Seijo no Kaifuku

Type Web Novel (JP)
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy, and Harem
Tags Aristocracy, Dense Protagonist, Healers, Loli, Male Protagonist, Masochists, Medieval, Misunderstandings, Overpowered Protagonist, R-15, Royalty, Slaves, Slow Romance, Sword And Magic, Timid Protagonist, and Tsundere
Author(s) きなこ軍曹 (Sergeant Kinako)
Artist(s) N/A
Year 2015
Description Long ago, I was fascinated upon seeing healing magic. But to be taught, you need to make a huge donation. I, who came from a normal family, could never afford it no matter how much I stretched my budget. Thus, I could only study and teach myself, quite desperately even. But around the time I reached the limit for what self-study could get me, I got to see a Saint first hand performing a charitable service using healing magic.

――――Eh, that was Heal just now, right? It was only used a few times, and you’re already having trouble breathing, and not only that, your healing didn’t even do that much! You gotta be kidding me――――?

Volume Title

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