Hidden Dungeon Chapter 15

School Life is Starting!


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ED: Chinozuku


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After opening the window, gentle morning spring breeze entered my room.


It gently sway my hair and the hem of Alice’s skirt.

「It’s finally the time, right, big brother.」


「Yeah, finally the school is starting.」


I squeezed the sleeves, put my arms through the new school uniform. Please keep it as a secret that I couldn’t tie my necktie and let my sister did that for me.


「I believe you will be success at Hero School. Alice will get into Hero School next year too, even though I should vomit blood.」


「Thank you, but please don’t push yourself. Especially, please don’t vomit blood.」


「I want to get close to my respected brother! … By the way, today we haven’t hug, are we?」


While saying that, Alice spreads her arm widely. (tn: in the raw, the author called her Aria, not Alice. Probably typo but I changed it to Alice)


Closing her eyes, she lifted her chin and was ready to kiss.

「Alice? That is for your boyfriend, you know?」(tn: Again, the author’s possibly typo) (ED: how the hell he call her Aria, while the narration before said Alice?)


「Big brother and boyfriend means the same to me.」


「Dictionary, huh… Next time, I should buy you a dictionary.」

I didn’t like poverty, because of that there was no dictionary in our house.


Of course, I hug her without kissing. Really, a hug without icky-sticky situation at all.


10 seconds passed

20 seconds passed

60 seconds passed


It’s troubling because Alice didn’t seem to let go.


「Because if I let you go now, it feels like you’re going somewhere far away..」


「I’m just going to school」


「—Ooi! Elite student! It’s already… morning….」


In the worst timing possible, Father opened up the door. Because I felt it’s too heated up to call it normal hug, my face was frozen.


Leaving the room while walking backwards, he turned right and dashed with all his might, and went down stairs.


「For such forbidden love to exists, what should I do as a father!!」


…Oh man, Father’s quick decision was really bothersome.


Shaking my head, Alice and I went to the living room.


「Good morning, Mother.」


「Good morning, you two.」


「Mom, why did you greet them normally!? I have said that they were embracing each other in the bedroom just now!」


「Dear, it’s a everyday greeting custom we just started, remember?」


「No no no, th-that was.. How should I put it…」


「Father, please don’t misunderstand. Alice and I are in healthy relationship.」

I said that to Father who lost his mind, but he was still restless. He shouted while pointing to our hands, which are still holding each other.

「Look! They’re holding hands aren’t they!」


「It’s because Alice said she want to hold hands no matter what.」


「Ain’t that lovers’ hand holding!? Awesome, even the fingers are neatly entwined!」


「Esteemed Father, lately it’s a normal thing. This is how we link each other whether family or someone we respect.」


「Eh, really? Do you think I’m outdated?」


As Alice nodded deeply, Father quickly changed his thought and stopped making a fuss. I think that flexibility was a good part about him.


Another good part about him was when he got slumped after being rejected quickly when he urged Alice by saying “Then let’s hold hands.”


So to speak, the lovers’ hand holding gives me LP.  Although it’s minuscule, there was no reason to do it, right?


「By the way, what is that?」

The thing that took my attention was the flower pot on the shelf, but there was a large quantity of bugs inside.

Moreover, was that black thing. …. locust?

「I got it from our neighbor. I was thinking to eat them as dinner」

Mother was from a good family, but because she was eloped with Father, it seems she has been become a tough woman accordingly, to the level where she didn’t mind eating bugs.


But of course, if they were brought to the dining table, the three of us won’t touch them.


「It’s too much for me if I eat them alone.」


「…Can I have some too?」

Suddenly, the room goes silent. It was because, every time mother offers it I always strongly reject them.


「So you’re going to surpass me, my son…」


「Alice can’t comprehend it. As I thought, I respect you….」


Mother has been smiling for a while looking at Father and Alice who pulled back a little.


Although I said I was okay, they went to the entrance and sent me off after breakfast.


That was something noticed even by the passerby because they sang the Song of the Traveler in unison.


Well, it was embarrassing but….  I feel happy at the same time.


◇ ◆ ◇

After meeting with Emma in front of the Hero School’s gate, I paid 300.000 Ria for school tuition at the receptionist.


At the same time, they gave me the Dead Reaper’s material.


Could I sell this? I want to help my family’s finance.


I put it in the [Storage] and then we headed to S-Class classroom.


Actually, it was okay for not wearing badge of nobility for our school life after this.


Except for the first day, we have to wear the badge. For commoner who don’t have badge, the receptionist was lending badges as a proof of our social status.


「Somehow it feels off…」

I think it was natural for Emma to feel down.


It was because you could see clearly the social status and other things unrelated (to school).


Actually, they were just making sure we remembered that “He’s the son of someone with high position” when we want to form human relationship.


There was also aspects where we couldn’t do anything about it.


Because on top of we were living as member of society, social status difference was clearly exist, yet it was strange that only inside this school, such thing didn’t exist.


Well then, after opening the classroom door, we took everyone’s attention at once.


Counting the number of people, only half of them were here.


Most of them were confirming the badge we put on our chests.

Baronet and Baron (TL: I follow the social ranks according to http://foreven.com/libdat/libdat/n/NobleRanks.htm)


Because this class was full of the children of either nobles or rich families, our social standing was rather on the low rank, especially me.

There are those whose face didn’t have any interest also those whose face are troubled, whether they will greet us or not.

That was for lady part, for boys, they came with enthusiasm.


「I’m the heir of Delmond Family, Rapbard. Nice to meet you」


「Aah… how do you do… 」

Emma was bowing to him. (TL: Emma dropped her head)


Even from the time when we were in training school, Emma has always been popular because she was cute and has friendly aura.


There was also a bad time when the teachers started to fight each other to decide who will be looking after Emma.


Therefore, I could imagine this situation where she was being surrounded by boys


Looks like I’m the only one who was outside the mosquito net.


However, there is one thing that was outside my expectation. A boy greeted me. Wait, wasn’t he even asking for a handshake!?

「Nice to meet you. I’m Syphonse family’s….」

There was a reason why he stopped moving his lips. That was when he checked the thing on my chest.


Either he had bad vision or he has been captivated by Emma, he didn’t see that before.

The No-name-kun of Syphonse retracted his extended hand.


It resembles how turtle retracts its head.

「Hum, it’s so warm today~」

As if there was nothing happened, No-name-kun left me. I was thinking it was impolite but I didn’t have any rights to stop and complaining to him.


Even among the nobility class, Baronet has a special social standing.


It was a title given to someone who wasn’t a noble in the first place, due to their deed to the country.


It seems father was also like that.


When the town was attacked by a lot of monsters, he was the core of enemy subjugation at that time and then he was given the baronet peerage.


Even though I said that, most of the nobles didn’t want to admit Baronet as a nobility title.


There was also people who said the lowest nobility title was Baron.


「—Umm, isn’t that impolite?」


As if splitting the human sea, Emma came out in front of the No-name-kun. That powerful gaze, it wasn’t fair to call it anger.

「Heh? What are you talking about?」


「Although he’s a Baronet, he was placed third on the test you know!」


「Well, that was…that, right?」

As if he was too disgusted to say it, he asked for other student’s comment.


Even without saying it out loud, I know. They thought that I was passed as a tag-along.


But for Emma who knows the truth, thing was different.

「If Noire didn’t brought Dead Reaper’s material, perhaps I couldn’t pass. At least for that, he did his best you know!」 (TL: Decided to change his name into Noire. Thanks ED)

(ED: I don’t really care whether you name him Nolu, Noir, or Bolu. It’s up to you as a translator.)

Although Emma told them with a serious face, everyone laughed at her.

「Please stop telling lies like that. That was what Earl Lenoir’s doing right?」


Yeah, as I thought.


Emma knows that was a made up story.


When she was about to argue, the door opened and the one we were talking about entered the room with his friends.


「—At that time, Dead Reaper’s sword grazed my throat. As I’d lose my life at one hair breadth, I backed up a step and readied my stance. ‘Lenoir, you can’t lose here!’ I said that to myself. And then I keep last consciousness together.」

Ms. Lenoir, you’re good at making up stories.


Except, the (Dead Reaper’s) weapon wasn’t a sword but big scythe. Also, if you were caught, even a graze by it you will die, that part was wrong too.


Anyway, those bastards convinced that I was passed because I was her tag-along.


「Sorry, but my parent said that I shouldn’t be friend with anyone except the nobles. Everyone~ the school opening ceremony is about to start, let’s go to the auditorium~」


As if an innocent being, she told that to everyone and about to get out of the classroom.


However, the daughter of the duke family, Ms. Maria came and they were opening a way in hurry.


Everyone held their breath.


It was because her social standing and her beauty was flawless.


The first one that flawless Ms. Maria greet was—me and Emma.


「Good morning, Mr. Noire, Ms. Emma. Thank you for the other day.」


The other day.


We did nothing in particular, only did some simple greetings.


But I replied her words accordingly.


「So do I, thank you for the other day. I’m looking forward to our long student life from now on.」


「Yes. Please take care of me too.」


After greeted me, the class members was flocking around her.


As expected, the true star was here.


After watching the events before (the greeting). He extended his arm toward me. He was the one who took back his hand from me a while ago.


「I’m Syphonse family’s….」


「—That’s enough.」

I snapped his hand and gallantly walked to the door.


The pride of Starsia family is not that cheap.


「Ah, the Dead Reaper Killer Ms. Lenoir. I have something to talk with you.」



That was not good, you didn’t have to be frightened–.


It’s okay, because this will benefits for both of us.

Looking at the misunderstood Lenoir whose face became blue, I left the classroom.

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