Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 105 Release!

Hello guys! Nice to see you again! Consider this as warning. Before you read this, I suggest to make sure there’s no one beside you. Since this chapter will make you emotionally unstable. Maybe you will laugh out loud when reading this, or mad until you want to table flip in real life. Well, you are already warned. So here’s chapter 105 

Inumimi Dorei Chapter 1 Release

Hello guys! I have a good news today. Because we get another new Translator, we picked a new novel today. And as you can see, we will release it today. Also if you like the series and be a good boy/girl. We will give you a few surprise later. So without further ado, here’s chapter 1

New Series - Arms Otome

Heyooo, with me again Shizuku. Who am I ??? Ahhh, I’m Kein’s current translator XD. Nice to meet you all XD. And here, I present you a brand new translated novel (ah not really, just an edited version of the original translator) and the translator has joining our group !!! Yaaaay!! Please welcome Yuki, the owner of Yurika Hime’s Translation, here’s the link ( Yuki-sama will be joining us from

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 16 Release!

Hello Guys! I got a good news for you! We will release 2 chapters/week! YAY!!!   We will release it at Sunday and Tuesday. But it can change depending on the translator. For now, just enjoy 2 chapters release every week!   Oh, by the way, we are looking translator right now. it doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Japan or Korean translator. Also, don’t worry if you are still

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 104 Release!

Hello folks! Nice to meet you again today! The other day, I just found out that the author is actually still in the middle school. And I thought, that’s very cool. To get light novel serialization while still in the middle school.

Kein's Good Deed Illustration

So like I said before, since a lot of people didn’t read the news release, I decided to make a new post. Just for your information, I got this picture from the serialization announcement. Kein’s good deed get a light novel adaptation and will release at march 15. For more information, here’s the announcement link. And here’s the link to the illustration page. Thanks to DarkWolf907 for the information.