Kaifuku Chapter 106

You Loser Assholes!

TL: Kirisaki Shin
ED: Marunikyu-senpai

「……Haa, yesterday was such a mess……」

I said so while looking up at the ceiling from my bed.

After that, they found out that the insect in the bathroom was actually my work, and they paid me back in various ways.

Well, it’s true that I did something bad but……

「……Maybe, I should go to the guild today.」

I didn’t go to the guild yesterday, so maybe there will be a lot of people to heal today.

I get up from the bed as I think so, and start changing my clothes.

「……Eh, where is Aura?」

When I finished changing my clothes, I went to the room where we always eat. But there were only two people in there, Lily who was cooking and Tre was sitting quietly.

I thought it was weird, so I sat down and asked Tre.

「Etto, she went to the guild……?」

And then, Tre said so to me while looking away from me.


I don’t know why her attitude is so cold like that, but I think it’s fine for now.

Maybe Aura went to the guild early to prepare for the treatments.

I convinced myself such and sat on the chair. I kept waiting for the breakfast that Lily made.

「I will going ahead then」

After I was done eating Lily’s breakfast deluxe, I said so from the door to Lily and Tre that were still inside my house.

I left them behind and went first, since Tre was also there, I’m sure it will be okay.

I thought so and opened the door, then went to the city by myself.

「Ah, isn’t it Nest-chan? Do your best today, okay?」

「Ah, thank youー」

When I was walking in the city, I was greeted by auntie on the way.

While I properly answer her, I walk again towards the guild.


And then, when I was going to walk, auntie suddenly approached me, then she stuck out her leg between my feet.


Naturally I couldn’t react in time and tripped on my leg like that, then I let out a weird 「Bugyaa」sound as I fell down.


I muttered so while my face was still stuck to the ground.


I got up slowly from the ground. I wanted to ask auntie why she did that and looked back.


However, it should be obvious, auntie had already ran away, with only a cold wind left.


I fell down, again.

I wonder how many times is this?

I’ve almost arrived at the guild, but I probably tripped my feet more than ten times already.

Of course if I’m the one who gets done in so many time I will try to avoid anymore of this, but the other party is not just one person, but a large number of people.

Even just now, 5 people came at the same time, and I already fell down 3 times already.

I was trying to complain, but all of them left while only leaving a smoke at that moment.


Why on earth are they doing this? {ED note: jesus what a low IQ low EQ cuck. Just leave these evil plebs to pay for their overpriced potions, sell your backstabbing slaves to some perverts and go to the capital with the loli Lily}

As I get a little depressed, I looked towards the guild that was gradually getting closer.


I somehow do not feel like doing a treatment today.

After all, the ones who tripped me a while ago were mostly adventurers that I treated at least once before.

「……Well, it’s okay……」

But I thought, there would be people who need treatment today. Then I slowly open the guild’s door in front of me.

「Yosh, today is over……」

Even in the guild, I was falling down several times, but I was able to finish the treatment safely.

Honestly, I gave up on not falling down.

If I gave more attention to the surroundings, it would only get me tired, I don’t feel pain anyway.

But the only concern is, why everyone suddenly started doing this?

There would be no such a thing without any reason.


At that time, I saw the place where the quest paper were affixed.


Among them, there is one request paper that stood out somehow.

I wondered what it was, so I went in front of it.

『Just try to knock me down! You loser* assholes! ClientーNest』 (Tn: actually it’s “reality is not satisfying you asshole!” but we change it to loser to describe people who are not satisfied with reality)


I took the paper silently.

……As I am the client, it’s okay right?

As your information, since no reward was written, it was free.

「……Haa, let’s go home.」

Just like I came to the guild, I slowly opened the door, but the difference is, I went outside the door.

「……It’s okay now, right?」

I am on my way home right now, but today I decided to go home through a plaza that has a nice view.

It certainly became a little detour, but it’s better than being falling down, that’s why I choose this road.

It’s true that I tear the request that someone I don’t know put, but all the people that I saw before, in short, they were people who didn’t satisfy with reality, that’s why they tripped my feet.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t decide whether reality is fulfilling enough or not*, but well, maybe that’s how it is. {ED note: loser was adapted here here from a literal expression about that reality isn’t fulfilling enough}

And yet, unless the prospects are good, I think I will also try to avoid it.


I look around once again, but there seems to be no one for now.


At the moment when I thought such a thing, I fell down.

However, as far as I see, there should be nobody around here.


I look back in panic, I even forgot to heal myself.

But there’s no one there.

I’m sure there was a person with a tremendous speed, it made me a bit angry.

He doesn’t need to bother me until this far right?


However, I can’t convey my anger to anybody, I sighed as I faced downward.


And then, I saw it.

There’s a slightly big stone ーー rolling on the ground.

It’s at the place where I was fell down just now.

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