Kein Chapter 14 New Update

Hello, nice too meet you again~~. We’re pretty much busy at the moment, but we will try our best. Please bear with it. ——————————————– As we know, Kein has leveled up from an adventurer to a killer, yeah? no? And in this chapter, a nasty, enviable, he-deserve-to-die event occurred. Yeah, a NASTY event. ——————————————– Also, currently we are looking for a translator. You can bring your own novel here. we have a

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 106 New Update

Nyaahalo!!~ Sorry for a bit late this time. I was quite busy lately. and for a few months ahead I will be quite busy as well. so I thought I will release at least 1-2 ch a month.   Don’t worry, I will try to clear my tasks as soon as possible and get back to translate. also, after I finished my tasks, I and Shizuku will make a lot of

Inumimi Chapter 3 New Update

Hellow~~! There’s some problem with the translation, so it got delayed. But fear not, we’re not dropping this series~. ——————————— Something will happen in this chapter. The MC unfortunately has …… Ooooh, almost spoiler… please read further ——————————— We currently need some translators. Any novel language, any sources are welcome, you just need to translate them to english. We have editors, proofreader, and translation checker in case you need some

Former Hero Adventurer Chapter 2 Update

Hellow~~! We have a new update on former hero adventurer chapter 2. The chapter is rather long, it took a long time to translate, please bear with it. ——————————— From chapter 1 we can see that Rolf bought Miria from illegal slave market. Since she’s the little sister of his former comrade, Nora, one of the four heroes. Looks like Miria’s affinity towards Rolf is -100, let’s just see the

Arms Otome Chapter 3 New Update

Hellow~~! The translator seems to be on a holiday, soooo, yeah we’ll update the chapter a little bit late. Please bear with it. ———————- Let’s hope the MC won’t swing the wrong way XD, since Ente is so cute~~~. Well, Ente herself won’t mind it either, since she’s a summoned being. She has no power to resist? Who knows? ———————- We’re currently need some translators. If you have a friend

Inumimi Dorei V1 Illustration Update

HO HO HO HO Santa is coming again to bring you all good child, a gift. (But Shin,…) Shut up! I knew this is not Christmas! looks like the coal the other day is not enough for you. I’ll bring you a hot lava later. (Eeehhh…)

Kein Chapter 13 Release!

Yooo! Chapter 13 finally released! ——— 3 Guardian Angels (´∀`•) Gimme Sephilia, I don’t need the others! (*゚ー゚)ゞ Well (let me be!). ——— We currently need some translator. Any language are welcome, just translate them to english XD. You can join our discord here Here Kein Chapter 13

Arms Otome Chapter 2 Release!

Hello, With me again, Shizuku And new update of Arms Otome (well not really, just an edited version of the original :D) —————– Ente-channnn You’re a beauty and stronk warrior Hope can bring you home with meeh ~~ —————– For you usual information, we currently need MANY translators and we will give you some compensation for each translated novel (money? touzen darou) ANY source novel language are welcome, and the

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 21 Release!

Hellow yahoo!! With me again, Shizuku Shinku is still busy for a while, so you guys will see me around for some times —————– And here, I can see our MC is starting to take his path as LUCKY PERVERT (damn it man, I want that skill badly) (^人^) And just imagining Emma’s expression, my life is ended (T . T) I envy you MCCCCCCCC ノಠ_ಠノ —————– For you usual