Chapter 1 part 4

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 4) 「I understand. First, you need to take down the man inside the carriage with a blow.  After that without saying anything, fill the gaps between you and the leader.   And then it will be my turn. I’ll tell you directly inside your head if there’s a danger behind you. I’ll be backing you up, so don’t miss anything

Chapter 1 Part 3

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 3) 「eh?」   While returning a question mark, I follow Hotaru-san instruction to run reflexively. …but, somehow, I feel light as I run…   「…Umu, maybe it’s because the gravity here is a little weaker than earth. Soujirou! Slightly tilted your posture, drop your center of gravity, grasp the ground with the soles of your feet. And then try to

Chapter 1 part 2

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 2) 「Soujirou is as simple as usual nou. Rather, do you have interest at something except katana? How about a woman ja?」   「Hotaru san. Even I’m like this, I still a healthy male high school student. Of course, I’m very interested about that! 」   Until now I still don’t have any chance for that, but obviously, I like

Chapter 1 Part 1

The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 1) 「Well then, what shall I do?」   When I noticed it, I was standing in the grassland. And why school uniform?   It’s black school uniform that I was wearing at the high school that I attended. But it has been remodeled by God.   I will give that God better opinion if he gives this school uniform a cheat

Prologue 2

Between the end and the beginning of life 「……p,…ke up, wake up!」 「…Un, so noisy. To call me like that」   I lifted my heavy eyelids while complaining about the voice that resonates directly into my head.   「So dazzling…」   Finally, I opened my eyes and what my sight caught was a space of light.   However, I don’t know exactly where the light source is. It’s as if

Prologue 1

This Life Is Over (Tn: this section is for what author said) Thank you for reading. The pace maybe slow, but I’ll keep it steady. 「Thanks for your hardwork — san」   I murmured with a voice full of emotion, and then I pushed my beloved katana which I held with my right hand to the throat without any hesitation.   But, at this rate I will fall to the