Kaifuku Chapter 99

Please Throw Me Up Into The Sky


Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Lyncth

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Lily, please throw me into the sky


I grasped Lily’s little hands as I said so.


……How did it come to this, let’s go back a little.

「ーWell, thank you very much


We will be going back to town today. We’ve been away from home for a long time.


I was in the middle of saying thank you to Ethique, Saint Luna, and the King’s mother who had come to see us off.


No no no, I also had fun


Luna replied to me.


There were a lot of things that made me feel indebted to the royal family.


There was also the problem with Lily’s ridiculous power, it’s really troublesome in various ways.


There was a wry smile on Luna’s face when she recalled that.


……Well, thanks for everything


When we were doing such a thing, the carriage that would bring us back to the city was about to leave soon, so I once again gave my final thanks.




Luna waved her hand and saw us off until we left the capital.


While I was looking at Luna, I thought that I wouldn’t come back to the capital for a while.


Or rather, I think it’s better to stay in the town for a while.


I have been busy lately, I wanted to rest at home for the first time in a while.


However, we have to give some treatment at the guild after a long period of absence……


I sighed a little after thinking about our plans from now on.


As we traveled to the town, we decided to take a break along the way.


The place that we decided to rest was the place where I was previously hit by the dragon.




I walked away from the carriage and went to the place where I was chased by the dragon.


I didn’t do anything in particular, but it was still emotional to be here.






While I thought so, there was a voice behind me. It surprised me.


When I looked at the owner of the voice, there was Lily standing there with a mischievous face.


So it’s just Lily……


It really surprised me. I patted my chest after I realized that it was just Lily.


Maybe I was a bit cautious since I wasn’t familiar with the place and was previously attacked by the dragon here.


Let’s play~


I don’t know whether she had noticed something wrong with me, but Lily came to me while laughing happily.


And as soon as she ran in front of me, she grabbed my hand and ran ahead.


Since I didn’t have any reason to refuse, I followed her.


That place is nice~


The place where Lily pointed at was a place like a big square.




When I was chased by the dragon, I think I ran away in various directions. But, I never thought such a place existed.


Nevertheless, it’s true that we can take it easy here.


Nest, look at this!!




And then, Lily called me.


Lily held something in her hands, but I don’t know what it was.


Here I go~


When Lily said that, she held it in her hand with all her strength.


And then, something flew away from Lily towards the sky.


When I chased it with my eyes, it was already flying up towards the sky, and gradually became invisible to the eye.




I was shocked when I saw that.


After looking up for a while, the thing that Lily threw gradually fell down.




And then, Lily easily catches the thing that fell down with terrible momentum.


It’s amazing right~!?


I was really surprised when I saw what Lily had just shown me.


It seems the thing inside Lily’s hand was just a slightly large stone.




Lily came to me and asked for my impression, but I was thinking about something completely different.


……………With thatーー, I can fly in the sky, right?


Right now, I was dominated by such a thought.


I never thought about it until now, but with Lily’s power, I’m sure I can fly in the sky.


When I met the dragon, I felt like I was flying in the sky for a bit, but actually, it was just me being blown away.


When I got that idea, I turned to Lily.


Hey Lily, pleaseーー throw me into the sky


I say so while holding Lily’s small hands.


Hnn, okay~?


Even though she looks puzzled, she still gave an okay.


I was really happy when I heard that.


Then, let’s go~!


I am being lifted by Lily right now.


Lily’s power was terrifying after all. She easily lifted my body.




And then, Lily threw me away.




Not verticallyーー but diagonally.


I thought she was going to throw me vertically like before, but I never thought that she would throw me diagonally.


I, who was thrown away by Lily, was moving through the air with great speed.


I was able to understand my current situation after a while.


……I will die like this!!


I slowly opened my eyes and looked down while enduring the wind against my face.


The ground is still far away, but I was beginning to gradually fall towards the ground.




This would be really bad if I didn’t use recovery magic.


Meanwhile, the distance between me and the ground has shrunk considerably.


Heal heal heeal heeal heeeal heeeeaaalll!!


I had thought to use recovery magic continuously at the moment when I hit the ground, but I let go of my consciousness because of the fear.


After that, I was unhurt for some reason, but my mouth was foaming. So Lily carried me to the carriage, or so I heard……


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