Arms Otome Chapter 1 Release!

Hello guys!

I just want to let you know that I didn’t take this novel without permission.

Or rather, Yurikahime was joined with us!


(But shin, shizuku already said that before!)

Yeah I know. I just want to say it again because how happy I am.

But we got a problem here.

We don’t have proofreader!

We need help!

So, for you readers who think that you are good with english, and like this novel.

Why don’t you join us and proof yourself as proofreader warriors! (LOL bad puns)

(But, Shin, how can we do that??)

Don’t worry my breeders, let me tell you how to that.

First, join us at discord.

And second, say it at #recruitment.

Last but not least, just wait for administrator and abracadabra, it’s done.

That’s all I think.

So here’s chapter 1


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