Kaifuku Chapter 100

The Tree Branch Is The Same As Usual


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Well, I’m off to go defeat some goblins for a bit


Be careful, okay?




Aura sent me off worriedly as I answered her and waved my hand before I began to walk again.


As for why I was doing this, it’s because the carriage can’t move since there were a lot of goblins up ahead.


It’s quite a lot……


When I counted the number of goblins that had gathered in front of me, there were at least 50 of them.




I sighed because there were a lot more than I had anticipated. But I needed to do something about these goblins.


I looked at the goblins in front of me again and sighed a second time. Then I began to run towards them with my usual knife in my hand.




I ended up being hit several times after that. But it wasn’t as painful as usual, so I continued to fight the goblins after I finished healing myself.




I continued fighting the goblins for a while, but there was one thing on my mind.


And that is, the battles gradually felt more like chores because I kept doing the same thing.


I’m sorry for the goblins, but I’m getting really bored.


However, if I leave the hordes of goblins alone, not only would they slow down the carriage, but there’s also the possibility of the nearby villages being attacked. That’s why I need to fight, but unfortunately, it gets boring.




In the end, I still looked aside even though I was in the middle of fighting.


I know I should do this seriously since I’m taking lives, even if they’re just goblins. But it can’t be helped if it’s become that way because I kept doing simple work like this.


……What should I do?


I looked around thinking that there must be something that can get me out of this situation.




Soon after I began looking around, I saw a tree branch.




I cut off the arm of the goblin which approached me using the knife, then slipped out from the battlefield and went to the tree branch that was on the ground.




And of course, the goblins kept coming for me in the meantime, but I didn’t mind it and slowly extended my arm to grab the tree branch.




Just when my hand touched the tree branch, I heard the cry of the goblins in my ears.




I swung the tree branch towards the sound behind me.




At that moment, I heard the goblin’s agonizing death.


…………Haa, I can cut them after all……


The sharpness of the tree branch was surprising as usual. I turned and rushed toward the goblinsーー.




Ki-King-sama, here’s the report




I received the report from my subordinate as usual.


But this time, I felt that he looked a bit more nervous than usual. Is it because of the report?


Th-then, please excuse me


He bowed then left the room.


I saw the report in my hands.


Then I read it as usual and found something interesting in it.


A large number of goblin corpses were found at the road between the city and the capital. The number exceeded more than 50, it can be presumed that something happened.


Also, the cuts on the dead bodies resembled the Slaughter Witch. However, unlike the previous case, the subjugation parts, the goblin’s ears were all cut off.


It is still unknown whether it’s an adventurer passing through or the Slaughter Witch.


If it’s the latter, then there’s a possibility that it’s an intelligent being that is living among humans while posing as an adventurer.


We should be vigilant enough to prepare for an unexpected situation


It was written like that in the report.




I sighed weakly in secret and put the report on the desk.


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