, I heard the aunty’s voice.   “…Ooh”   In the distance I can see the demon country, what I want to say is it’s normally big.   I think it’s as big as the capital, maybe.   “Hey, that’s the checkpoint”   Aunty raised


Curse Sword Master (I can’t stand formal and difficult language :'( No Fatigue 24 Jikan Tatakaeru Otoko No Tenseitan (Too long, gonna take forever :'(

Chapter 72

This Is How Elderly Is   Tn: Kirisaki Shin Ed: Frozen Ink “Well then, I wish you luck”   “Ah, I’m going”   Right now, Ethique sent me off, as I was about to leave the castle.   It looks like Ethique has prepared various thing, and it was decided that I would depart early.   “fufuun”   As an envoy that goes to the demon country, Ethique has prepared

Chapter 71

I didn’t want to bid a farewell to Lily   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Thor “Well, you said you wanted to help, but what will you do?”   Even though you wanted to help me save Aura and Tre, in reality there’s a problem with that. By the way, all the demons are probably searching for Lily’s whereabouts; yea I’ll go along with that.   “Umm, how about Nest just

Chapter 70

  Let’s Give Up Already   “Is Lily a demon?”   There’s no one here except us, finally, I can hear it from Lily.   “…… Eh? That’s right-?”   “………”   Even though I was nervous, it seems Lily did not particularly care about that.   Wha, what should I do now?   “Etto, so why you didn’t tell this to me before…?”   Even though it’s okay if

Chapter 69

Ah, Yes   At the time when we return to the party hall, we can’t find Tre and Aura here.   “…… Ha………”   But I still not losing my hope yet.   Perhaps, they get tired after dancing, then decided to walk around inside the castle like us.   “…… Heal…………. Heal……”   I searched for the two of them and repeatedly applied recovery magic to myself several times.

Chapter 68

Shall we dance……?   “……Lily?”   There’s someone coming out from the dark, and it turns out to be Lily.   “Are, why are you here?”   Usually, it’s time to dance right now, even if Lily can not dance, I think there is no come here…….   “N~? when I think I wanted to dance with nest, I see you going somewhere so I following you”   “Ah, I