Chapter 68

Shall we dance……?   “……Lily?”   There’s someone coming out from the dark, and it turns out to be Lily.   “Are, why are you here?”   Usually, it’s time to dance right now, even if Lily can not dance, I think there is no come here…….   “N~? when I think I wanted to dance with nest, I see you going somewhere so I following you”   “Ah, I

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  Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite       Chapter 68 Shall We Dance……? Chapter 69 Ah, Yes Chapter 70 Let’s Give Up Already Chapter 71 I didn’t want to bid a farewell to Lily Chapter 72 This Is How Elderly Is Chapter 73  It’s Something Bouncy

Chapter 1 Part 5

   The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 5)   「Hotaru-san, was it good?」   「Umu, it’s splendid Soujirou. It’s good enough for our first battle」   「Really! Thank you Hotaru-san. Because of Hotaru-san helps I can feel relieved when I fight」   「Don’t worry about it. It was an obvious thing to protect you ja. More importantly, quickly retrieve Sakura before she started to bending.」   「Oh

Chapter 1 part 4

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 4) 「I understand. First, you need to take down the man inside the carriage with a blow.  After that without saying anything, fill the gaps between you and the leader.   And then it will be my turn. I’ll tell you directly inside your head if there’s a danger behind you. I’ll be backing you up, so don’t miss anything

Chapter 1 Part 3

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 3) 「eh?」   While returning a question mark, I follow Hotaru-san instruction to run reflexively. …but, somehow, I feel light as I run…   「…Umu, maybe it’s because the gravity here is a little weaker than earth. Soujirou! Slightly tilted your posture, drop your center of gravity, grasp the ground with the soles of your feet. And then try to

Chapter 1 part 2

  The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 2) 「Soujirou is as simple as usual nou. Rather, do you have interest at something except katana? How about a woman ja?」   「Hotaru san. Even I’m like this, I still a healthy male high school student. Of course, I’m very interested about that! 」   Until now I still don’t have any chance for that, but obviously, I like

Chapter 1 Part 1

The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 1) 「Well then, what shall I do?」   When I noticed it, I was standing in the grassland. And why school uniform?   It’s black school uniform that I was wearing at the high school that I attended. But it has been remodeled by God.   I will give that God better opinion if he gives this school uniform a cheat

Prologue 2

Between the end and the beginning of life 「……p,…ke up, wake up!」 「…Un, so noisy. To call me like that」   I lifted my heavy eyelids while complaining about the voice that resonates directly into my head.   「So dazzling…」   Finally, I opened my eyes and what my sight caught was a space of light.   However, I don’t know exactly where the light source is. It’s as if

Prologue 1

This Life Is Over (Tn: this section is for what author said) Thank you for reading. The pace maybe slow, but I’ll keep it steady. 「Thanks for your hardwork — san」   I murmured with a voice full of emotion, and then I pushed my beloved katana which I held with my right hand to the throat without any hesitation.   But, at this rate I will fall to the