Kaifuku Chapter 107

Just Like a Beast

Translator: Kirisaki Shin
Editor: Lyncth

「……Yosh, let’s start today!」

I lightly raise my arm and announced so till it echoed throughout the guild.

Yesterday, I was tired from being tripped over, but after a night had passed, I was able to come to the guild with Lily without any problems.

Well, it’s obvious, but I can’t help looking at my feet sometimes.

By the way, about the person who put in the request yesterday.

When I asked Aura, with a stiff face she said 「I-I don’t know」.

Since I thought that it’s not necessary to ask too much about it, I wrapped up that topic without pursuing it anymore.

It’s become a mystery now, oh well.

Rather than that, I need to focus on treatment right now.

Switching my gear, I looked at the patient who was in front of me.

「Haa, let’s take a lunch breakー」

I heard a sound that was like a complaint that came from inside the guild, but I don’t mind.

Why? Because it was the voice of the adventurers that I had already healed.

Also, I didn’t need to leave it to Tre either since I was pretty much healing all the patients quickly.

So, we headed towards the door of the guild to have a lunch.



But, at the moment when I was going to put a hand on it, the door was violently opened and came close to me.


Then, someone came in.

And of course, since I was in front of the door, he bumped into me……

And then he was rolling on the guild floor.

During that time, I noticed that there were three people who entered the guild. One of them was being supported by his shoulders from both sides.


I got up slowly and looked at those three to see what happened.

Then, I noticed something.

My hand was stained with blood.


At that time, two of the three people stood up.

「……Tte, it’s not time to be dazed!」

I said it out loud after thinking so.

「Oi Nest! Can you heal him!? He collapsed near town!」

「Okay, got it!」

When I saw that there was blood on my hand, I had thought that I was the one who was injured, but apparently it wasn’t so.

After replying them, I immediately began healing him.

I don’t know how deep his wound is, so I better properly heal him this time.


When I said that, the injured person’s body was wrapped in a faint light. The light soon settled down.

「Yosh, he should be okay now」

「I-is that so……?」

After hearing my words, not only the two people who had brought him, but also the adventurers and staff members in the guild felt relieved.

「Perhaps there weren’t any deep wounds」

Just in case, I think it’s better for him to rest a little bit more.

「Yosh, let’s wake him up and ask a little bit about his situation.」

Even though I just healed him, one of the people who brought him here said so. He’s really trying to wake him up by slapping him.

There was a cloth wrapped around the collapsed man’s head. It made me curious to see the knot gradually loosen as he woke up.


The knot was suddenly undone.


At that moment, everybody inside the guild froze.

I don’t think he was a human, since under the cloth, there were the ears of a beastー.

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