Kaifuku Chapter 102

I Will Leave Early


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Editor: Lyncth


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I-I’m sorry, it was surprisingly long and it’s still not finished yet.

Also, it somehow became a serious(?) story

I’m sorry m(_ _)m

I will finish it tomorrow!!



Long time no see


Nest was standing in front of me while saying that.


……What should I do in this situation?


I was quite impatient because of this sudden situation.




There were two bento at my feet, one of which was a bento that I had made for Nest.


But even though I had made it, I didn’t know how to give it to him.


Oi Nest, quickly heal me!


Adventurers were starting to call for Nest as I was thinking about what to do.


Ah, then I’m going to give them treatment




My hand tried to reach for Nest who was leaving the reception desk, but I stopped it.


……Well, it’s for lunch after all, so I still have time


I whispered to myself, it would still be fine even if I gave it to him during lunch break.


Exactly at that moment, Nest started his treatment.




I let out a deep sigh because of this situation.


The time was already around evening and the number of adventurers in the guild was decreasing.


……And yet, I still couldn’t give him my bento.


As for Nest, it’s about time he finished giving treatment.


Even though there should be a lot of customers coming for treatment because of his long absence.




I dropped my gaze to my feet again.


There still were the two bento from this morning.


But I wonder whether it would have been different if I had given it to him this morning. Maybe one of it would be empty if I had done that.


It would be nice if I could give it naturally to Nest-san. That way, I can have lunch without being alone during lunch break.


Besides, it’s already too late now.


It would trouble Nest if he took this before dinner.




I don’t know how many times I have sigh today.


Yosh! I’m done!


I heard such words when I was sorting out documents.


I immediately stopped my work and looked in that direction.


There was the figure of Nest who had just finished giving treatment and had begun preparing to return.




I feel that I shouldn’t give the bento today.


It’s not like I have to give it today, there’s still tomorrow after all. Yup, It’s fine to make it again and try giving it once again tomorrow.


Then, thanks for your hard work


Nest left a greeting to the people in the guild and went out through the door.




I stared at the door where Nest-san had gone out.


ーーIs it okay like this?


I heard such a voice inside my chest.


ーーIs it okay to waste a bento you made with such great effort like this?


It’s true that it’s such a waste, but I can still make it again tomorrow.


ーーYou couldn’t give it today, so why do you think you can give it tomorrow?




I knew it, there were two conflicting opinions inside of me.


ーーRight now, do you still want to give this bento to Nest?




My hands stopped working, as I asked myself that question.




……What should I do? What should I do? Reallyーー It can’t be helped.


Sorry, I’ll leave early today!




The guild employee behind me raised a surprised voice, but I ignored it for now.


After I had decided, I acted immediately.


I picked up the bento and opened the guild’s door.


And then, I ran in the direction where Nest had gone towards.


Haa…… Haa……


A chilly wind brushed my cheeks as I ran.


……When was the last time I ran seriously like this?


Perhaps I shouldn’t be running too much after having retired as an adventurer.




I don’t know whether my effort paid off or not, but his back was reflected in my view.


ーーJust a little bit more!!


It should be easy to catch up from here.




At that time, I was too hasty. My feet got tangled and I fell.




After that, I felt pain.


Since I was carrying a bento, I couldn’t get into a proper position and fell pretty hard.




I couldn’t give him the bento after all.


Things like this usually never happen, and yet, I fail during important moments like this.


When I looked closely, I saw my blood flowing on the ground.




ーーIt’s okay, you can still make it again tomorrow.


……That’s right, isn’t it……?


Yup, It’s fine to make it again tomorrow.


As if the conflict from a while ago was nothing but a lie, I immediately decided so.


I convinced myself with that answer.


And yet, why?ーーWhy do I feel so sad?




Something cold was flowing down my cheeks.


Are, Asuha-san……?




I slowly raised my face and looked at the direction of the voice that came to my ears.


A-are you okay……?


At that place, there was Nest who, unlike this morning, was looking at me with a worried expression

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