Kaifuku Chapter 104

Wait A Minute, Aura-kun

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「Still, it’s delicious……」

While I was lying on the bed, I was thinking about Asha’s bento I ate a while ago.

At first, when I opened the bento, there was nothing in it. I thought it was already eaten, but when Asha-san saw this, she became stiff. Then she said 「Please wait here for a bit」and ran away somewhere.

Then, after waiting for a while, Asha-san came back while holding something in her hands.

When I looked at the thing in her hands, I saw a bento that looked the same as before.

When I nervously opened the lid, this time, I saw a lined up food that looked so delicious, it  stimulated my hunger.

When Asha-san gave me the chopsticks, I asked her again whether it’s okay to eat it, and then began to eat the bento.

While I was eating, I wondered why Asha-san had two bentos. But such a thing doesn’t matter as long as I can eat a delicious bento.


I want to eat it again……

Having Asha’s dishes again I can’t help but to crave more.

Of course the things that Lily and the rest make were very tasty, but the dishes that Asha-san made had a different flavor than what Lily, the rest , and I could make.

It feel very fresh, maybe that’s what make it delicious.


It’s somehow embarrassing for me to ask for it, so I need to wait for Asha-san to make it……

While I was feeling a little disappointed, I pressed my head against the bed.

「……Est? Nest~」


Since there’s a voice calling me, I slowly open my eyes.

It seems I fell asleep while I was lying on the bed.


When I was wondering about who called me, I saw Lily straddling my body and bring her face closer to me. (Tn: Okay, time to call the police!) (Pr: lily would probably rape tho)(Tn: Reverse rape?)

「Ah, have you woke up?」

Lily noticed that I have woken up and get off the bed.

「……So, what’s wrong?」

I thought Lily woke me up for something, so I asked.

「Hmm, lunch is ready?」

「……Aah, okay.」

I sat up while rubbing my eyes.

I’m sure what Lily meant to say was dinner.

If I remember correctly, I was sleeping without eating anything, that’s must be why she woke me up.

Fortunately, Asha-san’s bento wasn’t too much, so I should be able to eat the dinner.


I got up from the bed and went to the door where Lily went.

「Ooh, it looks so delicious.」

I say while looking at the dishes on the desk.

There’s obviously meat, but there’s vegetable as well.

「Well then, shall we eat?」

There’s Lily, Aura, and Tre beside the desk, so we start eating.

「……Un, it’s delicious」

I take a mouthful of food to my mouth.

It was melting softly inside my mouth as I said so.

「It was made by Lily you know~?」

Lily was so happy hearing my words.

「Eeh, that’s amazing」

Lily who sat next to me was smiling so happily when I praised and pat her.


And yet, Aura and Tre look depressed somehow, but maybe it just my imagination.

That’s what I thought and I continued eating.

「……Fuu, my stomach is so full……」

I thought I should eat the food in front of me, but surprisingly, there was a lot of it.

Well, it’s good that I can eat it properly.

「Eh, full already……?」

When I said that, Aura was surprised and looked at me.

「W-well, but, I finished eating it all……」

I said something strange to Aura as I show my empty dish.

「……? you didn’t eat lunch right?」

Then Aura asked me so.

「Well, it’s true that I didn’t eat lunch but……」

After that I got a bento from Asha-san……

「That’s why I made a lot of it today!」


After she said that, Aura left the desk and went back to the kitchen.

My eyes timidly follow after her back.


Then,  just as I imagined, Aura brought me a plate full of a new dishes.


Wa-wait a minute, Aura-kun.

「Yup, it’s your share Nest」

Aura ruthlessly placed the new dish in front of me.

「Oh, that’s also made by Lily~」

While I looked at the dishes, Lily was looking at me with a sparkling eyes.

Please stop it……

If you look at me like that, I need to eat all of it………


But I don’t have the courage to eat all of it.

I’m sure if I start eating it, I need to eat it until I finish it all.

「It’s delicious you know?」

Lily told me so.

「Okay, Aaann」

I don’t know what I thought at that time, but I took a mouthful of the dishes and brought it to my mouth.

This way I don’t have a choice aside to eat it isn’t it……?

After everything was over, I didn’t have to tell you that I had to use recovery magic on my stomach multiple times right?

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