Hidden Dungeon Chapter 23

Let’s Participate to the Contest

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While looking at Luna who had lost her consciousness, I remembered something.

That reminds me, Luna has 【Fainting Habit】 skill.

Let’s examine it.

Surely, looks like it’s a skill that makes the user easily faints. It seems that it’d be bad if she ran out of her magic power or received a strong attack.

「Luna– wake up–」

Laura who was rushing here because of the accident, lift up Luna’s body and slapping her cheeks to wake her up.

She’s unusually used to this thing huh.

「Luna is always like this. But it’s okay, because she’ll regain her consciousness soon.」


She’s right. After blinking her eyes several times, Luna quickly stood up.

「I’m sorry to make you saw the unsightly scene. Noir, please forget the thing that happened just now.」

It’s impossible, her face just now made too much impression to me which couldn’t be erased from my memories.

「Now then, let’s depart to the little lamb that needs the salvation. As a Holy Maiden, I have an obligation that I should fulfill」


「What is it, Noir? Please, there’s no need to worry about me. Because I have nothing to fear at all!」

She, who hit her own chest (in confidence) at the first glance looks like so reliable. But what I notice wasn’t her chest but her knees.

tremble-tremble, her knees were shaking.

「How about we find out another way (to resolve this).」

「Why!? If we use my Dispel Curse, we could cure Maria. I can’t let someone who could be saved die without trying to help」

「But you’ve been trembling all this time.」

「Th- that is.. yeah, that’s because I’m so excited that I’m trembled!」

「You said『curse, scary』, you know?」

「Eh, I don’t believe you! Did I said that?」

「Yes. Please stop lying to yourself. Please speak your real intention. The truth is you’re scared, aren’t you?」

After Luna’s silence, Laura hit Luna’s head and got angry cutely.

Tell us everything, she said.

Tears falling down dripping on Luna’s cheek.

「….I’m scared, so scared, I can’t help it. If I save Maria, most likely in exchange, I will die. When I think about it, my legs are giving up. It’s really embarrassing, especially for me as a Holy Maiden (to feel that way)」

「That’s not embarrassing, you know. Every single person, anyone don’t want to die. Even my father, he said that he’ll do even naked dance or anything if it could save his life,.」

「What’s wrong with you, Noir’s Papa….」

「Anyway, let’s give up using Dispel Curse today.」

「However if I do so, then..!」

「It’s okay, I have a plan.」

The truth is, the situation isn’t that hopeless. Rather, there’s a chance to turn the situation around (for better).

I tried to erase the part of her skill’s description written below.

『However depends on the curse’s strength, could decrease user’s lifespan』Erase 10,000 LP

As expected, if I turn the it into a skill without any cost, it’d take extravagant amount of LP. If it’s like this, then erasing Maria’s curse skill is cheaper. It is 8,000 LP.

So I tried this one:

『Lifespan』 –> 『Possessed money』 Edit 4,000 LP

With this, we can achieve our purpose with half of the cost.

After I told Luna about my skills, I also told her about the possibility to edit her skills and the cost.

「Could I change the condition from decreasing the user’s lifespan into decreasing the user’s money?」

「Of course! I’d be thankful if so!」

「However there’s a problem. My LP is far from enough.」

If I used up all of my LP then I’d be dead, so I want at least 4,500 LP

Because now I have 1,300, then I’m short of 3,200 LP.

「LP is increased when I did indecent things with opposite sex, eating delicious food, etc. Ah, also when I felt satisfied of an accomplishment.」

I remember that when I passed Hero School’s test, I gained some LP.

「Then are there any way to fulfill all of the condition in one go?」

I asked Laura.

As a receptionist, she must have heard a lot of things from the adventurer and lots of receptionists are people who have extensive knowledge.

「Hmm…. at least, there’s an event that could fulfill all of those.」

「There is!?」

「There’s an event called “Harem Bragging” every week held by a noble.」

Surprised, I heard the content of the event.

This country accepts polygamy marriages, so there are many people who have multiple lovers (spouses) for example people of the high authority or a successful adventurer and such. Precisely the one that people call “harem situation” thing.

The people who have multiple wives or mistresses would have desired to brag to other people.

It seems to fulfill that, they’d do in the previously mentioned Harem Event.

「But that’s a bragging contest, right? I know it’s better if we do it, but the people that I could ask about so few in number….」

So the audiences are just a few?

So I thought but on the contrary, every time it held the event was quite lively.

「It seems a quite large quantity of audiences would gather. Of course, there are people who wants to see beautiful ladies, also it seems that there are people who aims to jeer on the misunderstand-type harem.」


「Also it seems they are using point-based assessment.」

What should I do about that.

Certainly, if I won that contest I could fulfill our objective, there’s also money as the prize.

I believe LP would be gained easily because I could easily (without any worry) touch the three of them.

But I want to avoid the situation where abusive words are flying from the audience seat.

I don’t mind if they badmouth me.

But I don’t want any slander towards Emma and the others.

「As expected, that’s….」

「Let’s participate!」

「Yes, I agree.」

Eh, unexpectedly Emma and Luna are in high spirit.

「Is that okay with you? You’ll be the target of jealousy, and they’ll say bad things to you.」

「But you’ll get LP right? I’ll endure all if that–」

「Yes, me too. Perhaps it’s a chance to train my heart to endure bashing (verbal abuse). I think of it just a form of training.」

「I’ll participate too. Because I’m the receptionist in charge of Noir.」

And with that, thanks to the tough girls, it’s decided that we’ll participate. They even said that they’ll act as my lovers as credible as possible.

The event is on the Sunday of each week, in short it would be held tomorrow. We decide to dismiss for today.

Back at home, I asked Alice and Mother to give me lap pillow and I gained some LP.

「How nice–, just Noir that treated like that–. I want to do it too–」

While putting finger in his mouth, Father looked to my direction.

I’m astonished to Mother and Alice’s ignoring skill.

On the next day, the four of us walked to the place where event would be held.

In the park, a simple stage was being made. Looks like the participants are going to brag their girlfriends on top of that stage.

The judgement would be done in two steps, the first step is to present the girls.

At this step, only the nobleman judge’s score would be taken in consideration.

The score would be given to the each of the girls. The maximal score of a person is 1,000. Collecting all the score, the top three teams could go to the second step.

By the way, even though it’s called harem, actually it’s possible to bring one girlfriend. Though the points from only one person is not enough.

On the other hand, it seems that at the most they could bring five lovers max.

「We’re just have three person, so we’re on a disadvantage.」

「I wonder about that. It seems that every time the winner is the man with two lovers.」

Heeh, so it’s a contest of quality over quantity huh.

That being said, the hot air was strong. I couldn’t be surprised that the audience seat is suddenly being overflowed.

It’s over a thousand guests, isn’t it?

We went to the reception desk and registered our participation.

It seems that the participants this time were ten teams. We’re going out last.

At the start, the nobleman judge greeted the audiences and it became lively.

The judge is a middle-aged fat uncle.

「Ehem. This time, ten enviable men have gathered. Those who have gathered here are the insolent men who will brag about their girlfriends, and try to win the 1,00,000 Ria prize money!」

「「「Death to all of them!!」」」

「Please relieve all of your stress today too–!」


This is bad, I wanna go home so bad…

Then, Laura told me about the judge.

「It seems, that Noble was betrayed by women several times in the past. Also, the majority of the men who gathered here (the audiences) are most likely either the ones that met the same fate as the Noble or those without lover.」

「Emm… in other words…」

「It’s going to be an intense battle.」

Laura showed her fighting pose.

I thought that her mentality is too tough.

This is not a bragging contest, rather it’s a slandering contest.

As I thought, I wanna go home.

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