Hidden Dungeon Chapter 17

What You Should Not Do In A Class

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Ms. Elna, the teacher of S Class.

I think she was a knowledgeable person.

While not saying anything, she properly observed her student’s ability.

After sparring with me, everyone learned Back Step from her, but it looks like she adjusted herself with each of her student’s ability. Just like when she did that with me, she promised a reward to all boys.

But in the end, no one passed her condition.

After the training has been ended, Teacher told me to lie down on the ground.
「But on the ground is…」

「Don’t mind it. Hurry up.」

I thought “The sand is going to stick on my back” and facing upward.


In no time, Teacher sat her tight buttocks on my belly.

「As I said, I’d give you a reward, didn’t I?」

「Woah!!!”, a lot of boys shouted their envy, but it wasn’t really a reward for me.

For me, their impression was a little too hard…

「When doing mercenary work, there are times when you have to walk in front of your client. If your client is a male, the chance of your ass being praised by him is high. Also, it’s not rare that they will try to touch them. Well, for me I’ll make them regret it though.」

With a prideful figure, she lifted up her ass, and then dropped it, lifted it, dropped it.

「Au, uhh, haah」

While she was training my abdominal muscles, a strange voice was leaking out of my mouth. It was the first time I’ve done this kind of strength training!

After she finished training my abdominal part, she sat on my chest.

「Now, how are you feeling, Noire?」

「My chest, hard, to breath」

「There’s no specific rule forbidding a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student, but you’re still not strong enough to make me fall for you.」

「Please fall off, it’s not because I’m suffering but it’s simply because your buttocks’ weight is…」

「Shut up!」

That part of the Teacher’s body blocked my face, suffocating me.

But because that was only for a moment, it didn’t make me gasp for air.

The training? It seems has been ended and she finally released me.

For some reason, I might have to thank her. My LP increased by 400.

When I got back to where everyone was, some boys rowdily questioning me.

「How did her ass smell?」

「Nah, I didn’t have any chance to….」

「Was it soft?」

「Well, about that…」

「Fohhh— do it to me too, teacher!!」

「Over there, shut up!」

Ms. Elna glanced at the boys. Lifting her hair up, she looked annoyed.

「Well, please don’t misunderstand. My lessons are just like this, taking emphasis on body language. What I did has its part to train body strength, so you have to join in properly. Next, make a team of two.」

It seems OK whoever the teammate was, Emma looked happy and rushed over here.

「—let’s pair up~!」

「Yeah, I’ll be in your care.」

「Hey, there. Noire and Emma, you guys shouldn’t team up」

Although she said it was OK whoever the teammate was, somehow we were being warned by Ms. Elna.

When Emma asked the reason.

「You guys are in that kind of relationship right? If so then you’ll do some illicit things.」

「Nah, Emma and I aren’t going out though.」

「Hmm, is that so Emma?」

「Yeah, we’re not going out yet.」

「Aah… not lovers but childhood friends, huh. Either way, it’s not allowed. That’s because you’re going to restrain yourselves while training. The two girls over there, come here.」

The two who were called by the Teacher were a pair of girls who leaked out an aura of elegance.

One of them was the Duke’s daughter, Maria. The other was a cool-looking beauty with a black ponytail hair.

Their style, figure and such was in a good manner.

「Both of you too should not team up. You’re Maria’s escort, right?」

「….Yes, but…」

「You’re not allowed even to look. You team up with Emma. Maria with Noire.」

The black-hair ponytail looked so disappointed. That girl looked strong, though not as strong as the Teacher.

As I thought, she was also strong.

「I’m okay, Amane. Please pair up with Ms. Emma.」

Maria said that and smiled like an angel. After Amane sighed a little, somehow she turned her body to my direction.

「….Mr. Stargia. I ask for 30 seconds, please.」

「Ah, yes.」

Teacher nodded as a sign of approval, and then I followed Amane. When we reached a place where everyone’s voice couldn’t be heard, she started the conversation.

「Maria has an illness. Please don’t force her to move her body too much.」

Perhaps she was talking about the 16th Death Stamp?

If I say that I already know that, then she’ll ask me how did I know so, let’s keep silent for now.

「I understand. I’ll be careful.」

「….Thank you.」

When she was about to go back, I stopped her. There was something interests me as an individual.
She was looking at me without any expression. Really, what a cool girl.

「Ms. Amane, you’re from a Marquis house, aren’t you? So does the Marquis house also work as an escort?」

「….just like you and Ms. Brightness」

「Childhood friends, huh.」


「Emm, I don’t know if I should ask this or not but since when has Maria been sick?」

「…..since she was born. Let’s go back already.」

As I thought, it seems she didn’t want me to dig into it too much.

The training started as soon as we got back to where the Teacher is.

This time, it seems like we were going to learn about fighting techniques without any weapons.

「When you’re in combat, there are times when you’ll be thrown off by the enemy. Because of that, you’ll learn ukemi. Noire, stand up in front of me.」
(tn: ukemi is a technique in judo where you lessen the impact when you’re being thrown off.)

「Teacher, do you possibly like me?」

「You’re just overconfident. Hurry up.」

I thought It was going to be hurt, but it turns out my fear was just needless worry.
It seems that I was going to be the one who did the throw.

「Shoulder throw, throw me after you carry me on your shoulder.」

Because that was her instruction, first I seize one of her hand and then grab on Teacher’s clothes. But if I wanted to throw her, I should grab on her chest clothing.

「What are you hesitating for?」

「Emm, that, how should I put it…」

「Are you a maiden!? Troubled about grabbing chests like that!」

「I understand, then please allow me to do so!」

I gripped her chest part, and then I pulled my arm together with my wrist. At the same time, I twist my body and lifted her up on my back.

Just like that, I threw her to the ground!

Although to avoid any injuries, I didn’t throw her completely. For a moment, I didn’t release my pulling hand.

She pulled her chin to avoid the back side of her head from hitting the ground and then she hit the ground with her hand to nullify the impact.

And then she quickly got up.

「That was ukemi. Although I said that, there will be times when your breath will be knocked out of you because of your back hitting the ground. But it will be better than not taking any air at all. Also, just now was a soft throw. In a real combat, you’ll be thrown to the ground for certain. After that, they’ll trample on your face.”

「That’s harsh… 」

「Basically, you have to be careful not to be thrown. Now then, Noire and Maria, try doing it.」

We became the guinea pig.

「Please treat me well. Please throw me.」

「No, it’s me who should be thrown, ok?」

「But, I’m…」

「No, no… it should be a boy who should be…」

「….why are you just talking over there, Noire, you, be thrown!」

Teacher was irritated. My heart pounded hard when I stood in front of Maria.
Her exposed skin was like porcelain, pale pink-colored lips, and her perfect body proportion.

Her white hand weakly gripped my chest.

….huh? perhaps she was shivering?

Worried that she was feeling unwell, I whispered to her.

「I heard from Amane that you’ve got an illness. Do you possibly right now….」

「No, you’re wrong. I-I’m just nervous because I almost never have any contact with men.」

「Hey, you two….」

Before I could felt Maria’s cuteness, I was surprised by the Teacher’s cold eyes.

「Could you please stop that lovey-dovey stuff? Aunty over here is on her limit on patience, you know.」

「I’m sorry, Ms. Aunty」

「….Noire, if your ukemi is bad, I’ll make you run around the schoolyard ten times. Sprinting with your full speed.」

「I’m just… repeating because you called yourself aunty…」

「Don’t make any excuses!」

「I understand. Then please give me 20 seconds.」


Well then, if I make an ukemi skill….

[Ukemi 30 LP]

So cheap!

Well, perhaps it was related to a simple skill, Or perhaps I have a talent in ukemi?
Ah, maybe I’ve been doing ukemi in my life (implying that his life is always going down and he always lessens the impact). While my eyes were distant, I acquired the skill.

「Well then, start!」

「I’m ready anytime.」

Swoop, my body was being lifted. Her throwing was unexpectedly skillful so I was easily being thrown. Of course, she was being considerate to avoid injury.

Bang, I hit the ground with my hand and did ukemi.

It didn’t hurt because she threw me softly. I stood up normally and looked at the Teacher and waiting for her judgment.


「Sensei? How was my ukemi?」


「Don’t click your tongue like that. Was it better than what you have imagined?」

「….well, to tell you the truth, you certainly have more talent than me.」

「Thank you very much.」

The cheat was worth it. While I was happy that there was no outer bound—



With such speed, Amane was approaching maria who was holding her chest due to some pain.

「I-I’m okay. It’s just, my chest hurt a little.」

「….please rest. You shouldn’t force yourself.」

「I said I’m okay.」

「….I won’t leave you be, Sensei…」

「Yeah, take some rest.」

She was adjusting her disordered breath, it looked like it wasn’t severe but she should take care just in case.

Maria, who was leaning on Amane’s shoulder, came over to me with her face drooped like she was apologizing.

「I’m sorry that I only did the throwing, not being thrown.」

「Don’t mind it. Please take a good rest.」


While gazing at her delicate back, I activated my Edit Skill.

-16th Death Stamp-


[16] -> [15] Change costs 8000LP [16th Death Stamp -> delete]

It costs too much….

Deleting that skill would need a lot of LP. It means the curse was that strong.

I tried to change the number to 3, 50 or 100 but the result was the same.

Somehow, I wanted to cure her.

—Answer me, Great Philosopher.

What is the most effective method to collect LP for me right now?

[Answer. First, gather all the females here in one line.]

Ah, that was somehow a hard question. My head hurts more than usual.

But I could endure it.

[Next, run while touching their breasts. If you succeed in touching their breasts, you could gather 2000 LP]

[Like I can do that! Also, my head hurts!]

Although I’ve got resistance to headache, it just hurts too much.

Perhaps it was a compensation for a question about how to get some LP. Because I couldn’t bear it, I grabbed Emma’s shoulder.

「Please, today’s greeting..」

「Hah!? Here!? But everyone is…」

「I don’t have time, I’m sorry!」

I forced Emma to do the usual greetings.

Everyone, Maria and Amane excluded, were focusing their attention on us. Well, of course they would.

「Fuhh… somehow I’m healed…」

I was relieved. Everyone but me was dumbfounded.

Suddenly a strong flame was lit. Feeling a killing intent, I turned around and there was the Teacher with the edge of her mouth was twitching.

「The class is still going, you know?」

「I-it’s an emergency….」

「Schoolyard, ten laps」


「Sprint with all your might!」

「I understand.」

I had no choice but to run with all my might.

That was because Teacher was chasing me while swinging her wooden sword.



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