Kaifuku Chapter 105

It’s Payback Time

TL: Kirisaki Shin
ED: Marunikyu-eiyuu-sama

「……My stomach is heavy……」

The night ended as I mutter so on my bed.

Thanks to recovery magic, or maybe simply because enough time has passed, my stomach feels better.


While lightly rubbing my stomach, I silently looked up at the familiar ceiling.

And then a certain idea crossed my head, no, my stomach.

ーーLet’s pay her back.

After deciding so, I get up from the bed slowly and get out of my room.

「……Fufufufu……」(Tn: I bet $10 for his plan to turn badly!) (Ed: Naturally, knowing his IQ…)

I was smiling naturally when I thought about what I will do from thereafter.

But when I thought that someone would found me, my face crisps. But despite of that, I can’t help laughing to myself.

it’s because I was thinking about what I’ll later do to Aura after all.


I couldn’t hold it in and laughed again even though I knew I shouldn’t do that.

「……Yosh, Let’s do it」

But still, this morning is quite dim.

At that time, I was the only one who came to my house’s garden.

That is to search for a certain something.

I’m sure everyone will wake up when it brightens up, that’s why I came so early. But because it’s quite dim, I can’t find what I want.


I sighed because of that.

It’s been a long time since I started looking.

And yet, I still can’t find it.

The sun’s coming up, the time for everyone to wake up is near.

Perhaps they already woke up.


At that time, thanks to the brighter surroundings, I finally found it.


I can’t help but laugh because of the joy. It’s good that I finally found it.

What made me smile so much is ーーー the carcass of some disgusting insect in my hand.

「……There’s no one up, right……?」

I slowly opened the door as to not make noise.

I check from the gap to make sure there’s no one in there. But just in case, I crawl on the ground as to not to make a sound.

「What are you doing?」


Suddenly, my shoulder was trembling because of that shivering voice.

When I looked up, there was Lily who seems to be sleepy.

「……Go-good morning」

Not knowing what to say, I just mutter that.

「Hnn, good morning」

Lily rubs her eyes and greet me.


But, I wonder what I should do.

I shouldn’t let anyone know about what I’m gonna do, but……


I slowly place my index finger against my lips.

In other words it’s the ‘please be quiet’ sign.


Because of my serious look, Lily nods while having a sleepy face.

Once I confirm that, I go crawling again on the floor.


Then, when I looked behind me again, somehow, Lily was following me.

However instead of quarelling with her and getting found out by Aura and company, I think it’d be better that she’d tag along quietly, so I already went towards the place I’m aiming for without saying anything.

「……Yosh, we arrived……」

Right nowーーI was in front of bathroom.

By the way, Lily was still following behind me.


Oops, it’s not good.

Since I managed to come this far, I need to finish it until the end.

「……Wait here for a bit, okay……?」

I told Lily who was sleepily waiting behind me, slowly nodded.

「……Yosh, it’s okay like this」

There’s a dead insect in front of my eyes.

Alright, this guy is quite disgusting.

I left it in the middle of the bathroom.

「After that, we just need to wait for Aura to take a bath……」

I was sure at that time I had a very terrible smileーー.

「Oh, good morning Aura」

It’s convenient, today I was in charge of making a breakfast, and Aura woke up at the same time as I was cooking.

「Since it will take a while, why don’t you take a bath first?」

I said so to Aura while showing her the dishes.

「I see. In that case I suppose I’ll take one first. 」

……fufufuーー it’s working according to keikaku. (Tn: keikaku means plan)

Without doubting my suggestion, Aura went to the bathroom.

By the way, Lily sat on the chair, waiting for breakfast.

And now, I just need to wait for Aura to scream.


ーーThere you go, I heard it.

I smiled at the success of my revenge.

「Ne-Nest! The-there’s a bug!!」


And then, when I heard the sounds of footsteps, Aura came in front of me (……..) naked.

It surprised me.

「OkFaAkfa@fkptsuuuuu!?」(Tn: it’s not mistranslated okay) (Ed: lol I checked anyway)

I was too surprised, I let out a strange sounds that I don’t understand.


I turned around and threw clothes big enough to cover up Aura’s body.

「Is there something wrong~?」

And then, Aura’s voice made Lily worry and she came over here.

「Th-there was a bug~! Inside the bath~!!」

Aura says so to Lily with teary eyes while crying.


I was listening to Aura while thinking.


As for Lily, she tilted her head when she heard what Aura said.


At that moment, Lily raises her voice as if remembering something.

「So that’s why Nest was in such a place~!!」

And then, she dropped the bomb.


ーーTime had stopped. (Tn: zawarudo!!) (Ed: Loli Lily’s retribution against beta MC)

「……What do you mean?」

Her great vigor from a while ago changed completely as she glared at me.


I was only able to react like that after looking away from Aura.

After that, it goes without saying what became of meー.

However, let’s just say that the scream of a man was heard within the entire townーー.

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