Hidden Dungeon Chapter 20

Olivia’s Lesson

TL: om3gakais3r
ED: Chinozuku

Because today is school day off, I decided to go to the hidden dungeon in the morning.

I wanted to ask some advice from Master, also I’m intrigued by the 5th floor.

Because Ms. Laura would introduce us to the Holy Maiden at the night, I think I would go back to the city when the time comes.

I hunted down the Golden Slime and then I ate their delicious body. The sweet and tender jelly spread throughout the inside of my mouth. Ah~ that made my mood joyful.

「As I thought, it’s delicious.」

It made me level up, so Golden Slime is delicious more than one way. There’s no problem as long as I avoided its spit.

I think this is a good pace, because I’ve leveled up to 42.

As usual, I headed to Master Olivia’s place on the 2nd floor.

To the Master who is abundant with knowledge, I tried to ask about Maria’s curse-system skill.

『Nmm, maybe her family has been cursed~』

「You mean it’s something hereditary?」

『Yeah, you’re right! It’s common that if someone was resented then their descendant will get the skill from the curse system, you know~』

Then, Maria was suffering even though she didn’t do anything wrong. This made me want to help her even more.

Because it seems there’s a skill system to remove the curse, I decided to create it immediately, and in that exact moment, I lost all my hope.

The LP needed was five digits.

『How about you just be obedient and leave it to the Holy Maiden? If she has that kind of skill I think she has Elf’s blood in her, because they’re known to keep their bloodline pure-』

「Heeh, Elf, huh… I rarely heard of them」

『Different races are good, ya know~! they give you lotsa LP–』

「Is that so!? Then I’ll be aiming for that in a positive attitude.」

『That’s the spirit!』

What’s up with me?

I felt embarrassed because we’ve got a mutual understanding out of this.

I’m sorry… let’s put this aside, I told her that I want to observe the 5th floor.

It’s because I want to be stronger, of course I also want the monster’s materials and treasures.

If I remember correctly, the ghosts of 4th floor said that (on the 5th floor) there’s a lot of huge monsters there.

『For the good cost-performance skill, maybe Flash should be good~ It’s really useful when you’re getting away (from battle).』

Ho-hooh, that’s good to hear.

【Flash 200LP】

I got a lot of LP yesterday and I’ve more or less replenished it with Mother, Alice and Emma so I took it without hesitation.

As practice, I tried to use it once. After I activated it, suddenly a bright flashing light shone from the tip of my index finger.


Oooohhh… this is… too bright!!

Perhaps it’s optimal to use it to make (the enemy) dizzy through their eyes simply because the quantity of the light (the skill) produced. But, there’s a problem.

Because I didn’t close my eyes, my eyes became irritated.

I’m an idiot…. I thought that while pressing my eyes. Master’s high-pitched voice reached my ears.

『Kyaah– SO-BRIGHT! Noir today is so charmiiing. Spunky young Olivia is going to fall for youuu~~』

「….Master, “spunky” and “charming” is a dead word you know…」(dead word, as in it’s no longer used by people nowadays)

『Really!? Everyone in my generation used it commonly though…. Usher, a noble who picked me up with a carriage, Bobby who is poor even though he’s a noble. Are people really no longer use those words?』

「No we don’t. But now I know I’m really a Bobby, huh.」

『Nahahaha! It’s okay, you’re going to earn money from now on right?』

「Of course, money too but I also want LP.」

『Now is the time for senior Olivia’s wisdom~ For those who want that wisdom then try to make Olivia laugh~!』

Here it is-.

Here’s another Master’s mischief.

Different from her actual age, Master likes mischief like a kid huh.

Aside from that thing, I don’t think it’s bothersome if I can get some LP.

『Everything is allowed, this is a mission to make me laugh.』

「I understand」

I was on all four and made sound *sniff sniff* with my nose. I crawled in front of Master.

Dog? because Master said that curiously, I answered with 「Woof!」.

After that, I put my face closer to my nether region. *sniff sniff* and then I collapsed to the floor acting as if suffered.

After clattering a little, I rolled my eyes back. Of course, that was an act.

「A dead dog because its nether region was too smelly…is the answer」

『Stuupid! Be careful because your nose is sensitive, dog~!』

That act was cheap but because Master’s voice was cracking with laughter, perhaps could I count it as a success?

『Because that one earlier was interesting, I’ll tell you (Olivia’s wisdom). Noir, it’d be good if you learn that skill. 【Combine Magic】 Skill』

「Ooh- That sounds strong」

『It’s useful, you know– It does as its name, also it’s strong especially to the magic of the battle system. For you, Noir, you should be able to do it to the Rock Bullet and White Flame.』

I could acquire it with 500 LP so I tried to use it immediately. As per Master’s advice, after I tried to combine those two skills—-a stone burning with white flame manifested in front of me.

「This is cool….!」

『It has White Flame’s effect, also you still can change the Rock Bullet’s size, you know… But be careful of Magic Power Depletion, kay~』

I tried to shoot it as a test.

It (the flaming rock bullet) was flying straight and the usability wasn’t changed. That simplicity made me feel pleasant.

『However there’s compatibility (to the combining) so please be careful. The most typical example is (to combine) from the fire and water system. If the compatibility was bad, the magic consumption will be increased exponentially.

「I’ll be careful.」

『Because there’s a lot of combination, if your magic (skill) repository increased, then you can experiment a lot of combination~』

If guided by a competent teacher, then one’s potential would become wider.

I’m already satisfied (with this much), but Master was still grinning over there.

「Is there something else?」

『There’s one more thing, you know. The one with the highest cost-performance efficiency.』

「I should make you laugh one more time?」

『Nope, Olivia will tell you if you praise Olivia.』

「I think… Master is always cheerful, optimistic, mischievous, and also a beautiful lady.」

『Lady, huh… Olivia’s aged that much huh…』

「Beautiful girl」

『Say it one more time!』

「Beautiful girl!」

『Olivia is glad that she’s returned to her youthful day!』

There’s also time when her return was too much younger though….

Because she was happy, I won’t retort her.

『Then, I’ll tell you. The other skill is, frankly called 【Lucky Pervert】』

Somehow, that skill name’s ring grabbed my manly heart violently.

『If you’re around (someone of) opposite sex, It’ll activate automatically within a certain probability. You can get LP, also you’ll be in a “delicious” situation.』

「….My faith (reason) is against it but there’s no helping it if it’s for LP.」

『Ufufu, thou art also naughty aren’t ye~』

I’m doing this is only because for LP, nothing else.

A step I had chosen with the future in my mind.

【Lucky Pervert 300 LP】

I acquired it without any problem. Rather, isn’t its cost too cheap for the effect?

Putting that aside…

It feels like when talking with Master, time flies so fast.

I decided that it’s time to go to the 5th floor.

With Dungeon Warp skill, a black hole appeared in front of my eyes.

「By the way, talking about smell, Master was for 200 years… bath…. ah, it’s time to go to the 5th floor.」

『Pinching your nose while saying that, that’s rude. Eeeeehhh, is Olivia that stinky!?』

「Huhuhu, you are or you aren’t, which one is it~?」

After teasing Master a little, I leaped to the hole.

The truth is, there was no bad smell from Master.

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