Ch 26-27

  Hello guys! Mayonaize Shrimp recommend this novel to me a while ago. And it’s kinda interesting. This novel is a phone novel. so 1 chapter is around 200-250 words. So I thought I will put 2 chapter in 1 post. But after I posted it, looks like it still not good enough. Actually, there’s 2 version of this novel. The short version where 1 chapter = 200-250 word and

Chapter 92

I Never Saw It Before Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink ____________________________________________________________________________________ 「……Eh…… Eeeeh!?」   no matter how I see it, the one who entered the room wearing a beautiful dress was maid-san.   It was also the maid who told me the location of the room and took care of me a lot before.   「…… It’s, ma-maid-san, right?」   I timidly asked demon king-sama and Parfecto-hime.   「Ah,


Prologue   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink   Kein, a middle-aged adventurer, is once again harvesting medicinal herbs as a quest from adventurer guild. While packing medicinal herbs from the mountain into his bag, as much as possible he would let the goblins and other small fries pass by, but he would sometimes fight them. 「Oh, there’s a lot of wolfberry and sauvage grass」 He would also gather fruits

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Middle Aged Adventurer Kein’s good deed   Autor: Kazeyama   Kein, a middle-aged adventurer, who while in the middle of herb gathering, found a rare item 『Resurrection fruit』.   Kane thought about selling it and turned it into money, but he met a girl seeking medicine to save her companion’s life. She looked like Altena, his childhood friend who already died, he gave it in exchange for small change.  

Chapter 77

Alfred-tousan’s Magic Title And Epic Battle   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp   Around 2 months passed since the last time I went to the capital. Alfred-tousan already took over the job, so I proposed a suggestion.   「ーDad, I think it would be better for you to have magic title」   I greet father like 「Yo」or 「Ya」then I told him what I was thinking.   「You can raise

Chapter 91

It’s Recovery Magic, is there something wrong?   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink ____________________________________________________________________________________ Author note: I’m sorry It’s a little shorter this time m(_ _)m ____________________________________________________________________________________ 「Please cut my arm」   When I said that, I remembered that I said the same things in the guild before.   「……Fumu, if you say so, I’ll do it. But rather than cut it, wouldn’t it better to erase it?」  

Chapter 90

It’s a Little Strange Desu   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink Sorry for the late update. Me and frozen ink don’t have much time in real life. But don’t worry I already translate ch 91 and still waiting for editing. So the next update will on Sunday as usual.   「In other words, you were hiding Lily, weren’t you?」   「……Yes, after Parfecto found out about it, I was driven

Chapter 89

You Deserve A Praise   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink ____________________________________________________________________________________ Author note I’ve received your comments, and so I will explain it now. Some of you may have misunderstand, but Lily is not a slave I’m sorry for making misunderstand. ____________________________________________________________________________________   I finally open the door of the room where demon king-sama is supposed to be.   「ーーEh」   I open the heavy door, but there was

Chapter 88

It Seems It Was Just My Misunderstanding   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink   「……」   I was finally able to infiltrate the demon king’s castle, and I opened the door while trying not make as much noise as possible.   「……Is there anyone here?」 (Ed:facepalm)   When I looked inside, there was no one there.   But, that is convenient for me.   I decided to search for

Chapter 76

Arrival to the Capital (Part 2)   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp   「…… Tsu!」   The King’s words startled me. And that was enough as an answer.   「So, that’s true… Well, don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm. There was a legend conveyed only to the royal family. Sometimes God would bring a visitor from another world to this world. They brought useful knowledge with them, but